Thursday, September 18, 2008

Straighten hair?? No thanks!

There´s this craze which has been going on in college to straighten their hair for the past 5 years. i wish i could get their pictures and post it online but my friends would kill me.
it looks good when its straight. u know the real straight kinds. but once ur hair starts growing. wow! its worth a watch! i really cant stop laughing.
especially at those girls with naturally curly hairs who spent crap for this unfortunate muddle. creeps, its so funny when the hair grows.There´s this waviness-- i mean curly hair-- fullstop-- and then boom boom.. it suddenly continues to be straight. And when they leave their hair.. flippendo! what a sight! ditch it.. it stands like a sea with rushing waves followed by a calm river. do u call that beautiful?? what in the world is wrong with u? Its looks shambolic and scrappy. dirteeeee...
look at the amount of hair u have lost by going for this crap! come on, accept it.. ur going bonkers and bald? do u still like it?? And the best part is, the sufferers want their friends to go for this straightening thing too. When u fall in trouble, get a gang to give u company.. hehehe!! No thanks.

After a long long time!

Whooooops.. Here i go again!!

Once upon a time in the land of "developing country", there lived a girl named Xorkes. Ppl asked her what her name meant and she always said that she dint kno. She was this 'one of a kind' character.. hehehe!

Yup, what else?? Hmmm.. ok.. lets continue this stuff.

Well, she was addicted to internet. yep -- she certainly was!
And spent most of her free time sleeping, mailing friends, blogging and commenting on others blogs.
So, her routine was
Get up..go to college..return online..mail/blog..sleep again..get again..getup..go to college and so on..
So, one day when Xorkes had nothing to do. (just like most of the days) she decided to give it a break. She stayed away from internet for 2 months. Tough-really tough!
Hmmm.. what did she do then?
Well, she opened her books and started educating herself or rather making herself aware of the professional aspect of her life. So, she read when she was supposed to be online. But she also slept Extra-time when she was supposed to be reading. So, all in all she hardly read and spent most of her days snoring. Days turned into weeks and then into months. What did she gain? Helllooooo..she put on some weight! whooops, yip yip yay! And now she´s happy and back to blogging.
Hey come on, ENCORE!!! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Ok here it goes


wish me... hehehe

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Excuses.. Grrrr!!

Few must have read this post when i mailed them the pics of my trip to a falls..
Anyways here it goes.. (i hate NOT updating my blog. i´ve kept it lonely for too long.. its gotta be functional again)

It s a tough task convincing people for a trip. As always, a lot of cribbing n explanation is involved. Why dont ppl just agree in One go?
Where are you going? Who all are coming? What is there to see? How far is it? How are we gonna go? When to leave? What time r v gonna return? 100 questions and 100 answers. 99 percent of the replies are imaginary just to calm down the anxieties of the companions. I mean its alright to ask all these questions. Ofcourse planning is required. But then there are those who simply ask, JUST ENQUIRE n NOTHING ELSE. After babbling continously, wherein u on the brink of certainty that u have convinced them to accompany you on the trip, they FLATLY refuse. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! couldnt u have said that before? Just a simple NO..thats it! hey there´s more.. How could i forget those silly-billy reasons. DISASTER!!.. they´ve got plenty of them. Its fun listening to them. No doubt, sometimes they can be frustrating too (when u hear the same ridiculous enlightment over and over again.. ya they try their level-best to ensure u that the reason is genuine! Part of the mockery)

The different silly answers to the invitation were:
1) I have to go home (this s d commonest and SILLIEST of all)
2) Cant bunk tomorrow (ya, we left on saturday for the trip) Lets go on sunday. ya, ya i know how many are gonna agree on sunday. On sunday, u´ll come up with things like -- ur preparing for a seminar/not keeping well/ warden is not allowing/booked tickets for a movie/going for shopping/birthday treat.. blah blah.. the list goes on!!
3) Couldnt you tell before? (this wacks me out-- come on, ´trip´goers have been screaming their hearts out in postings yelling, we r going to falls this week. all have heard it LOUD N CLEAR but still they voice out their concern for the trip 'Innocently' --- what ya Xorkes, couldnt u inform before? )AAAAAAAAAAArghhhhhh!! Shut up!
4) Chikungunya in certain areas--- Use Odomos Boss or wear Plastics/Helmet n Come.. Grrrrr!!

There are many more justifications.. I cant belive it i am actually typing them out.. venting out my frustration rather!!

You can add on to the silly excuses that you/someone have/has attempted which pissed them/you off..

Here i go again

Hello everyone. whats happening?? where´s everyone??
well well, i know the question has to go back to its old ways -- Xorkes whazzzzup?
yes i am very much here.
then why havent you blogged for so long?
ummmm.. Xorkes goes BLANK!!!

hmm.. Xorkes scrutinizes over possible foolhardy excuses and in the mean time writes another post :) :)

Here i go again

Hello everyone. whats happening?? where´s everyone??
well well, i know the question has to go back to its old ways -- Xorkes whazzzzup?
yes i am very much here.
then why havent you blogged for so long?
ummmm.. Xorkes goes BLANK!!!

hmm.. Xorkes scrutinizes over possible foolhardy excuses and in the mean time writes another post :) :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back 2 Mlore

Hello everyone. I´m back again.. tra la la.. ya back to mangalore :) Usually, i have this nostalgic feeling when i land here. But seems like my brains have figured out a way to deal with it, or rather they have become insensitive to not even think about it. The senti feeling dint even occur to me once. SAD ya!! Whats wrong with me? Xorkes, sit n think ya. Why arent u scrutinizing all this.. It atleast helps to add few lines to the post ya. And now look at you, You´ve got nothing to write. Ho kya raha hain? Shame on you!! ;)
Today, someone asked me dont u miss home? And thats when it struck, "Arre haan, main toh abhi mangalore mein hoon. malum hi nahin pada" lol.. (Maybe its the Rains. Ya, it has been BRILLIANT N PLEASING. Heavy rains since i´ve stepped my foot here. Yipeeee!! I can see frogs jumping around.. Yip, yip its fun catching and releasing them)
Anyways, Mumbai was as always goooood -- the best! Spent good time with Family. Met most of my friends (many schoolmates after YEARRRRS)
Slept in the mornings.
Got up in the afternoons. Had breakfast at 2pm.. Usually skipped lunch.
Then again ate something in the evening. Hopped out of the house. Returned at night. Read novels till sunrise. Slept again.. and then days just passed as fast as ever. Two weeks fatafat. Dint laze around much this time though. No complains!! Everything happened smoothly like 'THE' perfect visit to home-sweet-home. :)

College has begun. 8th term results were declared.Hey i´ve scored pretty well..Thanks to a number of 'things' (SssssHHHhhhhhh!!!) Hehehe!! I´m in the ultimate 9th term now. That reminds me i´ve got an orthopaedic lecture to attend in the morning at 8. Go to sleep Xorkes. Cant think of getting up in the afternoon now. But dont u get disappointed. Sunday hain na!! :) :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 mistakes?? Really?

