Saturday, May 24, 2008

Read it.. Loud and clear --- Man UTD RULES-ROCKS-REIGNS!!

OK here it goes! Short n simple.. Loud n clear!!
Read the title of this post a million times till it enters ur disappearing head (head-weight rather) and sinks appropriately in the left over brain pieces! Poor chelsea.. so sad!! hehehehe.. So what r the million-trillion excuses for having lost the cup?? If this would have happened, that would have happened.. blah blah .. lol.. that penalty, this penalty.. hehehe.. chelsea fans can go on n on!! never mind.. its not going to change the fact.. so read again :) lol

This year has been great!! Man utd won, Real Madrid won!

Raul wins De Stefano prize for the best player in Liga..
Time for the Euro 2008.. thats gonna be gripping..So whom are u supporting??
Owww.. Whats France without Zizou?? Come back!! :( :( :(

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok. This is the place where "Xorkes" was born! The nursing home remains the same but the docs have changed.
It seems a Sardar doc assisted the delivery. No doubt!! lol

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nadal vs Djokovic

Todays game was awesome.. lasted for 3 hours.. wow!! its always fun watching those fedex vs nadal vs djokovic matches..

Was supporting nadal coz its been a long time since i´ve watched him play against No 1.. Not that i hate djokovic. its just that recently i´ve witnessed too many meetings between him and fedex. No 3 gave a strong and tough fight. Specially the match point. Flip, poor nadal had to struggle so much. the 40´ s, then the advantage and again coming back to the same 40´s.. wow!! it was superb and a tough-tough fight!! the animated expressions, the last min goof-up by djokovic (bad luck boss). Nadal had to win this match or else he would be placed at No 3... m happy that he has saved his position but yep again lets just stick u right there. Dont even think of progressing any further.. Federer rules..

Waiting for the Finals.. Aaaah the clay court. Its kinda jinxed. hehehe!! Go Fedex GO!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I´ll keep this particular post SHORT!!

What happened today is terrible. The serial bomb blasts in jaipur -- its horrendous!!
Why?? Why??? Why do u have to resort to such things to show-off your bloody existence? It sucks!! The whole thought process of terrorism sucks.. Its absolute shitttt...
Hope all is safe n fine soon!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are u kidding? Kiddddsss: all the time!!

I was teaching my neighbour-kiddo(12 year old) to ride a scooty in the morning.. and was it fun?? do i have to answer that? ofcourse, it was!!

Its always exciting to teach kids(hey, not those little ones.. i still have no courage to face them -- eeeeks they scare me)
Can-i-call-those-chintu´s (below 5) ------ tender coconuts? lol.. Yesterday, i was walking under this b@#|#@ coconut tree, not deliberately.. damn, they exist everywhere in mangalore. If only i could avoid their sight. I´m so bored of these nariyal´s all around. Cant they plant some other trees. Now dont ask me to do the needful, coz i´ve NO dearly affection towards them to go around planting n all, but i truly object towards the destruction of forests(aaah my love for snakes, the other reptiles, orangutans overrule) which again implies i should be doing my bit by planting trees.. But thats a BIG BIG NO.. watering them.. blah blah!! Xorkes is confused. So expect no intelligent answers!!!(Did i say Intelligence?? Haha.. read that again -- "Intelligence" jumps around here n there in hopes of getting a possible medium of entrance into xorkes brains but xorkes repels them all-the-time saying: "jaaga nahin, baad mein aao!") This is for those ppl who love planting trees -- LOOK, its time u plant something other than coconuts, start caring for the the other species. How bout an alternative -- other fruit-bearing trees. Creeeeps.. why do i divert from my actual topic n go around givng not-interested-to-be-accepted gyaaaan?? Ya, so whr was i? Ye, walking on the road and one bloody coconut just fell in front of my leg and look at the brains of that stupid coconut, it hit the ground and rebound --- on my ankles. Thudddd!! Of all the places on earth, it had to hit the left ankle??? On a positive note, thats Great.. Had it hit my head, i wouldnt have survived to blog.. abbe, kya blog- jog.. zindaa nahi rehti thi main.. contusion ho jata, subdural hemorrhage.. baap re!! Hey hello.. how are you? I´m alive.. but my ankle hurts all over again. Nice to be alive and kicking. Actually what bothers me, is the rebounce effect. Couldnt it rebound on the opposite side and land on the vacant road. Mera Hi Pair Mila Usko? Firstly, this left chronic ankle injury leading to an ugly-permanently swollen ankle. Have read in the Ortho books n those Ortho docs also have the same opinion that the swelling shall subside in 6 months. Abbe, boss kayko majjak karela hain? Its been 4 years. And now, my ankle gets the unwanted-undesirable-yet-always-expected sprains even while simply walking!! i think i gotta walk baby steps.. lol!!

