Sunday, June 8, 2008


i love travelling but suffer thoroughly from travelling sickness. Half hour in bus/car/train n i go puke puke.. No wonder, Avomine(promethazine) has always stood up to be my best friend in times of deepest troubles.
Its been a boon for me whenever i travel for long hours ( long here implies more than 30 minutes)
Travelling has always been fun. Look around and notice the passengers. There are hundred things u could descibe bout!! There are awful/pleasant/irritating experiences.
I had an awful experience with a fellow passenger while travelling home, she kept spitting all the while in this plastic bag which was overloaded with sputum almost seeping out of the bag(gosh, why did i look inside).. and it was tough to suppress the nausea. Luckily, she got down after 2 stops or else i would have puked on her --- considering her to be a large plastic bag ready to get some dose of her own medicine.
I can never forget my last travel to bombay. My fellow passenger appeared to be a student.So, i introduced myself n she did the same.. But the story doesnt end there.. She turned out to be this Irritating traveller who went on blah blah -- "i like this, i like that.. she´s like this.. she´s like that"..
Couldnt understand a single word. She created this bizzare picture bout everything that she spoke about, which seemed to brighten her face and to add to it there were multiple expressions which kept changing at a fast pace that would give the actors a run for their money. Before i could possibly understand the topic of ONE-SIDED-Conversation, she would jump to another topic at the speed of light. Result -- obviously, i understood NOTHING. We exchanged email addresses. And then, BANG.. i got her mail the next day, which said -- "u remember me? And u remember this cousin of mine i was talking bout. She(cousin) said this to me, that to me. she´s getting married- too young. Blah Blah... Dont u think she shouldnt do this/that.. Will u advice her?"---- There goes her mails in my spam box!! eeeeeks, i´ll think ATLEAST hundred times before conversing with co-passengers during long travels.
Then there are those, " you resemble one of my friends", "my daughter is of ur age" and she likes this-that. she´s doing this and that. The list just goes on and on.. never ending!!
Be polite, Be patient -- come on i´ve heard that a million times.Being a good listener is easier said than done. I consider it nerve recking. Losing temper is just so easy. I wish the auditory system consisted of a pause button resulting in temporary cessation of the activities of vibrating tympanic membrane -- that would be so goooooD..

Oooops.. this is not what i wanted to blog about though. Actually today, i had the nauseating attack again(Inspite of travelling daily for 2 hours by apna-fultooo-mast-gardiwala-train in bbay during junior college days dint happen to give any possible tolerance. nor has commuting in the bus just for 20 min to college been of any help.)Wanted to get down and walk home BUT then whos gonna walk-walk for such a distance, that too in this amazingly stupid n irritating weather. Control Xorkes, divert ur mind.. I´m so relieved reaching home.. Thought of popping in a tablet, lets ditch that idea.. how bout some sleep?? hopefully, i´ll be ok when i get up!!


  1. Avomine(promethazine) !!! I know only few chems...
    stuff like
    nimesulide(works wonder but bad for liver)
    paracetamol(wonder drug)
    phenyl..something..amine...(i forgot!!)
    good for cold n flu stuff...
    I feel such nausea when I read anything while travelling in bumpy bus...
    so no reading in bus...
    and if it occurs kill such nausea..i just pop 4-5 hajmola pills..
    that is enough...nothing avomine..etc etc...
    now that its raining bike rides to its traveling by train and bus...
    but the climate is so cool now..its cloudy....overcast....breezy...and damn wet..
    I am loving it...trek to mountains is beckoning...ok ok i wil stop..i forgot this is comments section not my blog post.. he he he..take care..keep blogging...if possible everyday!!

  2. Man I have travel sickness every time I travel! x(

    I find it useful to put a laung in my mouth.

  3. @sankoobaba:
    its phenylephrine for cold :)
    wow.. rains in bbay.. yep, yep, i m coming :)

  4. @alok:
    hmmm.. i´ll try laung next time

  5. to hell with all u delicate darlings !!!!!!!
    i've never had any travel sickness !!!! i m so glad !!!
    tho how can u enjoy travelling if u get travel sickness and half of ur attention is towards the rite dose of avomine and shit like tht ... the next time u feel like puking smoke a cigrette works wonders on any sorta illness !!!!!
    cough, cold , asthama , nausea , anxiety !!!! works wonders !!!!

  6. @suneet:
    thanks.. But actually no thanks..
    Urrghh, keep your advice to yourself..

  7. Heylo
    I'm an Avomine-dependant too. It was meant for the times Dad wasn't driving, BEST's, and Air Sickness. Here's a tip: go to sleep when you feel nauseous, and never face the direction opposite to that of the motion when travelling. Puking guaranteed if you're already prone, that way. And never read! staring at a point or concentrating is the worst kinda torture to inflict on your ready-to-throw-up self.
    Irritating copassengers: SLEEPING CURES THEM ALL. Also, earphones ka vaapar kariye (what marathi-hindi was that?). I've had a 40 year old random fellow asking me what college he should put his son into through the bus ride. Or frown like me. All the time. They dont even consider approaching you.

  8. My husband is a captain on the ship and I suffer from sea sickness. Initially I used to have tough time traveling with him but then there are many other products like sea band, sea band ear plugs and sea sickness tablets available for sea sickness problems. Also, herbal remedies, such as ginger and peppermint can be effective at times.


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