First things first.. I deleted the previous post.. :-) people who have read it must have already guessed the reason.. Thanks to all.. :-) yup, this is my blog.. Hehe!
Right now, i'm reading chetan bhagat's book called "the 3 mistakes of my life". Borrowed it from a friend who said its good.. I havent read the previous bestsellers of this author.. Heard that they were nice n that his books are being converted into films.. Is that true? I dont know..
Somehow, indian authors have never fascinated me. Maybe i was always picked up the wrong authors. Ok listen, i've read just two indian authors- dont even remember their names.. Hey but that Vikram writes good ah bout tigers(his name is vikram rt? That guy who used to come in animal planet for the conservation of tigers) Had read him during the school days, yeah as i typically call it the xorkes style - bachpan mein..
I've read almost half the book(arre the same one - 3 mistakes) n somehow i dunno, cant connect with the author.. I mean to say, its not as gripping as everyone says. I feel like i'm reading a newspaper as though its ok to take a break n then continue n take a break.. The feeling to read it continously till the end seems to have vanished..
It doesnt excite me like robert ludlum or jeffrey archer or just anyone.. Guess, i should finish off this book n then wonder. Maybe i should catch hold of his previous
novels. I really wanna know why he's the best indian bestseller!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Xorkes going home :)

Heyaaa everyone
i´ve finally got holidays n that too for 15 days (we d poor ones r always deprived of hols, so 15 days is a BLESSING)
yohooooooo..m so happeeee..
will be leaving for home(bbay) on the 12th. luckily this time, my classmate is gonna gimme company. so travelling will be fun. yep, i know the excitement of travelling with unknown will be missing but thats much much better than having someone irritating or continously spitting beside u.
its raining heaven here with lightning and superb thundering effects..
green green everywhere,
yeah yeah i seem to care,
if not it had been the rains,
summer is too tough to bear.. -- i m sure kids could rhyme better than this.. but right now thats not on my mind.. hey its holiday time Xorkes.. enjoy :) :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


i love travelling but suffer thoroughly from travelling sickness. Half hour in bus/car/train n i go puke puke.. No wonder, Avomine(promethazine) has always stood up to be my best friend in times of deepest troubles.
Its been a boon for me whenever i travel for long hours ( long here implies more than 30 minutes)
Travelling has always been fun. Look around and notice the passengers. There are hundred things u could descibe bout!! There are awful/pleasant/irritating experiences.
I had an awful experience with a fellow passenger while travelling home, she kept spitting all the while in this plastic bag which was overloaded with sputum almost seeping out of the bag(gosh, why did i look inside).. and it was tough to suppress the nausea. Luckily, she got down after 2 stops or else i would have puked on her --- considering her to be a large plastic bag ready to get some dose of her own medicine.
I can never forget my last travel to bombay. My fellow passenger appeared to be a student.So, i introduced myself n she did the same.. But the story doesnt end there.. She turned out to be this Irritating traveller who went on blah blah -- "i like this, i like that.. she´s like this.. she´s like that"..
Couldnt understand a single word. She created this bizzare picture bout everything that she spoke about, which seemed to brighten her face and to add to it there were multiple expressions which kept changing at a fast pace that would give the actors a run for their money. Before i could possibly understand the topic of ONE-SIDED-Conversation, she would jump to another topic at the speed of light. Result -- obviously, i understood NOTHING. We exchanged email addresses. And then, BANG.. i got her mail the next day, which said -- "u remember me? And u remember this cousin of mine i was talking bout. She(cousin) said this to me, that to me. she´s getting married- too young. Blah Blah... Dont u think she shouldnt do this/that.. Will u advice her?"---- There goes her mails in my spam box!! eeeeeks, i´ll think ATLEAST hundred times before conversing with co-passengers during long travels.
Then there are those, " you resemble one of my friends", "my daughter is of ur age" and she likes this-that. she´s doing this and that. The list just goes on and on.. never ending!!
Be polite, Be patient -- come on i´ve heard that a million times.Being a good listener is easier said than done. I consider it nerve recking. Losing temper is just so easy. I wish the auditory system consisted of a pause button resulting in temporary cessation of the activities of vibrating tympanic membrane -- that would be so goooooD..

Oooops.. this is not what i wanted to blog about though. Actually today, i had the nauseating attack again(Inspite of travelling daily for 2 hours by apna-fultooo-mast-gardiwala-train in bbay during junior college days dint happen to give any possible tolerance. nor has commuting in the bus just for 20 min to college been of any help.)Wanted to get down and walk home BUT then whos gonna walk-walk for such a distance, that too in this amazingly stupid n irritating weather. Control Xorkes, divert ur mind.. I´m so relieved reaching home.. Thought of popping in a tablet, lets ditch that idea.. how bout some sleep?? hopefully, i´ll be ok when i get up!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do u remember, i had mentioned once in one of the old posts bout dreaming of running barefoot in a forest crushing leaves,jumping from the terrace n simply falling but not landing on the ground( how i wish i could jump around like jackie chan) looking around to notice shacks?? i´ve stopped getting those repetive dreams n have no words to express my happiness.. The reason -- once u decipher the supposedly meaningless events in your dream, u stop getting those dreams.. true!! I know many wont agree with this. So let it be!
I think Sleep without dreams is incomplete. Its fun recollecting the events (when u´ve got nothing to do).. to draw an image from the blurred dotted events -- resulting in a unbelievable distorted story.. lol.Hey, dreams do convey ur subconscious feelings -- not many believe in it.. never mind :)

Ok i dreamt this a week back and was just thinking bout it right now. So here it goes,
I was in college attending a lecture (now the details i dont remember..) there was this basement in a college and thats where the lecture was going on..
Next scene, college bus lands up near the college entrance.. halts almost 30 metres from this basement..
After that, there´s a blast in the bus
The immediate consequence --- in the class, My friend (who happens to be my batchmate-- Class Rep.. and also partner in crime for the funny things happening in postings) explodes. Poor girl. i see her disseminated body. Her head lying on the desk, leg on the floor nearthe teachers feet. eeeeeeeeeesh!!
And then i get up!! :(
The next day; i met my batchmates and narrated the above phantasmagoria and they laugh it off(especially the scattered body parts seems to be exceptionally funny -- i dont know how). How i wish i could make them realise that the appearance wasnt THAtttt funny in dreams!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Read it.. Loud and clear --- Man UTD RULES-ROCKS-REIGNS!!

OK here it goes! Short n simple.. Loud n clear!!
Read the title of this post a million times till it enters ur disappearing head (head-weight rather) and sinks appropriately in the left over brain pieces! Poor chelsea.. so sad!! hehehehe.. So what r the million-trillion excuses for having lost the cup?? If this would have happened, that would have happened.. blah blah .. lol.. that penalty, this penalty.. hehehe.. chelsea fans can go on n on!! never mind.. its not going to change the fact.. so read again :) lol

This year has been great!! Man utd won, Real Madrid won!

