Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 mistakes?? Really?

First things first.. I deleted the previous post.. :-) people who have read it must have already guessed the reason.. Thanks to all.. :-) yup, this is my blog.. Hehe!
Right now, i'm reading chetan bhagat's book called "the 3 mistakes of my life". Borrowed it from a friend who said its good.. I havent read the previous bestsellers of this author.. Heard that they were nice n that his books are being converted into films.. Is that true? I dont know..
Somehow, indian authors have never fascinated me. Maybe i was always picked up the wrong authors. Ok listen, i've read just two indian authors- dont even remember their names.. Hey but that Vikram writes good ah bout tigers(his name is vikram rt? That guy who used to come in animal planet for the conservation of tigers) Had read him during the school days, yeah as i typically call it the xorkes style - bachpan mein..
I've read almost half the book(arre the same one - 3 mistakes) n somehow i dunno, cant connect with the author.. I mean to say, its not as gripping as everyone says. I feel like i'm reading a newspaper as though its ok to take a break n then continue n take a break.. The feeling to read it continously till the end seems to have vanished..
It doesnt excite me like robert ludlum or jeffrey archer or just anyone.. Guess, i should finish off this book n then wonder. Maybe i should catch hold of his previous
novels. I really wanna know why he's the best indian bestseller!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Xorkes going home :)

Heyaaa everyone
i´ve finally got holidays n that too for 15 days (we d poor ones r always deprived of hols, so 15 days is a BLESSING)
yohooooooo..m so happeeee..
will be leaving for home(bbay) on the 12th. luckily this time, my classmate is gonna gimme company. so travelling will be fun. yep, i know the excitement of travelling with unknown will be missing but thats much much better than having someone irritating or continously spitting beside u.
its raining heaven here with lightning and superb thundering effects..
green green everywhere,
yeah yeah i seem to care,
if not it had been the rains,
summer is too tough to bear.. -- i m sure kids could rhyme better than this.. but right now thats not on my mind.. hey its holiday time Xorkes.. enjoy :) :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


i love travelling but suffer thoroughly from travelling sickness. Half hour in bus/car/train n i go puke puke.. No wonder, Avomine(promethazine) has always stood up to be my best friend in times of deepest troubles.
Its been a boon for me whenever i travel for long hours ( long here implies more than 30 minutes)
Travelling has always been fun. Look around and notice the passengers. There are hundred things u could descibe bout!! There are awful/pleasant/irritating experiences.
I had an awful experience with a fellow passenger while travelling home, she kept spitting all the while in this plastic bag which was overloaded with sputum almost seeping out of the bag(gosh, why did i look inside).. and it was tough to suppress the nausea. Luckily, she got down after 2 stops or else i would have puked on her --- considering her to be a large plastic bag ready to get some dose of her own medicine.
I can never forget my last travel to bombay. My fellow passenger appeared to be a student.So, i introduced myself n she did the same.. But the story doesnt end there.. She turned out to be this Irritating traveller who went on blah blah -- "i like this, i like that.. she´s like this.. she´s like that"..
Couldnt understand a single word. She created this bizzare picture bout everything that she spoke about, which seemed to brighten her face and to add to it there were multiple expressions which kept changing at a fast pace that would give the actors a run for their money. Before i could possibly understand the topic of ONE-SIDED-Conversation, she would jump to another topic at the speed of light. Result -- obviously, i understood NOTHING. We exchanged email addresses. And then, BANG.. i got her mail the next day, which said -- "u remember me? And u remember this cousin of mine i was talking bout. She(cousin) said this to me, that to me. she´s getting married- too young. Blah Blah... Dont u think she shouldnt do this/that.. Will u advice her?"---- There goes her mails in my spam box!! eeeeeks, i´ll think ATLEAST hundred times before conversing with co-passengers during long travels.
Then there are those, " you resemble one of my friends", "my daughter is of ur age" and she likes this-that. she´s doing this and that. The list just goes on and on.. never ending!!
Be polite, Be patient -- come on i´ve heard that a million times.Being a good listener is easier said than done. I consider it nerve recking. Losing temper is just so easy. I wish the auditory system consisted of a pause button resulting in temporary cessation of the activities of vibrating tympanic membrane -- that would be so goooooD..

Oooops.. this is not what i wanted to blog about though. Actually today, i had the nauseating attack again(Inspite of travelling daily for 2 hours by apna-fultooo-mast-gardiwala-train in bbay during junior college days dint happen to give any possible tolerance. nor has commuting in the bus just for 20 min to college been of any help.)Wanted to get down and walk home BUT then whos gonna walk-walk for such a distance, that too in this amazingly stupid n irritating weather. Control Xorkes, divert ur mind.. I´m so relieved reaching home.. Thought of popping in a tablet, lets ditch that idea.. how bout some sleep?? hopefully, i´ll be ok when i get up!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do u remember, i had mentioned once in one of the old posts bout dreaming of running barefoot in a forest crushing leaves,jumping from the terrace n simply falling but not landing on the ground( how i wish i could jump around like jackie chan) looking around to notice shacks?? i´ve stopped getting those repetive dreams n have no words to express my happiness.. The reason -- once u decipher the supposedly meaningless events in your dream, u stop getting those dreams.. true!! I know many wont agree with this. So let it be!
I think Sleep without dreams is incomplete. Its fun recollecting the events (when u´ve got nothing to do).. to draw an image from the blurred dotted events -- resulting in a unbelievable distorted story.. lol.Hey, dreams do convey ur subconscious feelings -- not many believe in it.. never mind :)

Ok i dreamt this a week back and was just thinking bout it right now. So here it goes,
I was in college attending a lecture (now the details i dont remember..) there was this basement in a college and thats where the lecture was going on..
Next scene, college bus lands up near the college entrance.. halts almost 30 metres from this basement..
After that, there´s a blast in the bus
The immediate consequence --- in the class, My friend (who happens to be my batchmate-- Class Rep.. and also partner in crime for the funny things happening in postings) explodes. Poor girl. i see her disseminated body. Her head lying on the desk, leg on the floor nearthe teachers feet. eeeeeeeeeesh!!
And then i get up!! :(
The next day; i met my batchmates and narrated the above phantasmagoria and they laugh it off(especially the scattered body parts seems to be exceptionally funny -- i dont know how). How i wish i could make them realise that the appearance wasnt THAtttt funny in dreams!