Monday, March 31, 2008

Rain - mocked!

I´m already missing the rains. It hardly rained for 5 absolutely wonderful days and then tey tey foooooooooooos.. :( :( not fair! Its been a week since u last poured.. You cant do this. Why do u have to tempt Poor-Innocent(hehehe) people like me when you have no plans to pour properly. Your parents(the clouds) stopped crying so soon eh? Name that spoilsport who wiped off their tears. I´ll whippppppp that freakkkk.. U parsimonious stingy meano... I had just started enjoying your presence and now u wanna torment me with your absence. boohooo hooohoooo.. :(

Its Burrrrrrrning hot again. Unbearable! And to add to it the horrible humidity.. ouch!! Actually, i shouldnt be expecting rains. Realisation strikes - there´s still oodles of time left! Rule - Bear it all the while!

Come on Xorkes, accept it, its summer and there´s two more months of heat to endure.. :( yeah yeah, i know.. i´ll twiddle my thumb till then !! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hey my results were declared few days back... And guess whatt?? i got 1st class yohooooooo.. I´m happy, thrilled, excited, ummmm.. lacking words actually.. hehehe.. tin tin tin tin :)
I wanna thank God, family n all my friends and ofcourse the lecturers who helped each n everyone of us during practical exams, viva :) :) Gosh, how much we irritated them.. Sir/Mam, what case? Whats d answer to this, how bout that.. lol.. Solid patience ah they had! They politely replied to all our doubts and last min questions(just before entering the chamber for viva)
It also makes me wonder, have i actually learnt to endure with fortitude? hmmm.. dunno.. i guess so, maybe true. Maybe not!! :) :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of contentment

Got up late. 7.20.. Boooooom.. I had slept off early yesterday and had kept an alarm too. Dint realize when it rang, who switched it off??? :( :( gosh, dunno how i m gonna give end postings.. gone.. i´m gone. gonna be screwed properly. And to add to it, psychiatry lecture at 8. Run! Run!! Landed at the lecture hall at 8.20 and oh no- not again!! utter rooooobish. No lecturer. Why did he(mr. pychiatrist) have to bunk(i know he bunked coz i spotted him in the hospital later that day) today?? Couldnt he inform before that he´s not gonna come. Such a waste!!

Forget that.. Hurry up. No time. Xorkes read something. Caught a friend and started learning the basics for the end postings. Perfect thing to do than sit n read the never-ending book.

Landed in the hospital at 9. Spoke to my patient for hardly 5 minutes and hellloooooo.. why did they have to show up then only?? They - refers to 5th Unit of Medicine.. Aaaah.. the kick in the teeth, Mr. HOD of Unit 5(under whom the patient has been admitted) gathers the interns all around the patients bed and starts grilling them.. Be patient Xorkes. He´ll go to the next bed soon.. Does he??? NOOOOOO. Stands there for one hour. Statue!! lol. Thanks to timely and graceful assistance by my batchmates (thankfully, they were free.. they had finished their end postings yesterday), i somehow managed to complete my case(Ascites) and also analysed the most likely questions.

Bang bang!! Hurry, head to the P.G. block - seminar room.. And whats this? The viva had already begun.. One down, two down 3-4-5.. Ahem, enter the chamber.... questions fired, answers given.. few bouncers.. and then exit. Oooof! Back to seminar room RELIEVED.
Batchmates asked, what happened?? Broad smile.. Turns into a laughter. "It was better than expected". Gooood!
I´m done with 8th term Medicine Postings.. hehe.. Its gonna be Surgery postings from monday.. I truly miss the OT, the sight of blood, the smell of cautery. ;) Cant wait.. Come monday. come soon!!
Had to return to college for medicine lecture at 12. Was late for class again but this time not due to procrastination but genuinely due to viva. No-no-no..dont temme.. He´s teaching ascites. Hey, she asked me this. she asked me that.. lol!! oh so these were the answers for the bouncers. No problemo. Agree, they were tough! And then someone passed me a chocolate to which the stomach cried,"ting-tong hungry ting-tong" Couldnt concentrate after that. Was not in the mood to write notes. Suddenly, someone screamt loud enough for the whole class to localize who it was but the lecturer behaved as though he couldnt hear. Then many more joined in... pleading, "ĂȘnough sir" to which he skipped through many slides, took attendance and left us to fend for ourselves.

