Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its ok!

I know i should have written this earlier(couldnt due to the busy schedule - exams).. kinda tough to digest. Federer lost!! :(
And to add to it, that stupid electricity had to go during the match.. how can i forget? i m in heaven - mangalore lolz.. Though that does make me wonder, why is there no power on wednesdays? Wats so very special bout this day? Hmmm, guess mangaloreans could explain it better!
so what was i saying? umm ya, all i saw was the score 5-3 in the 1st first set. Later (after 3 hours.. thats when the power returned) when i checked, i realised he had succumbed to No.3!
Hmm. never mind though! We(federer fans) know u´ll be back with a bang!!
By the way, Djokovic that was a good play!
Waiting for the next event. Go fedex go!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll reply soon

Busy with exams.. Ya they started yesterday. And yipee they'll be done by monday. I wish they all would have been done by saturday! Thanks NOT to republic day. Finish it off once n for all - thats a good rule! But sadly gotta wait till monday.
Never mind though, hehehe.. Coz tuesday onwards yohooo i'm a final year student.. :-)
come tuesday, come soon.. Tin tin tin tin!

One more thing, i'll reply to all those comments for sure. Till then chao..
And to me -- All the best Xorkes!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Garrulous brain wave

For years, i´ve been listening to this. Be it in school, now in college and where-not. Whatttt?? Oh come on, you know it. Dont you? Look its not that i´m doing it deliberately.

Its out of control. There are many people around. Someone who can be as loquacious as i am. So, whats the big deal?
Do i have to remind you that the Constitution has conferred equally on all 'the Right to Speak'!! I guess, i´m trying to efficiently utilize one of those rights.. hehehe.. Look if you´ve got a problem, use mufflers. Simple. Anyways, I´ve been hearing people say that its winter in mangalore. Ahooooooooooo!! I´m sure for you 32 degree C perfectly amounts to cold season. Right?? The reason why you(anaesthetized by cold) wanna switch off all the fans and torture the others who are sweating profusely? Do u have any idea bout what your talking? Anyways, i could go on complaining but LET IT BE..

So where was I? Yeah.. Yap, yap yap all the time. Non-stop. With silence being supremo only during sleep. Wonder how i dont happen to be talkative-garrulous-chatty-etc etc during those hours of siesta. How i wish for those power naps during lecture hours but sadly I´m denied of those due to voluminous reasons. Never mind!
The thought itself makes me somnolent. At the same time, that brings to mind the pending hundred things I´m supposed to finish off rather than plainly stagnate.

Well, i´ve been thinking of keeping my mouth shut for a few days. Umm.. A taciturn nature in sharp contrast to otherwise very talkative kinds.. Not that i can tell for sure that it will be an attempt in vain. Nor can i be certain of it being BIT successful too. No harm in trying though. What say?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Is she hypermetropic??

Firstly ( for those who dont know),
Hypermetropia is a type of refractive error, wherein parallel rays of light coming from infinity are focussed behind the retina, with accomodation being at rest.
In simple words, inability to see near objects clearly. Thats it!! Naaa naa, its not the one you get when Ur OLD. Thats presbyopia.Well, i shall not deal with that here. You wanna know bout it? Try search engines. ;)

Hmmm.. now who´s SHE? She´s my CAT. Ya, u read it right! My Cat! Meow meow :)
Today, i gave her bread and realized that she couldnt see. She just kept licking blindly all over the place and then finally managed to locate the food and eat. Wierd!
So, i threw the piece of bread far and she ran towards the direction i threw, but again she wasn´t able to locate its position exactly. Somehow(dunno how) she managed to feed her stomach which is alwayyyyyyyyys craving for more and more food.
Hmmm. ok! That means,she can see things that are far-off but not the near ones.
Diagnosis on history: Hypermetropia.
Investigations: blah blah blah.. She wont sit in one place so forget it!
1) Spectacles - impossible
2) Contact lens - Naaaah
3)Surgical method: Hyperopik LASIK or Conductive Keratoplasty?
Gosh, what to do for this silly-billy cat? I cant think of an appropriate treatment. What do you reckon?

Well, I reckon.. Leave her alone. Just let it beeee.. :)
Firstly, I dont like cats. All they know, is to eat, eat n eat the whole day. My intelligent cat is frightened of Mouse. When she happens to spot one, she runs away. Whats wrong with her genes? She doesnt follow a word of what i say. When i call her,she just goes away. But when i show her food, aaaah.. u guessed it right!
These cats are such morons. Hey cat-lovers dont get upset. I´m just so tired of this creature.

Dogs are much much better. No wonder they say, "Dog is a man´s best friend"..
Guess, Cat is a dumb frien... oops animal!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stop whining about studies!

On my way home yesterday, i happened to meet a friend in the bus. Her engineering exams were going on. I asked her how she was, and she replied straightaway, Bad.. condition is bad.. lolz. I asked her whats wrong and she started whining bout her studies.Oh no, NOT AGAIN.. She kept saying engineering is so tough.. blah blah. and all i could do was sympathise and nod my head. All the while, i kept praying for the bus to speed up so that i could get down sooner.

Look, why dont you take up a field your interested in? If you dont wanna study, then sit at home and enjoy! Why are you so determined to make your life complicated when your not eager to face new challenges? Why simply whine all the time about life being too tough? Does life only revolve around books?

And most importantly, Why are all the students always complaining about studies? Come on, its not that tough once you understand the subject and get your basics right. Many of them study day and night just cramming up things, learning(as in the real sense) NOTHING. All rubbish simply by-hearted for the sake of exams. Its so irritating. People all the time crying around you when they get less marks. What nonsense. Just consider it Bad luck and Shuttttt up!

I firmly believe that a students life is the easiest. All you have to do is go to college, listen and learn new things. There is absolutely no tension whatsoever. When i was school, i thought 12th would be tougher. But it was equivalent to school. Then i supposed, professional study would be hectic. But it isnt. Everything is unquestionably the same. You have cultural events, sports events, etc just like they used to happen in school. Ofcourse the study-matter has intensified but it has increased in par with age .. Come on, you cant be studying a-b-c--1-2-3 at this age. As you get older, so does your capacity to learn increases.

I wish something could be done for such tense-lots. I guess, its time for them to seek a shrink so as to grow mentally stronger and live happily ever after!!