Raul wins De Stefano prize for the best player in Liga..
Time for the Euro 2008.. thats gonna be gripping..So whom are u supporting??
Owww.. Whats France without Zizou?? Come back!! :( :( :(

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok. This is the place where "Xorkes" was born! The nursing home remains the same but the docs have changed.
It seems a Sardar doc assisted the delivery. No doubt!! lol

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nadal vs Djokovic

Todays game was awesome.. lasted for 3 hours.. wow!! its always fun watching those fedex vs nadal vs djokovic matches..

Was supporting nadal coz its been a long time since i´ve watched him play against No 1.. Not that i hate djokovic. its just that recently i´ve witnessed too many meetings between him and fedex. No 3 gave a strong and tough fight. Specially the match point. Flip, poor nadal had to struggle so much. the 40´ s, then the advantage and again coming back to the same 40´s.. wow!! it was superb and a tough-tough fight!! the animated expressions, the last min goof-up by djokovic (bad luck boss). Nadal had to win this match or else he would be placed at No 3... m happy that he has saved his position but yep again lets just stick u right there. Dont even think of progressing any further.. Federer rules..

Waiting for the Finals.. Aaaah the clay court. Its kinda jinxed. hehehe!! Go Fedex GO!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I´ll keep this particular post SHORT!!

What happened today is terrible. The serial bomb blasts in jaipur -- its horrendous!!
Why?? Why??? Why do u have to resort to such things to show-off your bloody existence? It sucks!! The whole thought process of terrorism sucks.. Its absolute shitttt...
Hope all is safe n fine soon!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are u kidding? Kiddddsss: all the time!!

I was teaching my neighbour-kiddo(12 year old) to ride a scooty in the morning.. and was it fun?? do i have to answer that? ofcourse, it was!!

Its always exciting to teach kids(hey, not those little ones.. i still have no courage to face them -- eeeeks they scare me)
Can-i-call-those-chintu´s (below 5) ------ tender coconuts? lol.. Yesterday, i was walking under this b@#|#@ coconut tree, not deliberately.. damn, they exist everywhere in mangalore. If only i could avoid their sight. I´m so bored of these nariyal´s all around. Cant they plant some other trees. Now dont ask me to do the needful, coz i´ve NO dearly affection towards them to go around planting n all, but i truly object towards the destruction of forests(aaah my love for snakes, the other reptiles, orangutans overrule) which again implies i should be doing my bit by planting trees.. But thats a BIG BIG NO.. watering them.. blah blah!! Xorkes is confused. So expect no intelligent answers!!!(Did i say Intelligence?? Haha.. read that again -- "Intelligence" jumps around here n there in hopes of getting a possible medium of entrance into xorkes brains but xorkes repels them all-the-time saying: "jaaga nahin, baad mein aao!") This is for those ppl who love planting trees -- LOOK, its time u plant something other than coconuts, start caring for the the other species. How bout an alternative -- other fruit-bearing trees. Creeeeps.. why do i divert from my actual topic n go around givng not-interested-to-be-accepted gyaaaan?? Ya, so whr was i? Ye, walking on the road and one bloody coconut just fell in front of my leg and look at the brains of that stupid coconut, it hit the ground and rebound --- on my ankles. Thudddd!! Of all the places on earth, it had to hit the left ankle??? On a positive note, thats Great.. Had it hit my head, i wouldnt have survived to blog.. abbe, kya blog- jog.. zindaa nahi rehti thi main.. contusion ho jata, subdural hemorrhage.. baap re!! Hey hello.. how are you? I´m alive.. but my ankle hurts all over again. Nice to be alive and kicking. Actually what bothers me, is the rebounce effect. Couldnt it rebound on the opposite side and land on the vacant road. Mera Hi Pair Mila Usko? Firstly, this left chronic ankle injury leading to an ugly-permanently swollen ankle. Have read in the Ortho books n those Ortho docs also have the same opinion that the swelling shall subside in 6 months. Abbe, boss kayko majjak karela hain? Its been 4 years. And now, my ankle gets the unwanted-undesirable-yet-always-expected sprains even while simply walking!! i think i gotta walk baby steps.. lol!!

Aaaaaah, yes those babies --- they are so eager to experiment n learn. So very full-of-life! They´ve got millions of supposedly innocent questions to ask. Its not possible to have all the answers. So, u divert the young mind with silly question. But, they are so adamant in finding out stuff and go on tautologically and i-assume-unnecessarily questioning the same thing a hundred times. Usually, they land up short-circuiting my leftover-brains too early with their inquisitive nature but then one crooked stare and they buzzzz off (hmmm.. the supreme-elderly Feel.. tskkk tskkk) hehehe!!

Anyways, i actually wanted to mention something else. I mean --- this neighbour kid( shall be addressed as dude 1) Yeah, he´s a fast learner. He learnt it( to ride) too fast and took me on a double ride for an hour too. Later, in the evening, he pleaded to let him ride by himself! I did! He took 3 rounds while i observed him from a visible distance. Suddenly this another kid, whos his schoolmate (whom i shall call dude 2) turned up and started fooling around with his cycle in front of the scooty. I called out to dude1 to return but it was too late.. dasssssshhhh. Dude 1 banged against dude 2´s cycle. Luckily dude 2 ( guess, the 6th sense) jumped out of his bicycle on time and dude 2 (forget sixth sense, none of his senses were working) kept on accelarating instead of using the brakes and crushed the handles of that poor chaps cycle. I rushed to the scene and screamt at him to use his brakes which he finally did. Quietly, he parked the scooty in the corner n joined me while i was checking and inquiring dude 2 bout any possible injuries. Dude 1 asked me if dude 2 was alright to which i replied, "Yes, everything´s ok!!" On hearing this, he(dude 1) immediately socked him, laughed and then said," Now, dont u dare try that again?" Dude 2 started crying and apologized. It turned out that dude 2 had suddenly applied brakes to check out dude 1´s biking reflex and knowing the possible outcome, he´d jumped out of the cycle on time.. Wierd!! These little boys are wierd! Thankfully, nothing absurd happened to any of them and i can laugh at this incident!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Got up early.. ran off to brush, splashed water on face and then ting-tong suddenly the realization of today being a holiday punched me. abhi kya karu?? swiftly hit the bed but no signs of lethargy! owww..
So grabbed the keyboards and here the words just flow!!

