Thursday, September 18, 2008

Straighten hair?? No thanks!

There´s this craze which has been going on in college to straighten their hair for the past 5 years. i wish i could get their pictures and post it online but my friends would kill me.
it looks good when its straight. u know the real straight kinds. but once ur hair starts growing. wow! its worth a watch! i really cant stop laughing.
especially at those girls with naturally curly hairs who spent crap for this unfortunate muddle. creeps, its so funny when the hair grows.There´s this waviness-- i mean curly hair-- fullstop-- and then boom boom.. it suddenly continues to be straight. And when they leave their hair.. flippendo! what a sight! ditch it.. it stands like a sea with rushing waves followed by a calm river. do u call that beautiful?? what in the world is wrong with u? Its looks shambolic and scrappy. dirteeeee...
look at the amount of hair u have lost by going for this crap! come on, accept it.. ur going bonkers and bald? do u still like it?? And the best part is, the sufferers want their friends to go for this straightening thing too. When u fall in trouble, get a gang to give u company.. hehehe!! No thanks.


  1. Man I so want to grow my hair Rockstar style but get irritated when they grow big enough to get in front of my eyes. :D

    Well, you haven't posted pics, but I've seen some hairy disasters over here so I can imagine XD!

  2. hehe...totally agree with u on this one!..that looks so stupid.And after a while when the hair grows back, its curly again!and that so sucks! seriously:D

  3. no idea about curly hair....
    but agree with alok about long hair....
    jst last week i cut my was very long(men's standard)..
    it went up to my shoulders...
    long hair==big mess....time wasting on managing it...still i wanted to experience after 6 months of growing hair..i cut its better....but once in a while miss it.. good to see u blogin regularly..keep it up..

  4. absolutely rite XORKES....
    Curly locks r really beautiful...
    i mean d permanent treatment costs something like 3000 bucks or over and wen it grows back again, u go back weeping to d person who did it for you, RUBBISH!!!!!

    Keep it up...

    Looking forth to some comments from ur end over mammamia

  5. curly hair looks hot and so does straight hair as long as thats what it is naturally. try 2 change it , itll look good for a while and afterwards a mess. i get the stick straight hair types in my college too. bah! when their hair was luscious, they iron it n reduce d volume n then use expensive mousses to bring back d bounce to their lifeless hair. *sighs*

  6. u noe what?!!...its d same situation in my college....every tommy i noe is going on n straightening their hair...wots so amazingly cool about dat??...i think it jus looks too artificial..n a waste of time..especially when ur hair grows and the combination of wavy n straight looks like a bunch of worn out n spoilt hair...

  7. Thank god I have extremely wonderful hair :P
    God bless those who aren't blesses :P


  8. hey first time in ur blog.
    i knw straighten hair mite look good for a timign but it long run it spoils hair. its like ghass fuss..

  9. ah


    when was it curly enough to be written about with such grace

    I particularly like the part where the hair goes boom boom!

    pretty girls hidden in a jungle of hair are still pretty girls

  10. :-)

    u hit it straight! bingo!

    the money wasted. chemicals, hair gone, texture = jhadoo, hair dead n dry.

    the problem is people wanting 2 experiment wid their looks and not wanting 2 do it the way its 2 b done. u knw, the actual rebonding.

    and guess whts the worse disaster?
    coloured hair!

  11. dude. sorry. wrong. :) i straighten mine. have been doing so for two whole frikkin years, and my hair's LOADS better now than it used to be. oh and yes, after the first straightening, it never did go back to its initial 'BOOM BOOM' texture. :)

  12. hello Xorkes, I have been following your blog for last 3 or 4 months. I got you through one of your comments in one of my blogs. Don't know why but after that I never visited my blogs neither replied to my comments.

    Any ways interesting topic. Thankfully I do have straight hairs on my head but long hairs are something I can't relate to myself. Yeah about gals U are absolutely correct. People have a craze these days of straightening hair and really it sucks big time. I was a student in Manipal so have come around several samples myself. :D :D

    Ne wys keep posting and if get sometime do visit my blogs. Chao tc. :)

  13. @alok:
    my friends wud b obviously furious if i were to post their pics..

  14. @pj, niyati, spicymist, nimi, nidhi, express, zorroan:
    ahaaa.. someone thinks alike ;0)

  15. jadis:
    i guess u belong to the lucky lot ;)
    welcome to my blog!!

  16. @comfortably numb:
    lucky u!! :)

  17. Hair's a Sensitive Issue with Moi....
    Girls have a lotta Options in that aspect ..Damn !!!

  18. intelligent forethought there!-_-

    scribblers Inc.

  19. nice post..
    i've realised not 2 interfere with the natural stuff..! its just a passin fad.. nothin beats the original self...

  20. i cant tell u how much i can relate to your m not someone who's really proud of her curly locks, bt thanks to your post i have erased the tinest bits of leftover thoughts of straightening my hair.

    good post keep writing

  21. hey XORKES... where have you been all though these days? Awaiting something from your end!!


  22. Happy New Year to you, Xorkes!

  23. right deary managing staight hair is lyk a disaster...........n happy new yr

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