Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stop whining about studies!

On my way home yesterday, i happened to meet a friend in the bus. Her engineering exams were going on. I asked her how she was, and she replied straightaway, Bad.. condition is bad.. lolz. I asked her whats wrong and she started whining bout her studies.Oh no, NOT AGAIN.. She kept saying engineering is so tough.. blah blah. and all i could do was sympathise and nod my head. All the while, i kept praying for the bus to speed up so that i could get down sooner.

Look, why dont you take up a field your interested in? If you dont wanna study, then sit at home and enjoy! Why are you so determined to make your life complicated when your not eager to face new challenges? Why simply whine all the time about life being too tough? Does life only revolve around books?

And most importantly, Why are all the students always complaining about studies? Come on, its not that tough once you understand the subject and get your basics right. Many of them study day and night just cramming up things, learning(as in the real sense) NOTHING. All rubbish simply by-hearted for the sake of exams. Its so irritating. People all the time crying around you when they get less marks. What nonsense. Just consider it Bad luck and Shuttttt up!

I firmly believe that a students life is the easiest. All you have to do is go to college, listen and learn new things. There is absolutely no tension whatsoever. When i was school, i thought 12th would be tougher. But it was equivalent to school. Then i supposed, professional study would be hectic. But it isnt. Everything is unquestionably the same. You have cultural events, sports events, etc just like they used to happen in school. Ofcourse the study-matter has intensified but it has increased in par with age .. Come on, you cant be studying a-b-c--1-2-3 at this age. As you get older, so does your capacity to learn increases.

I wish something could be done for such tense-lots. I guess, its time for them to seek a shrink so as to grow mentally stronger and live happily ever after!!


  1. This is awesome. I only have time for this right now, sorry.. more detailed comments coming up soon.

  2. bravo bravo....
    xorkes dear u have a gr8 art of writing....
    damn i had this same thoughts in my mind... but cud never express them so well...
    i bow mine head in front of thou oh thou great author...
    newes.. i hope u have a nice year ahead...

  3. this one is pretty good.To be frank,i didnt think u were so smart.keep it up.But why this wierd name??

  4. @prachet:
    thunk yooo!!
    u called me smart! i´m so flattered.. ;-)
    u shud b used 2 dis name by now ya.
    hey al d best 4 xams!

  5. @chameleon:
    thanks ya!
    Oh no no.. dont bow ur head n all. what bout ur ego?? hehehe!
    and wish u a happy new year too ;-)

  6. As per your Blogger profile, you're a medical student. Your post seems to suggest otherwise though.

    Don't you realize, being in what is possibly the 2nd most sought after professional course at the UG level in this college, the variety of reasons why people land up in these courses?

    Life's mostly aimless and NOT driven by interests for a vast majority, even when they're nearing 60.

    A few unlucky ones like me for example regret their own choice.

    But I guess you took up medicine by choice AND are liking it. Good for you.

  7. @Ibanov:
    Well.. I JUST landed in this profession. Not that i was forced to do it, nor had i ever-ever decided bout it. It just happened. When there's no answer, blame it on destiny. What say? ;-)

    As a matter of fact, i would be equally satisfied doin engi or normal graduation. Its important to enjoy whatever u choose to do. Initially its tough, but later u realize, things are simpler. And which medico wouldnt want to switch profession considerin d no. of books to read and ofcourse most-importantly the no of study-years. There's no end.

    With regards to what u stated, by reading just one blog, u appear confused bout my profession.. Hmmm..
    What is it that u regret??
    Anyways, thanks for d comment. Appreciated :-)

  8. @ Xorkes

    I regret leaving my home in Delhi and pursuing engineering from Mumbai University, 'coz even though I don't really complain about studies unless there's nothing better to do, I hate the fact that 4 years down the line, I'm stuck in 2nd year thanks entirely to some stupid attendance rules which my sucker-for-discipline college strictly adheres to.

  9. PS. I'm adding u to my list of recommended blogs.

  10. @Ibanov:
    hehehe.. hmm.. blame it on the attendance for being stuck!! nice!

    why do u delhiites always complain bout bbay.. i dont say its better, but dat doesnt imply its NOT too.. :)

  11. Well all I can say is you've hit the ball on the cross mark!!
    Even I don't really understand why people weigh you n your talents by your "ACADEMIC 'MARKS' ". There are other factors which can very well and essentially be included!
    Good work dear!

  12. @niyati:
    i agree with u.
    and thank u!

  13. As a person working I can tell you, ur process of studying never stops until u know everything .... studies can be tough mebbe because u have so much ground to cover ... but once when u r in a job of somekind, the area of indulgence narrows ... studies can get tougher for a person who dint have so much to study previously ... Ask any person studying engineering if it is tough or easy, 90% will say tough ... dunno abt other fields ... wat do u say abt urs ????

    "Why are all the students always complaining about studies? Come on, its not that tough once you understand the subject and get your basics right."