Yesterday night, i was trying to behave like a left handed brilliant-idiot.. Why was i doing that? No specific reasons. I was reading renal physiology n anatomy(basically, brushing up basics before starting the actual topic renal medicine n surgery) and then i got bored too early..
Needed a break(i dont know for what. but i did need one) Just anything so as to drive of the sleep which was acting as No-blessing-in-any-disguise.. So tried using my left hand to draw lines, circles, write alphabets. Was it easy?? No ways!! By the time i completed writing somewhat ´neatly´ from A-Z, i had this pins and needles sensation involving the distal end of the fingers, wrist joint and in the supinators
(anyone has a probable diagnosis?). Also, i had this strange aching desire to flip the pen to the opposite hand in order to let the instincts of a right hander overrule - These instincts always persist - be it conscious.. subconscious or unconscious.. how do i supposedly change that? gosh.. i need to practice. practice lot more! ya, atleast that much I KNOW! ;)

Eventually, i let go of this silly tp and started reading again.. Dunno when i slept and ouch these rock-solid books(which i thought were pillows) for 8 hours, also i had these constant stream of rhythmic dreams (which i fail to recollect.. why is it so tough to recollect ur dreams??). These all have ultimately resulted in neck pain. Cant look up.. Ouch!! Look, xorkes.. when u type, ur supposed to ONLY type, not enact them. Have decided to re-read the same thing with hopes of remembering atleast something. Gotta think of alternatives to be awake(ur suggestions are welcome).. Its so easy to stay awake watching those football matches or simply being online. But when it comes to studies.. There´s a Big Noooo unless ofcourse its a night before the exam when u´ve got absolutely no alternatives other than write something sensible or maybe u could politely handover a blank paper to that examiner who carries an expression "the-paper-was-easy-u-fool". Hmmm.. i gotta sip-in more coffee.. By the way, i love coffeee.. slurp slurp!! Was addicted to coffee for a month during the preparatory leave for 3rd year exams. I had 230 cups of coffee that whole month..Pheww!! Almost 7-8 cups a day along with the regular dose of morning n evening cups of tea(thats a habit since childhood which can be skipped anytime, but i hate having milk so tea is an absolute substitution)

What else? Ya.. Did anyone check yesterdays´s Real Madrid match in Spanish League.. Yipeee Raul scored brilliantly :) Even, Man Utd is doing greattttt in the EPL and UEFA.. Cristiano Rocks!! Go Utd go... Zooooooooooooooooooooommmmm :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

27th April, 2008

There are times when i do nothing.. Ok, dont laugh! I´ll admit - Most of the times, i sit back and ..... well, just sit back! Some of my friends reckon - watch movies. Its supposed to be a great source of timepass. Come on, its tough to do that always. I cant be a picture house like u. Ok maybe one movie, fine 2.. ok to the max three. Can do that for a day.. What bout the next day? Its boring to repeat the routine.
Today - Lazy Sunday, one of those days when i want to do something different from the regular weekday activities.. Lets give the tv a break.. So headed for the beach.. the waves, the sand, the clouds, children playing in the water.. Snap-1, snap-2.. click click. I´ve clicked a hundred times at the same place but the habit remains! Everytime, there´s a different output.. Something extra.. wow! Photography is indeed fun! Later at night, i headed for a reception. Dinner was great.. Hogged chicken curry, chicken fry! Coo-koo-do-kooo! Returned home and switched on the tv.
Not the same news again, I´m bored of it. Since yesterday the same tale had been going on.. How many days are u gonna punish us for being a cricket-crazy country?
Bhajji- bhajji - all around,
He slapped someone - how does it sound?
Someone cried - on the ground,
Media captured it - will fetch them pounds,
Change the channel - where´s the remote? Its not to be found :( :(
flippindo, finally.. change the channel. fast!! there must be something.. no, there´s nothing else.
But what do i usually watch?? Not in the order of priority. listed randomly.
1) BBC - i love the channel. Its not just the news but also the debates, tours, tech stuff, documentaries.. they have a wonderful way of presentation. Everything is so organised. So very professional. I wish our channels learn atleast 10 percent from them. Alternate Indian News channel - NDTV n CNN-IBN.
2)Discovery - Man v/s Wild is good.
National Geographic.. History shows rock!
Animal Planet - I still love watching Steve Irwin shows. Jeff Corwin is a great presenter too. The snakes, chameleons, orangutans - so cute!
3)Travel n living - Ian Wright -- he´s my favourite. Boohooo.. i dont get this channel here. I´ve told the cable operator so many times. Uselesss!!
4)Espn/Star Sports - Socccer all the time! havent been following the game regularly since 4 years. The reason - You must have guessed! Ya thats right.. I know its disappointing! Hey, Real Madrid n Man Utd Rocks!
5)Movie Channels - I dont have the patience to sit for 2 hours with the hundred advertisements. Movies should be watched continously or else there´s no fun! Animation films - dooooodle dooo :)
6)Music channels

I cant tolerate Zee news, Star news n those innumerable ones! Looks like a new stupid news channel is being launched every day. Does it make any difference? Ofcourse yes, they are born to torture us. Bakwaaaaas. They have NO standards. Saaap bhaga aadmi ke peeche, Mil giye Ravan - Lanka ko khoj nikala, bandar bhada chaalaak, machli bani maharani? Ho kya raha hain?? Thoda bhi deemag hain ki nahin? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGH!! Cool Xorkes, go to sleep.. U´ve gotta get up early. Its monday tomorrow. All-in-all, the day was great!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

22nd April, 2008

When it comes to children, i´m the first one to run a mile away from them. Thats the toughest thing on hand.. Handling kids. whoooooosh..I´m scared to handle them coz i have this phobia that i might land up hurting them. The infants - they are so tiny.. So cute. Tied in a cloth. Even slight mishandling --- yeah thats a BIG deal! A crack, a dislocation, fracture.. NO NO NO.. My mind goes blank. And the kids who are around one year old - Its so tough to relate to them.. What should i say? Gosh, which language. I cant understand a word of the abachabalabakabaaa.. The other day, a 17 month old child kept saying bashooooo bashooo.. and i asked a hundred things, what bashooo?? who bashoo?? Finally i asked my friend what that miniature thingy was saying. she heard him and immediately said he wanted to play with a toy BUS. creeeeeeeeeeep!! how the hell did she understand. and next minute this kiddo spots a cat on the front cover of a book and screams michcha micha.. whats happening?? Paedo postings scare me. I dont want them.. Another month, and i´ll have to face them. HAVE TO.. Time to learn how to deal with kids. Dont run away from them. Steady. Just be polite n patient!!

"Dr î-love-chopping-the-femoral-artery"

Its been days since i last blogged. The reason - I dont know. Not that i lacked ideas or topics to blog(u dont need any, u can write whatever crap u want to. right?) And there were so many ORDINARY things happening in life. Plainly ordinary.. Cant mention them. Its too boring..U know the same thing that happens in ur daily life. Lacking topics eh?? naaaah.. i dont think so. The ideas keep flowing just like the reasons unknown but the keyboard "genuinely" cant type automatically and post a new blog. Why not blame it on the lazy keyboard? I know thats sad!! Its obvious by now how desperately i wanna blog to get out of this boredom. Infact, its also confusing.. whatt??? i dont know.. dont ask!! so never mind.. let it beeeeeeee... ;)

Hmmm.. so what was i doing this month? ofcourse, what else!! Attending college regularly. Getting up-running to col-returning home-sleeping..n the same routine the next day! i dont think there´s gonna be any possible alterations in this mundane-pedestrian activity. Hey come on its not that monotonous!! Final-final-final.. do u get that?? Xorkes, its simply the final year!! So just live life like one IDIOT!! Its so irritating. Everyone keeps coming up with the same question.. Have u all read the same line? "So, what plans for the future?" For goodness sake, stop vexing me in that nauseating style.. It stinks!! That question mark on ur face"""???????""" Yes, it surely stinks. Why dont u unpretentiously Shuttttup n get a grip on YOURSELF!!

