Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do u remember, i had mentioned once in one of the old posts bout dreaming of running barefoot in a forest crushing leaves,jumping from the terrace n simply falling but not landing on the ground( how i wish i could jump around like jackie chan) looking around to notice shacks?? i´ve stopped getting those repetive dreams n have no words to express my happiness.. The reason -- once u decipher the supposedly meaningless events in your dream, u stop getting those dreams.. true!! I know many wont agree with this. So let it be!
I think Sleep without dreams is incomplete. Its fun recollecting the events (when u´ve got nothing to do).. to draw an image from the blurred dotted events -- resulting in a unbelievable distorted story.. lol.Hey, dreams do convey ur subconscious feelings -- not many believe in it.. never mind :)

Ok i dreamt this a week back and was just thinking bout it right now. So here it goes,
I was in college attending a lecture (now the details i dont remember..) there was this basement in a college and thats where the lecture was going on..
Next scene, college bus lands up near the college entrance.. halts almost 30 metres from this basement..
After that, there´s a blast in the bus
The immediate consequence --- in the class, My friend (who happens to be my batchmate-- Class Rep.. and also partner in crime for the funny things happening in postings) explodes. Poor girl. i see her disseminated body. Her head lying on the desk, leg on the floor nearthe teachers feet. eeeeeeeeeesh!!
And then i get up!! :(
The next day; i met my batchmates and narrated the above phantasmagoria and they laugh it off(especially the scattered body parts seems to be exceptionally funny -- i dont know how). How i wish i could make them realise that the appearance wasnt THAtttt funny in dreams!


  1. you remember your dreams?...I dont....I do only for few minutes that too if I make an effort to recall the events...only once have I been able to know that I am dreaming...and using this info I have manipulated the dream according to my wishes...albeit for a few minutes only...good writing style..keep blogging..

  2. so true tat dreams convey our subconscious feelings.
    What we keep thinking all thru the wat starts to creep into our dreams....

    whats funny is tat ppl and thngs tat are remotely connected(abt wich we keep thnkin) appear together in one dream and the dream turns out to be pretty interesting at times!...hehe

    but tat surely wasnt the case wid the dream u mentioned here!

  3. did the jaipur blast affect you so much ?? i m simply putting this question up by presumming that the blast is realted to that event in your dream ... ??/
    i believe everythign u've said in the blog ... its true our subconscious mind is always at work i remember i used to get these spooky dreams after watching AAHAT on TV when i was a kid .. tho now i have a much better time dreaming ( fantasizing wud be a better word to use here )

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  5. Hmmm a deviation from your normal style of writing.

    Seems like it did indeed trouble you.

    Well, I've had these wacky dreams too, but I usually get up in the morning and poof! Something like this.

    Anyways, at one time I wrote a post in my blog about the dreams we dream while awake and when we are asleep, and the relationship between them. :)

  6. u attending college..that itself is a

    tat was a bad dream infact...try to sleep thinking something pleasant.....

  7. dreams are kool. just yesterday i had a dream, that i was back in kashmir n i was holding my cousins hand, and we were climbing some snow covered mountain. then we encountered some military people who were happy to see new faces in the isolated places where they were posted n such stuff. most of the times i always dream of going 2 new places with or without frnds and funny thing is most of the times the places do exist even tho i rarely think of them when im awake

  8. @sankoobaba:
    thank u!!
    not all dreams i remember. but tought to forget this one :)

  9. @pj:
    i agree with u
    d connection between dreams n things. its defintely wierd n entertaining sometimes

  10. @nutee´s:
    no ya i dont think so.. i wasnt thinking bout the blasts or rather any blasts that day!

  11. @alok:
    dreaming while being awake?? ummm.. never experienced that. though i have got hallucinations once when i had fever. is it equivalent to dreaming??

  12. @spicymist:
    ahaaaaaa.. i c.. ur a traveller in ur dreams :)


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