    Boyyy, u r one rebel aren't you ? I believe the most important problem is remembering so much things in our pea sized brain .... atleast that was the problem for me :)
    Somebody told that we use only less than 10% of our brain's capabilities ... its upto u and all to tell us how to use the rest 90% !! :)

    "There is absolutely no tension whatsoever."

    Either u r too gud in ur studies or u r not bothered about the exam results ???

    What u said is an optimistic and highly positive view but i always believe that there is more to it than meets the eye ....

  14. While I will reserve my somewhat vitriolic comments about the somewhat equally pointless entry about abnormal feline behaviour I feel a strong urge to comment on this profound entry. I think it is very true that life become's an intolerable burden when you're forced into one of the biggest decisions of your life. Sure, your parents probably know best, but it's your life dammit! So when it comes to career choices and marital choices it's my opinion that while listening to parents is good, it's good to be a little selfish and think about yourself for a while! In the absence of such a choice most people spend countless years of life in misery and what do they do? Whine about it! And who gets to hear about it? Not the partners in misery to help them in their self wallowing commiseration but us poor unfortunate souls who have decided lamentably on a career.. and stuck to it!

  15. by the way i'm also known as sairaman!

  16. @jishnu:
    PHEWWWW.. this is what happens. when ur in college, u complain.. and continue to do so while working.. :)

    hmmm.. any person studying engineering if it is tough or easy, 90% will say its tough?? ... thats exactly wat m trying to point out. its not just engi, u ask a commerce-arts-mbbs-watever student, they´ll say d same thing. its not about being tough! its how to face it! Scores is not the ONLY thing in life. All d time cribbing n irritatin d others bout studies. Isnt dat too much?
    And the things said in the post are straightforward opinions. Nothing else CAN meet d eye other than the truth! wat say? ;)

  17. hey there...its seems you were seated beside one of my counterparts!...i too am doing enggnring(as every second person in this country )..and facing the same situation..the only difference is that I've stopped whining....and accepted things as they are..but some of my friends..surely need to read this post..maybe that'll help..:)

  18. xorkes, Its nice to whine.whts wrong in it. First it shows you were determined , excited abt it, you have feelings for it. It shows your expectations were high.

    Its not just about studies..even when you give speeches or tennis match you whine about your mistakes.

    It makes you remember them longer...
    "Chalta hain" attitude wont get you anywhere...dude

  19. First I must compliment you on the post...for two about the way you wrote it,and second ...coz its a very interesting and debatable topic that you speak about...I dont necessarily agree with your view thoughg
    There are two sorts of peaple in who r doin what they r doin due to pressures...say parental or otherwise...and others who chose their profession
    For the ones who were forced into doing is understandable for them to not like what they are doing primarily due to the phsychological factor of them not having a choice of choosing what they r doing...
    For the ones who dont have such a problem...the main problem is that whether they know enuff of whats oout there to make a descision of what they wanna do when they actually choose.The ones who fall under this category largely end up complaining because they r unsureof their choice when they make it n hence always end up resenting their descision n the lack of interest....
    then of course,there r d lazy asses like me who just do stuff when their ass is on fire and complain all the way doin it :)

    But I do agree with the idea of havin an interest with what ur doin...whether forced or not...ders no point of doin sumthin if ur toatally disinterested in it....either one has to develop n interest to survive...or keep doin sum other things along with the regiular work to actually have a feeling of doing sumthing productive...or else the whole point of livin is lost....dont u think??

  20. @snehal:
    oh so whining is nice eh?
    why not sympathize with all the whiners then.. i´ll ask them to seek u 4 advice! and u´ll say, "whining is very good" n they´ll whine all the more.. hehehe!

  21. @aditya:
    thank u!
    i dont see where u disagree with my thought.. coz in the end, u implied the same thing that i meant! :)

  22. Xorkes,
    Do you really think that every person in this world has enough freedom to do what they want to do? There are a lot of factors like money and parents which stops a person from choosing what they want to do.

    Many here don't even realise what they want to do until it's too late. It's sad.

    Whining is irritating, I know. It's pointless. I know that too. But you know, the thing that matters the most to a human being is being able to do what they want to do. It hurts a person to their deepest core when they're not able to do that. Many suffer from delusions that they can accept what life gives to them and still be satisfied. I don't think so.

    Imagine a typical engineering student: the amount of thinking, contemplating required to do well in the most easiest of courses. Moreover, the pace of these courses are so blazingly fast that it can only help you give an overall description. And all that for what? A job in a firm, where all these skills you learn (if you are able to pick up any) don't mean anything. And what more, having a job in the firm in the first place doesn't give you satisfaction and yet you're stuck... A whole life gone to waste. Just to earn money.

    Whiners are better than acceptors, I feel. At least they still have the desire left in them to pursue what they really want.

    (Sorry for the long comment, couldn't help it. My whole blog is a huge whine.)

  23. @alok:
    Whiners are better than acceptors, how did i miss that comment??
    well if whiners simply whine, then they need one-tight-rapaaak.. but if they whine unnecessarily jst 2 achieve d impossible, then i guess they r paranoid creatures with no mind at all.. in that case, acceptors r much-much better!


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