Look i seriously wanna blog today. I´m supposedly contemplating about the object in question. Now what it is? Hey listen, i dont know.. Gimme time to think. No wait.. If i were to rethink, then i guess i´ll be wasting another month just analysing over nothing or maybe scrutinizing about what to blog about without accurately fulfilling the supposition.. eeeeeeks!

Ok here´s the flimflam. Not exactly. Either way its perplexing. Enuffffffffffffff.. let the thoughts flow.

"Dr î-love-chopping-the-femoral-artery" -- come on he should be banned from taking lectures or performing surgeries. He should be locked in the library(library-arrest) so as to educate himself bout the subject he has obtained a major in.. i dont know how!! Dont u think its necessary to consider this proposition?? And u clearly know this statement is not from any little personal observation. Hellooooooo... Its an obvious obnoxious fact!! When ur ignorant bout surgery does it matter if u chop an artery or make a person impotent by chopping a nerve when ur operating for a hernia and then covering it up with a fake story which happens to hardly convince the poor patient that u had to sacrifice the nerve for a fiction-tumour encroaching it. Thats ridiculous.. Why doesnt anyone sue him?? He commits one mistake after the other.
I asked this friend of mine who also happens to be my postings-batchmate bout the patient who turned into an impotent when just one nerve was cut.. Not that it makes any sense.. But we were just chattering for the heck of simple time pass.. She said intelligently, actually it was a right inguinal hernia.. but he dint know anything or rather was confused. maybe he forgot. so he made an incision on the left side. and then suddenly it struck to his brilliantly dumb brains that the hernia was on the other side so he extended the incision and chopped off everything eagerly trying to make his operation a success.. and during the course, he chopped off both the nerves which caused the embarrasing disorder. whooops thats a long wierd imagination but thats possibly the closest explanation for his blunder!! Well, why am i blogging bout him.. whooops ask why not. There´s so much bout him which is really embarrasing for us learners.. And we gotta learn from him??? THANK U!!

He asked me to present a case on the first day of postings and this was the first time i was experiencing his questioning wherein he sent the boys to examine the patient and specifically asked the girls to assemble near him for his poker interrogation. All throughout the discussion, i laughed insanely. My friends kept pricking n poking me which meant shuttup.. They kept prompting answers. My brain just couldnt figure out the seriousness of standing in a ward and i was least receptive to their assistance. I was having this insane hysterical fit to which he commented, rather asked whether i was a Gone-case?

And few days back, i JUST dint wanna present a case to him because i was sure i´d burst out laughing on his face.(Had i known he was going to teach us, i would have surely bunked but last minute switch over from the HOD to him was nothing short of a DISASTER!!) So, my friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed presented the case and whoooooooops.. abbe, maine kya kiya?? He stopped her and kept shooting me with stupid questions. I muttered and abused him and he kept saying, can u speak a bit louder. why u fumbling; wish i could jabber off my frustrations. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! I´m NO WAY attending any of his classes in the future!! Do u hear me!! I´d rather sit and complete the pending records.. aiyooo, i havent even bought them. Submission date - Saturday!! Hurry up Xorkes, Fetch a junior ;)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Rain - mocked!

I´m already missing the rains. It hardly rained for 5 absolutely wonderful days and then tey tey foooooooooooos.. :( :( not fair! Its been a week since u last poured.. You cant do this. Why do u have to tempt Poor-Innocent(hehehe) people like me when you have no plans to pour properly. Your parents(the clouds) stopped crying so soon eh? Name that spoilsport who wiped off their tears. I´ll whippppppp that freakkkk.. U parsimonious stingy meano... I had just started enjoying your presence and now u wanna torment me with your absence. boohooo hooohoooo.. :(

Its Burrrrrrrning hot again. Unbearable! And to add to it the horrible humidity.. ouch!! Actually, i shouldnt be expecting rains. Realisation strikes - there´s still oodles of time left! Rule - Bear it all the while!

Come on Xorkes, accept it, its summer and there´s two more months of heat to endure.. :( yeah yeah, i know.. i´ll twiddle my thumb till then !! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hey my results were declared few days back... And guess whatt?? i got 1st class yohooooooo.. I´m happy, thrilled, excited, ummmm.. lacking words actually.. hehehe.. tin tin tin tin :)
I wanna thank God, family n all my friends and ofcourse the lecturers who helped each n everyone of us during practical exams, viva :) :) Gosh, how much we irritated them.. Sir/Mam, what case? Whats d answer to this, how bout that.. lol.. Solid patience ah they had! They politely replied to all our doubts and last min questions(just before entering the chamber for viva)
It also makes me wonder, have i actually learnt to endure with fortitude? hmmm.. dunno.. i guess so, maybe true. Maybe not!! :) :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of contentment

Got up late. 7.20.. Boooooom.. I had slept off early yesterday and had kept an alarm too. Dint realize when it rang, who switched it off??? :( :( gosh, dunno how i m gonna give end postings.. gone.. i´m gone. gonna be screwed properly. And to add to it, psychiatry lecture at 8. Run! Run!! Landed at the lecture hall at 8.20 and oh no- not again!! utter rooooobish. No lecturer. Why did he(mr. pychiatrist) have to bunk(i know he bunked coz i spotted him in the hospital later that day) today?? Couldnt he inform before that he´s not gonna come. Such a waste!!

Forget that.. Hurry up. No time. Xorkes read something. Caught a friend and started learning the basics for the end postings. Perfect thing to do than sit n read the never-ending book.

Landed in the hospital at 9. Spoke to my patient for hardly 5 minutes and hellloooooo.. why did they have to show up then only?? They - refers to 5th Unit of Medicine.. Aaaah.. the kick in the teeth, Mr. HOD of Unit 5(under whom the patient has been admitted) gathers the interns all around the patients bed and starts grilling them.. Be patient Xorkes. He´ll go to the next bed soon.. Does he??? NOOOOOO. Stands there for one hour. Statue!! lol. Thanks to timely and graceful assistance by my batchmates (thankfully, they were free.. they had finished their end postings yesterday), i somehow managed to complete my case(Ascites) and also analysed the most likely questions.

