Monday, February 2, 2009

After a long time!

Hmmm... I see a lot of new stuff has been added in blogspot.. something like followers has come up and suprisingly ppl are following my blog..
Oops.. i dont know what to say.. thank u!! :) :) :)
Ah so where was i the whole time. Yup, trying to be busy with the final year.
Finally done with the ultimate final year exams. Lets c what r the results.
I´ve forgotten how to blog.. Unfortunately thats so very true :(
Hopefully, will have something better type in next time. Cheers!!


  1. hey long time!...
    final year>?..all the best:)

  2. hi xorkes
    do read our new blog entry.hope it will give you some respite from the tedium of exams.

  3. haha forgotten how to blog wah kya bat hai:-P

  4. Hey honestly speaking i have forgotten how to blog too.. i have a bloggers BLOCK!!!!!

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