Landed home at 2. Lunch. Slept off and got up just now.. Wait.. did i hear a thunder?? One minute.. hey yes!! :) :)

Yipeeee.. its raining outside. I love the smell of wet mud! tin tin tin tin.. It was filthy hot in the morning and now its coooooool.. yipeee yipee yay yay!!!
All-in-all a great day!! yooooooooohooo!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 10, 2008

I dunno how ppl listen to "Mr Athletic´s" ortho lecture.. Sooooooooooo slooooooowwwwwwwwwww!! I tried twice to sit and concentrate.. atleast listen to what he was yapping.. The next minute, i found someone pinching me, Attendance.. get up!!
His lecture is a contrast to his clinical teaching.. Shocked - is the word.. I can never forget the first ortho end postings. He asked simple things n none of us could demonstrate even the simplest of actions of the major muscles. Embarrassing! Basically, he wanted to prove his authority because we hardly went to his chamber during postings but rushed to new-bee(who lays emphasis on basics n no hi-fi bouncers)
Mr mushroom-cut is also nice(always stuck to x-rays). Basically unit 2 dept is good.. And the hod is awesome.. Will write bout him some other time coz he's a true sample and deserves a detailed "post"!
Got a seminar tomorrow on Hemophilia. Good! Thats a small topic. Havent prepared the ohp's.. Will do that in class 2row. Gotta answer Bubbly Doc's epilepsy questions too..
Tomorrow - Buseeee day . Yipeee :-) :-)

Sports day

Woke up late.. Thought of not attendin. Who wants to run in that maddenin heat? And then my friend calls, "Juniors are bagging all the prizes. Enough of sleeping. Lets run."
"ooof.. :-( let me sleep.. Please!"
"shut up! Get ready n come to the ground" :-(
managed to reach the ground by 12.30.. Holla! So many ppl.. Staff running all around.. Fun!
Long jump - no prize.. 100 metres- horrible.4th place :-( no problem, keep trying..
And then, the cards turned.. Our batch bagged 1st in shotput, javelin throw, high jump. Ah high jump(tried first time in life, and whoops got 2nd place. Couldn stop laughing) twisted ankle while trying to cross-over d stupid rod.. This irritating ligament has always been a pain. Be it badminton or whatever. Its jinxed! Gotta keep it craped for 4 weeks.
couldnt run for the 200m, 400m track events :-(
Rested and ran for the relay.. Yipee we won again.. 2nd time. Our team for relay is fantastic.. No doubt!?
All's well when it ends well.. What say?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Panda!

I was patiently sitting n waiting for him to start his lecture.. hmmm.. New HOD of OBG eh?? I´d heard that the ex- Mrs HOD was an excellent teacher and favoured her students a lot.. Sad! She had to retire when we landed up in the final year. All i wished that the New one wouldnt be a dissapointment..
Ppl around me kept buzzing that he was the brother of famous cardiosurgeon "D"Shetty.. Bzzzzz.. bzzzz.. come on start teaching!!

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!! WOW!! He´s so energetic.. And whats that air-boxing?? So very active..Wait he resembles someone! hmmm. hmmm.. yes. an animal..that too one of my favourites. The PANDA.. ding-ding-ding..

He´s DYNAMIC.. Full of beans.. I´m impressed. And the way he kept comparing medical techiques in India n UK.. hehehehe!! Eh boss, aap India mein ho!! And he went on n on.. One hour lecture wasnt enough for him.. Suddenly, the rats (i´d been trying to control my hunger.. damn these continous lectures without any break) transformed into horses and started galloping in my stomach. Couldnt take it anymore. Looked around.. oops.. my benchmates had slept off.. ppl in front of me were cursing him. Finally someone screamt, ENOUGH!!! lol.. Finally, the class ended half hour later.. He taught for almost 2 hours bouncing all around.. Yo.. Animated Panda!!

Today, not even half the class attended his lecture. I liked his gradual transformation from animated panda to aggressive speaker(i was in splits during the air boxing session, the way he spoke bout indian politics, corruption) to seminar jacker(guarantee he´s gonna flunk us. he seems to disagree bout everything thats mentioned in the OBG text-book. i reckon, u write one text-book, according to ur Indian/UK Standards ah!!) Overall, i enjoyed his class. Waiting for more n more!!! :) :)