Bang bang!! Hurry, head to the P.G. block - seminar room.. And whats this? The viva had already begun.. One down, two down 3-4-5.. Ahem, enter the chamber.... questions fired, answers given.. few bouncers.. and then exit. Oooof! Back to seminar room RELIEVED.
Batchmates asked, what happened?? Broad smile.. Turns into a laughter. "It was better than expected". Gooood!
I´m done with 8th term Medicine Postings.. hehe.. Its gonna be Surgery postings from monday.. I truly miss the OT, the sight of blood, the smell of cautery. ;) Cant wait.. Come monday. come soon!!
Had to return to college for medicine lecture at 12. Was late for class again but this time not due to procrastination but genuinely due to viva. No-no-no..dont temme.. He´s teaching ascites. Hey, she asked me this. she asked me that.. lol!! oh so these were the answers for the bouncers. No problemo. Agree, they were tough! And then someone passed me a chocolate to which the stomach cried,"ting-tong hungry ting-tong" Couldnt concentrate after that. Was not in the mood to write notes. Suddenly, someone screamt loud enough for the whole class to localize who it was but the lecturer behaved as though he couldnt hear. Then many more joined in... pleading, "ênough sir" to which he skipped through many slides, took attendance and left us to fend for ourselves.

Landed home at 2. Lunch. Slept off and got up just now.. Wait.. did i hear a thunder?? One minute.. hey yes!! :) :)

Yipeeee.. its raining outside. I love the smell of wet mud! tin tin tin tin.. It was filthy hot in the morning and now its coooooool.. yipeee yipee yay yay!!!
All-in-all a great day!! yooooooooohooo!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 10, 2008

I dunno how ppl listen to "Mr Athletic´s" ortho lecture.. Sooooooooooo slooooooowwwwwwwwwww!! I tried twice to sit and concentrate.. atleast listen to what he was yapping.. The next minute, i found someone pinching me, Attendance.. get up!!
His lecture is a contrast to his clinical teaching.. Shocked - is the word.. I can never forget the first ortho end postings. He asked simple things n none of us could demonstrate even the simplest of actions of the major muscles. Embarrassing! Basically, he wanted to prove his authority because we hardly went to his chamber during postings but rushed to new-bee(who lays emphasis on basics n no hi-fi bouncers)
Mr mushroom-cut is also nice(always stuck to x-rays). Basically unit 2 dept is good.. And the hod is awesome.. Will write bout him some other time coz he's a true sample and deserves a detailed "post"!
Got a seminar tomorrow on Hemophilia. Good! Thats a small topic. Havent prepared the ohp's.. Will do that in class 2row. Gotta answer Bubbly Doc's epilepsy questions too..
Tomorrow - Buseeee day . Yipeee :-) :-)

Sports day

Woke up late.. Thought of not attendin. Who wants to run in that maddenin heat? And then my friend calls, "Juniors are bagging all the prizes. Enough of sleeping. Lets run."
"ooof.. :-( let me sleep.. Please!"
"shut up! Get ready n come to the ground" :-(
managed to reach the ground by 12.30.. Holla! So many ppl.. Staff running all around.. Fun!
Long jump - no prize.. 100 metres- horrible.4th place :-( no problem, keep trying..
And then, the cards turned.. Our batch bagged 1st in shotput, javelin throw, high jump. Ah high jump(tried first time in life, and whoops got 2nd place. Couldn stop laughing) twisted ankle while trying to cross-over d stupid rod.. This irritating ligament has always been a pain. Be it badminton or whatever. Its jinxed! Gotta keep it craped for 4 weeks.
couldnt run for the 200m, 400m track events :-(
Rested and ran for the relay.. Yipee we won again.. 2nd time. Our team for relay is fantastic.. No doubt!?
All's well when it ends well.. What say?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Panda!

I was patiently sitting n waiting for him to start his lecture.. hmmm.. New HOD of OBG eh?? I´d heard that the ex- Mrs HOD was an excellent teacher and favoured her students a lot.. Sad! She had to retire when we landed up in the final year. All i wished that the New one wouldnt be a dissapointment..
Ppl around me kept buzzing that he was the brother of famous cardiosurgeon "D"Shetty.. Bzzzzz.. bzzzz.. come on start teaching!!

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!! WOW!! He´s so energetic.. And whats that air-boxing?? So very active..Wait he resembles someone! hmmm. hmmm.. yes. an animal..that too one of my favourites. The PANDA.. ding-ding-ding..

He´s DYNAMIC.. Full of beans.. I´m impressed. And the way he kept comparing medical techiques in India n UK.. hehehehe!! Eh boss, aap India mein ho!! And he went on n on.. One hour lecture wasnt enough for him.. Suddenly, the rats (i´d been trying to control my hunger.. damn these continous lectures without any break) transformed into horses and started galloping in my stomach. Couldnt take it anymore. Looked around.. oops.. my benchmates had slept off.. ppl in front of me were cursing him. Finally someone screamt, ENOUGH!!! lol.. Finally, the class ended half hour later.. He taught for almost 2 hours bouncing all around.. Yo.. Animated Panda!!

Today, not even half the class attended his lecture. I liked his gradual transformation from animated panda to aggressive speaker(i was in splits during the air boxing session, the way he spoke bout indian politics, corruption) to seminar jacker(guarantee he´s gonna flunk us. he seems to disagree bout everything thats mentioned in the OBG text-book. i reckon, u write one text-book, according to ur Indian/UK Standards ah!!) Overall, i enjoyed his class. Waiting for more n more!!! :) :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Doubles - We WON!

Hey i lost the singles match.. Hehehe.. The only reason - nothing but overload of overconfidence. And whats the call - "Foolish Xorkes" u rightly deserve it. :-) Very good.. For once u'll use ur brains and not emotions while playing with ur friend as an opponent. I'm so disappointed :-(

And doubles- yep, my good friend and i won it.. Yipee! Finally, after placing 'third' 2 years back, and 'second' last year, we finally won the championship this year. Yipeee! I'm happy :-)

And my doubles partner got 2nd in singles.. I'm happy for her too.. She played really good.. Nice :-)

In Doubles(men), our batch bagged the second place.. :-)

Now its kinda mixed emotions. I'm actually confused.. Hehehe!

Wait... Oye hellooo..there's more. From wednesday, its fun-time in college. Loads of events to participate in for 6 wonderful days. And we "final years" gotta win the championship here too..

Come on ppl, participate in all coz this is the last time.. Enjoy to d fullest.. Yipee yipee yay yay!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Holding the raquet today(after a year) made me feel a year older. Ah come on, i know, everyone's gonna be old one day or the other. But i dint expect things to happen so soon. I feel not just a year older but almost 30 years..Flip, there was simply no stamina and most importantly No Effort.. Forget, full court.. Couldn even manage half court. Not even the short-service block.. Could tease no more like i used to with the drop-shots at the net. Thats the only thing, i was good at. And now, i'm not even capable of that. I feel like a loser and my muscles hurt. Hamstrings, calf, deltoid and brachioradialis everythin hurts.(i kinda like that pain though) Fell twice.. Hehehe.. Thankfully, no elbow dislocation n no leg sprains(i've lost count of d no. of ankle sprains.. Even the ankle has decided to show off by being permanently swollen 24/7 foolish ankle!) And how many times, i gifted points to d opponents by either hittin outside or not attemptin to pick up the smashes(at all).
Got badminton tournament on saturday. Lack of practice n old age. How am i gonna cope up? I cant even back off n not participate (others will kill me). Gosh, i cant stand losing to a junior. God, i want my old stamina-form back. And that too soon.. Just two more days to go. Gotta give it my best shot. :-)
Ah, another popat of the day. My medicine case presentation.. Horrible! Utter rubbish. I'm surprised, Mr "Bubbly doc" dint lose his temper. He asked me to learn the systemic examination format properly and again present the same case on Saturday. Hmmm.. I hope i do it well or else this time he'll surely slap me.
So, that leaves me with 2 challenges for saturday. Ah i love it! Something exciting has finally fallen into my hands. And time to utilize my hibernating brains.. Wake up Xorkes. Oye sleeping brains, u too get up.. :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a WASTE!