Aaaaaah, yes those babies --- they are so eager to experiment n learn. So very full-of-life! They´ve got millions of supposedly innocent questions to ask. Its not possible to have all the answers. So, u divert the young mind with silly question. But, they are so adamant in finding out stuff and go on tautologically and i-assume-unnecessarily questioning the same thing a hundred times. Usually, they land up short-circuiting my leftover-brains too early with their inquisitive nature but then one crooked stare and they buzzzz off (hmmm.. the supreme-elderly Feel.. tskkk tskkk) hehehe!!

Anyways, i actually wanted to mention something else. I mean --- this neighbour kid( shall be addressed as dude 1) Yeah, he´s a fast learner. He learnt it( to ride) too fast and took me on a double ride for an hour too. Later, in the evening, he pleaded to let him ride by himself! I did! He took 3 rounds while i observed him from a visible distance. Suddenly this another kid, whos his schoolmate (whom i shall call dude 2) turned up and started fooling around with his cycle in front of the scooty. I called out to dude1 to return but it was too late.. dasssssshhhh. Dude 1 banged against dude 2´s cycle. Luckily dude 2 ( guess, the 6th sense) jumped out of his bicycle on time and dude 2 (forget sixth sense, none of his senses were working) kept on accelarating instead of using the brakes and crushed the handles of that poor chaps cycle. I rushed to the scene and screamt at him to use his brakes which he finally did. Quietly, he parked the scooty in the corner n joined me while i was checking and inquiring dude 2 bout any possible injuries. Dude 1 asked me if dude 2 was alright to which i replied, "Yes, everything´s ok!!" On hearing this, he(dude 1) immediately socked him, laughed and then said," Now, dont u dare try that again?" Dude 2 started crying and apologized. It turned out that dude 2 had suddenly applied brakes to check out dude 1´s biking reflex and knowing the possible outcome, he´d jumped out of the cycle on time.. Wierd!! These little boys are wierd! Thankfully, nothing absurd happened to any of them and i can laugh at this incident!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Got up early.. ran off to brush, splashed water on face and then ting-tong suddenly the realization of today being a holiday punched me. abhi kya karu?? swiftly hit the bed but no signs of lethargy! owww..
So grabbed the keyboards and here the words just flow!!

Yesterday night, i was trying to behave like a left handed brilliant-idiot.. Why was i doing that? No specific reasons. I was reading renal physiology n anatomy(basically, brushing up basics before starting the actual topic renal medicine n surgery) and then i got bored too early..
Needed a break(i dont know for what. but i did need one) Just anything so as to drive of the sleep which was acting as No-blessing-in-any-disguise.. So tried using my left hand to draw lines, circles, write alphabets. Was it easy?? No ways!! By the time i completed writing somewhat ´neatly´ from A-Z, i had this pins and needles sensation involving the distal end of the fingers, wrist joint and in the supinators
(anyone has a probable diagnosis?). Also, i had this strange aching desire to flip the pen to the opposite hand in order to let the instincts of a right hander overrule - These instincts always persist - be it conscious.. subconscious or unconscious.. how do i supposedly change that? gosh.. i need to practice. practice lot more! ya, atleast that much I KNOW! ;)

Eventually, i let go of this silly tp and started reading again.. Dunno when i slept and ouch these rock-solid books(which i thought were pillows) for 8 hours, also i had these constant stream of rhythmic dreams (which i fail to recollect.. why is it so tough to recollect ur dreams??). These all have ultimately resulted in neck pain. Cant look up.. Ouch!! Look, xorkes.. when u type, ur supposed to ONLY type, not enact them. Have decided to re-read the same thing with hopes of remembering atleast something. Gotta think of alternatives to be awake(ur suggestions are welcome).. Its so easy to stay awake watching those football matches or simply being online. But when it comes to studies.. There´s a Big Noooo unless ofcourse its a night before the exam when u´ve got absolutely no alternatives other than write something sensible or maybe u could politely handover a blank paper to that examiner who carries an expression "the-paper-was-easy-u-fool". Hmmm.. i gotta sip-in more coffee.. By the way, i love coffeee.. slurp slurp!! Was addicted to coffee for a month during the preparatory leave for 3rd year exams. I had 230 cups of coffee that whole month..Pheww!! Almost 7-8 cups a day along with the regular dose of morning n evening cups of tea(thats a habit since childhood which can be skipped anytime, but i hate having milk so tea is an absolute substitution)

What else? Ya.. Did anyone check yesterdays´s Real Madrid match in Spanish League.. Yipeee Raul scored brilliantly :) Even, Man Utd is doing greattttt in the EPL and UEFA.. Cristiano Rocks!! Go Utd go... Zooooooooooooooooooooommmmm :)