Monday, March 31, 2008

Rain - mocked!

I´m already missing the rains. It hardly rained for 5 absolutely wonderful days and then tey tey foooooooooooos.. :( :( not fair! Its been a week since u last poured.. You cant do this. Why do u have to tempt Poor-Innocent(hehehe) people like me when you have no plans to pour properly. Your parents(the clouds) stopped crying so soon eh? Name that spoilsport who wiped off their tears. I´ll whippppppp that freakkkk.. U parsimonious stingy meano... I had just started enjoying your presence and now u wanna torment me with your absence. boohooo hooohoooo.. :(

Its Burrrrrrrning hot again. Unbearable! And to add to it the horrible humidity.. ouch!! Actually, i shouldnt be expecting rains. Realisation strikes - there´s still oodles of time left! Rule - Bear it all the while!

Come on Xorkes, accept it, its summer and there´s two more months of heat to endure.. :( yeah yeah, i know.. i´ll twiddle my thumb till then !! :)


  1. xorkes..did it really rained here.....

  2. I love summers!
    There's brightness all around, trees blossom up, everything looks so fresh!

    Plus, I have summer vacations, and my birthday :P

    Rain rain go away, I'll say!
    Don't let little Xorkes play
    Alok's birthday comes in May
    and he wants things bright and gay (oops! not wo waala gay)

    ( I know I suck at poetry, but this was instinctive) hehe

  3. hey y do u want those rains??....they bring so much gloominess with them!...summer's better....its vacation time after all!..:)

  4. @Pj:
    aww! The vacations.. School times yes but not anymore :-(
    i disagree.. rainy season is Not gloomy Ok.. Its wonderful n exciting!

  5. @alok:
    short n neat poem.. lol
    bday excuse huh.. mine -- rainy months ;-)
    i think nature is at its best display during the rains :-)

  6. I too love rains especially of mumbai

  7. Well u must be surprising..but i love summer!!!
    i donno why..but i love it...probably still used to those summer vacations we had in schools!

  8. hey,thanks a lot for leaving a comment on my write really well!!

  9. WOW!!! You actually talked to them yaar... good good. convey my message to them to pour sooner thy can!!
    And by the way,
    how would adding an "i" at he end of that drawing of mine would have made a difference??

  10. i love the rains too but certainly not in a city !!!!
    tho i still remember the rains from the window of my house .. we had this hill kinda thing behind our apartment and there was a tar road on the same level .. when ever it used to rain i used to sit there and c the waves moving uphill on the road ... i miss my old apartment !!!!!
    tho there are many more amazing rains that i remember and cherish and then there are those terrible downpours which give me the shudders !!!!
    but i'll tell u about them sum other time .. for while suffer with us !!!!!

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  12. am I dreaming?
    or did you just say you liked the rain here
    hasnt the last year of the wetness have any effect on you? damn the dirty labcoats!
    youre a rarity!

  13. Seems like you've been twiddling your thumbs for too long...

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  15. @deluded:
    d dirty labcoats can always be washed.. mr hygienic!! lol

  16. @niyati:
    adding an 'i' - my name!!

  17. @nutee´s:
    ya m enjoying the suffering(read d sarcasm):(

  18. @alok:
    i´ve taken a break. thumbs hurting ;)

  19. Oh joy! A fellow-rain lover :D! People who hate the rains are STOOOPID (no offence :P)..
    I mean.. The rains are so damn beautiful.. I'd do anything to make it rain! Even all that voodoo crap.. trust me, I'm that desperate for rains!
    God! The rains have so many memories! Oh my! RAIN RAIN COME RIGHT NOW! Boo :P

  20. P.S.: I like your blog.. It's very readable :)

  21. @ethereal_princess:
    thank u :-)


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