Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Results out!

Heyaaa bloggers.
Today my results were declared after a month of "its-better-not-to-mention-how-i-spent" THE HOLIDAYS.
Alright here´s the thing --- Final year done!! Yes i passed! yip yip yoohoooooooooo!! Finally a graduate! Is that a relief?? Ofcourse it is. No doubt!! Seriously, becoming a graduate much much after most of your friends are almost finishing their masters was a LONG wait indeed! I was tired of answering the question, YOUR STILL NOT MBBS? Naaaah.. Its 5 and a half years u see.. And i´ve just completed 4 and a half. So, there´s still another one year of internship left before i get that degree. Oh no!! please dont start with those questions again.
What comes next? I dont know.
What am i supposed to do? I dont know.
Does the thought sink in? I dont know.
Havent decided? I dont know.
What do u really know? I dont know.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bored or frustrated? Both?

Hey Mlore is famous. Whooops.. for the wrong reasons ofcourse. A lot of stuff is being written about the city. Regarding what? Come on, do i have to mention it? Everyone knows why! Be it the national debate or an awakening call blah blah!! It makes no difference to the people here. It never has and doubtfully it ever will. The mentality sucks!! Sucks to the core! In this city of slowwwwwwwwww motion, Dilip Kumar could progress faster! Or is it Manoj Kumar? Now whos the tortoise among them.. Whatever!! ummmm.. is there possibly a third option? lets just leave the topic to the higher and lower authorities (this is what i keep hearing on tv -- that one is to be blamed, this one is at fault) Nice nice.. lage raho.. We, the people of India, are listening to ur BAKWAAS.

But why am i writing all this? Well.. somethings gone into my head. Is it an idle mind? ya, read the word again -- IDLE. I dont know. Or is it simply frustration? The reason being -- I´m stuck in Mangalore even with vacations on hand coz my parents are here. Oh!How much i miss Bbay!

Monday, February 2, 2009

After a long time!

Hmmm... I see a lot of new stuff has been added in blogspot.. something like followers has come up and suprisingly ppl are following my blog..
Oops.. i dont know what to say.. thank u!! :) :) :)
Ah so where was i the whole time. Yup, trying to be busy with the final year.
Finally done with the ultimate final year exams. Lets c what r the results.
I´ve forgotten how to blog.. Unfortunately thats so very true :(
Hopefully, will have something better type in next time. Cheers!!