Slept late yesterday night(4 due to nothing but insomnia) and got up early in the morning at 7, to attend the first hour lecture at 8. what a waste!! It was the HOD´s class (medicine).. He comes 5 min early and expects everyone to do the same. So if ur on time (ie at 8), then according to him, ur late.. and then he shuts the door at 8.05. Utter Nonsense! And what does he teach?? lolz.. Nothing. Shows off his supremacy! And cracks Pj´s for which even Ms V YttehS(she is d one who first laughs at Pj´s) doesnt laugh.

Today´s medicine posting was boring. No one turned up for the rounds n also for the case presentation. No one even took attendance. What a waste! But did manage to discuss a few things. Ah hepato-encephalopathy. That reminds me of the ill-effects of alcohol! How many times should i tell u, stop drinking. No self-control?? ;) ;)

The Son of Prof Emeritus is supposed to be very strict. A man of principles, it seems. As if medicine unit wasnt enough that we gotta be tortured in surgery too.. :-(
Had his lecture in the afternoon. Phimosis..Para-phim.. blah blah.. The previous day, Dr I-dont-know-anything Surgeon (or rather call him Dr "i-love-chopping-the femoral artery" took class on the same topic). Ho kya raha hain?? Everyone wants to teach the same topic. hmmm.. never mind! Ya, but the Son wasnt that strict as people proclaimed him to be. Reminded a lot of his father. The manner of teaching-standing-talking. So much of resemblance. Aaah! That reminds me of genetics. naaah.. let me not state anything further but end it here. He also dint bother bout attendance. What a waste!
All-in-all, i simply went to college today. Instead, would have slept peacefully. Seriously, such a WASTE!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 17th, 2008

Have always been interested in surgery postings coz i loved being in the OT.. firstly, the AC.. ;-) the sight of blood.. the smell of cauterization.. :) :) Its just so happening unlike medicine postings.

The HOD of medicine. do i have to mention bout him? aaaaaaaargh! He sticks to only one topic n goes on on .. beats around the bush rather. never proceeds further. And throws round his attitude, "look i am the boss, do as i say. or else i´ll check you out in the final year" I have lost count of the number of times he´s taught us motor examination.. Inspite of that, i dunno how to do handle a CNS case. Am still (embarrassed to say this but yet gotta admit)unable to differentiate the systolic-diastiolic murmurs. Respiratory System has always been the strongest topic from day one of postings. Be it in the unit of Army man ( how unfortunate peterpan had to leave.. thanks to him i know basics in medicine) or the HOD. I´ve managed to clear the exams thanks to the respiratory cases. And again it added up as an advantage during community medicine viva!

Volte-face, UUUUUUUUU-turn.. hehehe.. i like medicine postings nowadays..yipeeee yay yay! Its awesome. Thanks to Unit 4.. Hey fabolous teaching. I disagree with all those who say that "Bubbly Doc" doesnt teach well. I think u´ve lost it! There´s no one like him. So much of energy and how intelligent! He covers the whole topic and discusses each and everything bout the case, rather than sticking to one stupid topic n digging round ( that reminds me of a mongoose digging around hundred holes for the purpose of underground ´secret´ travelling!)How can i forget Mrs Doc.. she´s also fine. She makes it a point that atleast something bout the subject enters and remains in ur deficient head! She makes everything seem so simple, interesting and easy.

Hey her husband´s lecture is also wonderful! One of those rare classes where i make it a point to write notes! Thanks for letting students enter whenever they want to ;-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Practicals n viva finitho

Chingari koi bhadke... toh saavan lala..lalala..
For donkey years, this song has been popping in and out of my head. not really, actually it started off in the morning n its going on n on like a stuck-up tape recorder. the same line repeats.
Anyways, i´m done with the practical exams n viva finaleee. Of all the viva... so far, the one with the sikkim bloke today has definitely etched a place in my weak memory!
I laugh recollecting the first question he asked one of my batchmates.
sikkim: do u smoke?
batchmate: NO
sikkim: but when u entered the room i could smell cigarette.
batchmate: someone in ur department must hv smoked.. hehehe! n then uski bolti bandh!
Must say, i kinda enjoyed his viva, rather the spat... Funny debate regarding family planning where we both wanted to prove ourselves right. Neither wanted to give up (egos clashing hehe). Tried taking out all the KHUNAS(hehehe) but eventually landed up raising my voice , losing my patience. Wanted to give him one tight whack! Failed to shut his mouth though. He had all the possible smartest and silliest assumptions. I wished to continue with the squabble further but had to intentionally surrender and shut up! Coz in the end, the viva marks mattered.. :-( So, sikkim won the war this time. Aaaargh.. U just wait, i´m coming back to level the score. See u in Internship!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 5th, 2008

What should i say? Got up early today too.. but landed late for the Surgery lecture. (dunno how or else i surely would have been on time).. yeah, 20 minutes late.. attendance was taken n proxy was given. So headed straight for the Library. Spotted many juniors who were busy preparing for the pathology exam to be held an hour later. Hinted few predictable questions.
After all the HOD sets the question paper. Ah, he´s wonderful! On the day of d exam, he wakes up - tubelight! Flash-flash.. Before that he is in a state of amnesia. not really..actually too busy with biopsies(path is the busiest department in hospital). Well, he´s been a great HOD for us. donated loads of marks thru internals. Not surprising, he prepares the question paper an hour before the exam. thats pretty obvious on having a quick look at the paper. Questions scribbled here and there with the ´N´ cancellations.
Pleased that many of the questions came for d juni's.
Next destination - opthal lab at 10 am to have a look at the surgical instruments. could recollect the names of many! good.
The afternoon ENT class was fantastic. Very well taught! actually, yesterday´s ENT revision class was also good.
Ahoooooo.. those were the last ENT lectures. Bye bye! Cia during internship :)

This is what happens!

Thinking about the title? whattt?? here it goes..
I got up late. yet, hurried to col skipping delicious breakfast just to be on time for the first hour. half-way through i called up my friend to confirm the practical revision timings and she said, "morning lectures have been cancelled for today. and revision gonna be at 1pm".. :( Couldnt they inform before?? aaaargh!
Tra la la la.. so , i returned home heartily for a heavy breakfast and wonderful nap! :)
Whenever i want to be on time for something. Either the program gets cancelled. or else i land up late. This is exactly what happens!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gotta get up early tomorrow!

