Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nadal vs Djokovic

Todays game was awesome.. lasted for 3 hours.. wow!! its always fun watching those fedex vs nadal vs djokovic matches..

Was supporting nadal coz its been a long time since i´ve watched him play against No 1.. Not that i hate djokovic. its just that recently i´ve witnessed too many meetings between him and fedex. No 3 gave a strong and tough fight. Specially the match point. Flip, poor nadal had to struggle so much. the 40´ s, then the advantage and again coming back to the same 40´s.. wow!! it was superb and a tough-tough fight!! the animated expressions, the last min goof-up by djokovic (bad luck boss). Nadal had to win this match or else he would be placed at No 3... m happy that he has saved his position but yep again lets just stick u right there. Dont even think of progressing any further.. Federer rules..

Waiting for the Finals.. Aaaah the clay court. Its kinda jinxed. hehehe!! Go Fedex GO!!


  1. Gone are those glorious days of watching Pete. Ah well, just like him, his able successor is also somewhat unlucky on clay. But here's wishing him luck anyway - I don't like Spanish sportspersons in any case :P

  2. OHKKKK!!! Fedex lost!! Nadal WON!!
    wonderful match! And the comeback in the first set by nadal was brilliant! But nothng compared to the spirit of yesterday´s match!!
    The Clay King has retained his position :)

    i think u´ve got no idea bout spanish sportsmen.. Raul always rocks!! n sometimes Nadal too ;)

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  4. me no like no tennis... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    and but its better than sucks big time


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