Thursday, November 29, 2007

Complaining Gate swung open

Wow.. attending medicine lecture and listening to a highly qualified individual can sometimes be very very .... guess?? nah u got it wrong! not exciting.. instead turned out to be very Frustrating and boring.. we being the victims of an increasing irritability aggravating to an unspeakable degree.
A cardiologist by profession but scared to face the students, thats one of a kind human nature.. He looks at the the OHP, then reads, then stares at his feet.. oops shoes, then again at the OHP, then at his hands-nails, and continues to read at a slow pace, speed being just 5-6 words and then the same actions: OHP-shoes-hands.. with the back facing the students all the time reminding us of the statement in school, "dont talk behind my back".. hehehe.. and if u happen to as with this case, that is try to talk while he´s trying to educate us with his behavioural nonsense, your thrown out of the class (yeah we know u wanna show us ur superiority), depriving us of our only reason for attending lectures, nothing but ATTENDANCE.
Such conduct on the part of the lecturer seems to me unjustifiable but we poor students havent got better options as always and the same´s gonna continue why complain??
There´s one positive thing though.. This is the sentiment of mankind. Let us not limit our view. Be attentive and pick up his habits, it will DEFINITELY help you torture you students in the future.. ;)

Todays seminar on oral medicine was really Lengtheeeee.. we all ´batchmates´ were feeling so restless there and listening to someone (unknown) go on blabbering non-stop on too-tough-to-grip topics..
Thanks to the break( a wake-up-call to those were dozing) given and the yummy snacks provided by the skin department, all torture is forgiven.. It was such a relief and a booster to all our confused minds.. gave us enough energy to patiently pay a Deaf ear to the speakers till the very end.. And yes, cant forget to mention, once the presentations were done, the applause was unbounded..
On contemplation there´s a twist to the tale, my seminar is on friday.. hehehe..
What can i say?? Well, the memory haunting phrase perfectly suits the situation - Every dog has his day!


Damn!Today is another Monday,
You're off to that hectic place,
6 days a week you spend here,
You'll never escape!

Feels like.. You have no books,
You have lost your brain,
When the day is through,
You have more pain.

Watch out for your friends,
Some good and some great,
Talk to them during class hours,
No Mercy, the lecturer shows you the gate.

Keep your grades up though and watch with care,
Someday you'll look at offices and say I want to go there,
Only with your head full of knowledge and shoes full of feet,
If you let it, College can help you accomplish any feat!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From skin to patience

Attending skin postings after fantastic 4 weeks in urology-paediatric surgery is far away from anything called as baby-ride.. half the batch.. naaa, almost the whole batch bunked doing nothing but going back to the hostel and dozing off till 2pm after which they would return for the afternoon class.. poor me, localite(couldnt go home n sleep again coz if i do then would be too bored to return for the afternoon lectures) used to wander alone like a refugee in the corridors of OT trying to identify known faces so as to learn something and yes spend some time in the AC (thats the only area in our hospital where there´s full-time AC)..
The postings ended quite fast due to the diwali holidays.. booohoooo.. I miss those OT days.. finished off OT postings for the 7th term.. :-(

Ya, ya coming to the present situation.. oofs its such a pain realising the fact that i´ll be WASTING 4 weeks in skin postings now.. today was the 1st day n it was ummm.."NO COMMENTS".. standing for 3 hours and listening to hypopigmented blah.. hyperpigmented patches..blah blah.. i wonder how none happened to collapse.. hmmm, well many more days to go.. hopefully, someone will faint, create enough attention so that so-called Torturer leaves us early or atleast has mercy to let us sit on chairs and listen to his precious teachings..

Heard we´ve got seminars to present too.. wow! there´s one important thing i´ll learn though -- Patience!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why always late?

Hundreds of people always ask me this question.. ´hey why do u always come late´, ´can u never be on time´..
Be it for lectures, meetings, occasions, birthdays, outing with friends, blah blah n yes that includes university examinations.. I´m always late.. n honestly i´ve got no answer for it..
Many a times i´ve asked myself this question but all in vain..Well, tonight since there´s nothing much to do.. but again keeping in mind that there´s a lecture to attend at 8 am tomorrow (not that it bothers me but yes, definitely the others who advice "why deal with unnecessary shortage of attendance") i´ve decided to jot down few reasons for being self-acclaimed procrastinator..
Most of the reasons wont make any sense, the reason being.. yeah u couldnt guess it.. coz even i´m not sure of it.. guess its clairvoyant me! but if u still insist i´m ready to bore u with some exceptionally intelligent theories.
I can "never" get up early in the morning.. even if i happen to sleep early, hmmm.. say as early as 6 pm the previous day or even if i´ve happened to catch up more than 14 hours of sleep the day before.. it just doesnt makes absolutely no difference if i sleep for just 2 hours or 16 hours.. i need to sleep from 6am clock to 9am clock..Thats my definition of COMPLETE n PEACEFUL sleep.. extra hours of sleep is always an added bonus but again it never helps to get up early.. so basically i need those heavenly hours of early morning sleep.
Also, m very much nocturnal in life.. my brains n eyes open up after the fabulous sunset.. during the day, i´m the DUMBEST n as it gradually progresses into night, i turn DUMBER n then just DUMB.. excuse me for the wierd use of wrong-superlatives here but people who know me would have realised that i couldnt have used better words to describe myself..
Ah so where was i, yep nocturnal attitude.. i´ve developed this "owlish" behaviour as a kid.. yeah 11 year old.. would stay up late at night reading those Enid Blyton books coz i just dint wanna break the momentum and then moved on to more novels then text books n finally it turned into a habit wherein studies could be done only at night.. trying to read up anything during the day including listening to class used to be a WASTE coz just nothing would/could enter my head..teachers would fire left n right but that made no difference coz i was hardly listening but sleeping all throughout. and that holds true even today when i end up answering nothing during vivas.. there have been a number of times when i´ve tried to get out of this habit by sleeping throughout the day n night hoping that i´ll get up early in the morning next day and study for exams(atleast with the fear that "well i´ve read nothing yesterday but lemme try reading in d morning") but the results have been otherwise, wherein i landed staring at the so-called EASY question paper and in the end submitted blank answer sheets.. have tried everything possible to set a normal biological clock for daily activities but Insomnia just rules..
As far as being late for meetings/outings is concerned.. well, if the meetings are in the morning ├╣ve already guessed the answer,but if its later in the day n i was late then the reason could be extra hours of sleep coz just couldnt get enough of rest n peace during the whole, the ultimate sleep cycle prevails! and if the meeting is at night then again assume that i´ve slept early coz yesterday´s sleep wasnt enough..Right now, i´m confused whether i sleep too much or whether i´m Nocturnal.. coz if i happen to sleep,then i sleep royally n if i dont sleep then i can stay awake forever too.. understood?? i know u wont coz its too tough for me to decide too..
I land up late for University Exams bcoz i´ve never finished studying half the portion due to an unstable mind.. so, why enter the examination hall when i know nothing.. let me read something for 15 more min to cover up few more topics to atleast know something..
Birthdays... nah! i always forget them.. bcoz m least bothered bout my own birthday.. but yes, thats one day i usually bunk college coz thats "my" day n i celebrate it the mad style.. doing what?? getting up late, eating, sleeping, eating n sleeping.. n birthday just passes by whoooooooooosh!
I love the proverb, "Procrastination is the thief of time" Preaching these words is a different thing altogether but following it naaaaaah; and i firmly believe in the latter..

And if u havent had enough of reading the above nonsense.. i guess its time u join my gang, "CLAIRVOYANT XORKES"