Tomorrow the final year starts.. thats such a relief! i´ve been waiting for this since real long.. 4 years just waitin n waitin.. n finally here it is..
hmmm.. so i´ve gotta get up early in the morning n be on time for the first lecture. (let me try leading a normal students life) i just hope i can do it. i know i havent done it before but tomorrow surely will TRY! yep, so that means i gotta sleep bit early..
off i go to hit the bed..
Hopefully this will be a Goooood last year(i mean students life re baba)! blah blah.. lets c what happens.. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its ok!

I know i should have written this earlier(couldnt due to the busy schedule - exams).. kinda tough to digest. Federer lost!! :(
And to add to it, that stupid electricity had to go during the match.. how can i forget? i m in heaven - mangalore lolz.. Though that does make me wonder, why is there no power on wednesdays? Wats so very special bout this day? Hmmm, guess mangaloreans could explain it better!
so what was i saying? umm ya, all i saw was the score 5-3 in the 1st first set. Later (after 3 hours.. thats when the power returned) when i checked, i realised he had succumbed to No.3!
Hmm. never mind though! We(federer fans) know u´ll be back with a bang!!
By the way, Djokovic that was a good play!
Waiting for the next event. Go fedex go!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll reply soon

Busy with exams.. Ya they started yesterday. And yipee they'll be done by monday. I wish they all would have been done by saturday! Thanks NOT to republic day. Finish it off once n for all - thats a good rule! But sadly gotta wait till monday.
Never mind though, hehehe.. Coz tuesday onwards yohooo i'm a final year student.. :-)
come tuesday, come soon.. Tin tin tin tin!

One more thing, i'll reply to all those comments for sure. Till then chao..
And to me -- All the best Xorkes!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Garrulous brain wave

For years, i´ve been listening to this. Be it in school, now in college and where-not. Whatttt?? Oh come on, you know it. Dont you? Look its not that i´m doing it deliberately.

Its out of control. There are many people around. Someone who can be as loquacious as i am. So, whats the big deal?
Do i have to remind you that the Constitution has conferred equally on all 'the Right to Speak'!! I guess, i´m trying to efficiently utilize one of those rights.. hehehe.. Look if you´ve got a problem, use mufflers. Simple. Anyways, I´ve been hearing people say that its winter in mangalore. Ahooooooooooo!! I´m sure for you 32 degree C perfectly amounts to cold season. Right?? The reason why you(anaesthetized by cold) wanna switch off all the fans and torture the others who are sweating profusely? Do u have any idea bout what your talking? Anyways, i could go on complaining but LET IT BE..

So where was I? Yeah.. Yap, yap yap all the time. Non-stop. With silence being supremo only during sleep. Wonder how i dont happen to be talkative-garrulous-chatty-etc etc during those hours of siesta. How i wish for those power naps during lecture hours but sadly I´m denied of those due to voluminous reasons. Never mind!
The thought itself makes me somnolent. At the same time, that brings to mind the pending hundred things I´m supposed to finish off rather than plainly stagnate.

Well, i´ve been thinking of keeping my mouth shut for a few days. Umm.. A taciturn nature in sharp contrast to otherwise very talkative kinds.. Not that i can tell for sure that it will be an attempt in vain. Nor can i be certain of it being BIT successful too. No harm in trying though. What say?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Is she hypermetropic??

Firstly ( for those who dont know),
Hypermetropia is a type of refractive error, wherein parallel rays of light coming from infinity are focussed behind the retina, with accomodation being at rest.
In simple words, inability to see near objects clearly. Thats it!! Naaa naa, its not the one you get when Ur OLD. Thats presbyopia.Well, i shall not deal with that here. You wanna know bout it? Try search engines. ;)

Hmmm.. now who´s SHE? She´s my CAT. Ya, u read it right! My Cat! Meow meow :)
Today, i gave her bread and realized that she couldnt see. She just kept licking blindly all over the place and then finally managed to locate the food and eat. Wierd!
So, i threw the piece of bread far and she ran towards the direction i threw, but again she wasn´t able to locate its position exactly. Somehow(dunno how) she managed to feed her stomach which is alwayyyyyyyyys craving for more and more food.
Hmmm. ok! That means,she can see things that are far-off but not the near ones.
Diagnosis on history: Hypermetropia.
Investigations: blah blah blah.. She wont sit in one place so forget it!
1) Spectacles - impossible
2) Contact lens - Naaaah
3)Surgical method: Hyperopik LASIK or Conductive Keratoplasty?
Gosh, what to do for this silly-billy cat? I cant think of an appropriate treatment. What do you reckon?

Well, I reckon.. Leave her alone. Just let it beeee.. :)
Firstly, I dont like cats. All they know, is to eat, eat n eat the whole day. My intelligent cat is frightened of Mouse. When she happens to spot one, she runs away. Whats wrong with her genes? She doesnt follow a word of what i say. When i call her,she just goes away. But when i show her food, aaaah.. u guessed it right!
These cats are such morons. Hey cat-lovers dont get upset. I´m just so tired of this creature.

Dogs are much much better. No wonder they say, "Dog is a man´s best friend"..
Guess, Cat is a dumb frien... oops animal!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stop whining about studies!

On my way home yesterday, i happened to meet a friend in the bus. Her engineering exams were going on. I asked her how she was, and she replied straightaway, Bad.. condition is bad.. lolz. I asked her whats wrong and she started whining bout her studies.Oh no, NOT AGAIN.. She kept saying engineering is so tough.. blah blah. and all i could do was sympathise and nod my head. All the while, i kept praying for the bus to speed up so that i could get down sooner.

Look, why dont you take up a field your interested in? If you dont wanna study, then sit at home and enjoy! Why are you so determined to make your life complicated when your not eager to face new challenges? Why simply whine all the time about life being too tough? Does life only revolve around books?

And most importantly, Why are all the students always complaining about studies? Come on, its not that tough once you understand the subject and get your basics right. Many of them study day and night just cramming up things, learning(as in the real sense) NOTHING. All rubbish simply by-hearted for the sake of exams. Its so irritating. People all the time crying around you when they get less marks. What nonsense. Just consider it Bad luck and Shuttttt up!

I firmly believe that a students life is the easiest. All you have to do is go to college, listen and learn new things. There is absolutely no tension whatsoever. When i was school, i thought 12th would be tougher. But it was equivalent to school. Then i supposed, professional study would be hectic. But it isnt. Everything is unquestionably the same. You have cultural events, sports events, etc just like they used to happen in school. Ofcourse the study-matter has intensified but it has increased in par with age .. Come on, you cant be studying a-b-c--1-2-3 at this age. As you get older, so does your capacity to learn increases.

I wish something could be done for such tense-lots. I guess, its time for them to seek a shrink so as to grow mentally stronger and live happily ever after!!