Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 17th, 2008

Have always been interested in surgery postings coz i loved being in the OT.. firstly, the AC.. ;-) the sight of blood.. the smell of cauterization.. :) :) Its just so happening unlike medicine postings.

The HOD of medicine. do i have to mention bout him? aaaaaaaargh! He sticks to only one topic n goes on on .. beats around the bush rather. never proceeds further. And throws round his attitude, "look i am the boss, do as i say. or else i´ll check you out in the final year" I have lost count of the number of times he´s taught us motor examination.. Inspite of that, i dunno how to do handle a CNS case. Am still (embarrassed to say this but yet gotta admit)unable to differentiate the systolic-diastiolic murmurs. Respiratory System has always been the strongest topic from day one of postings. Be it in the unit of Army man ( how unfortunate peterpan had to leave.. thanks to him i know basics in medicine) or the HOD. I´ve managed to clear the exams thanks to the respiratory cases. And again it added up as an advantage during community medicine viva!

Volte-face, UUUUUUUUU-turn.. hehehe.. i like medicine postings nowadays..yipeeee yay yay! Its awesome. Thanks to Unit 4.. Hey fabolous teaching. I disagree with all those who say that "Bubbly Doc" doesnt teach well. I think u´ve lost it! There´s no one like him. So much of energy and how intelligent! He covers the whole topic and discusses each and everything bout the case, rather than sticking to one stupid topic n digging round ( that reminds me of a mongoose digging around hundred holes for the purpose of underground ´secret´ travelling!)How can i forget Mrs Doc.. she´s also fine. She makes it a point that atleast something bout the subject enters and remains in ur deficient head! She makes everything seem so simple, interesting and easy.

Hey her husband´s lecture is also wonderful! One of those rare classes where i make it a point to write notes! Thanks for letting students enter whenever they want to ;-)

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