Thursday, June 12, 2008

Xorkes going home :)

Heyaaa everyone
i´ve finally got holidays n that too for 15 days (we d poor ones r always deprived of hols, so 15 days is a BLESSING)
yohooooooo..m so happeeee..
will be leaving for home(bbay) on the 12th. luckily this time, my classmate is gonna gimme company. so travelling will be fun. yep, i know the excitement of travelling with unknown will be missing but thats much much better than having someone irritating or continously spitting beside u.
its raining heaven here with lightning and superb thundering effects..
green green everywhere,
yeah yeah i seem to care,
if not it had been the rains,
summer is too tough to bear.. -- i m sure kids could rhyme better than this.. but right now thats not on my mind.. hey its holiday time Xorkes.. enjoy :) :)


  1. hey hey..welcome to mumbai!!
    enjoy the rains!!

  2. hey..welcome to mumbai!!!
    ur vacs strtd and mine ended!how sad!..but u njoy! =)

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  4. welcome to mumbai...I know d elation u feel...I felt d same when I came for my vacations back here 2 mnths back :D
    But now only 1 more to go :(
    Hope u make the most of it :D

  5. hey great man i welcome to bombay !!!!
    tho i m soon off to delhi ..... wow i m really looking forward to this !!!!!


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