Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Panda!

I was patiently sitting n waiting for him to start his lecture.. hmmm.. New HOD of OBG eh?? I´d heard that the ex- Mrs HOD was an excellent teacher and favoured her students a lot.. Sad! She had to retire when we landed up in the final year. All i wished that the New one wouldnt be a dissapointment..
Ppl around me kept buzzing that he was the brother of famous cardiosurgeon "D"Shetty.. Bzzzzz.. bzzzz.. come on start teaching!!

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!! WOW!! He´s so energetic.. And whats that air-boxing?? So very active..Wait he resembles someone! hmmm. hmmm.. yes. an animal..that too one of my favourites. The PANDA.. ding-ding-ding..

He´s DYNAMIC.. Full of beans.. I´m impressed. And the way he kept comparing medical techiques in India n UK.. hehehehe!! Eh boss, aap India mein ho!! And he went on n on.. One hour lecture wasnt enough for him.. Suddenly, the rats (i´d been trying to control my hunger.. damn these continous lectures without any break) transformed into horses and started galloping in my stomach. Couldnt take it anymore. Looked around.. oops.. my benchmates had slept off.. ppl in front of me were cursing him. Finally someone screamt, ENOUGH!!! lol.. Finally, the class ended half hour later.. He taught for almost 2 hours bouncing all around.. Yo.. Animated Panda!!

Today, not even half the class attended his lecture. I liked his gradual transformation from animated panda to aggressive speaker(i was in splits during the air boxing session, the way he spoke bout indian politics, corruption) to seminar jacker(guarantee he´s gonna flunk us. he seems to disagree bout everything thats mentioned in the OBG text-book. i reckon, u write one text-book, according to ur Indian/UK Standards ah!!) Overall, i enjoyed his class. Waiting for more n more!!! :) :)


  1. Haha!

    You're writing style is very energetic, very expressive!
    I like it.

    Funny, na, how the worst things seem to happen only to your batch?

    My batch at IITB is seriously one of the most unluckiest batches of all time!

    Mr. Panda reminds me of a similar creature over here. He purposefully spoke in accent and used to keep bouncing up and down with fake enthusiasm. It's not as if he knew much about the subject, but he acted like he was God.

    Well, atleast Mr. Panda has dropped it. About the comparing to UK thing, I won't have a problem unless he preaches it and yet doesn't practice what he says. I mean, the best way to influence someone (especially students) is to be what you want others to be.

    Well, I hope he doesn't fail too many people!

    Keep having fun!

  2. hey nice writing.. and thanks for your comment, :)

  3. Looks like ur teacher is creating problems for you eh !

    Nice writing.

    Did u come across my blogs through any of the Orkut communities? Just eager to know....

    And yes thanks for the comment....

    I will check for regular updates on your blogs...pls do the same for me too...

  4. lolz!
    nice one...reminds me of my microprocessor prof...damn energetic...full of knowledge though!
    carry on blogging!

  5. Thank you for dropping by Amethyst Haze.

    You have a very lucid and vibrant style of putting words across!


  6. hey thx for ur comment
    and hey everyone has this peculiar creature in his college faculty
    but hey u got a zany imagination i mean PANDA !!!
    dat was hillarious trust me i never looked at any of my profs as panda
    me a newbie here just started bloggin
    hope to c u around

  7. Thanks Xorkes!
    Whats ur name and how did u come to know abt my blog?

  8. Whoa ..
    you got an impressive writing skill. well i am new to blog world.. but liked the way u left the comment... keep posting Happy blogs..
    And thats not too much of degrees its just that i want to study all possible things..
    So u a doctor ?
    Which faculty..?
    Bye tc

  9. @prashanth,tip,nits, quaint,paranoid,vimal,omi:
    thank you! :)


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