Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hey my results were declared few days back... And guess whatt?? i got 1st class yohooooooo.. I´m happy, thrilled, excited, ummmm.. lacking words actually.. hehehe.. tin tin tin tin :)
I wanna thank God, family n all my friends and ofcourse the lecturers who helped each n everyone of us during practical exams, viva :) :) Gosh, how much we irritated them.. Sir/Mam, what case? Whats d answer to this, how bout that.. lol.. Solid patience ah they had! They politely replied to all our doubts and last min questions(just before entering the chamber for viva)
It also makes me wonder, have i actually learnt to endure with fortitude? hmmm.. dunno.. i guess so, maybe true. Maybe not!! :) :)


  1. Congo dear!!! Did a great job with the exams!! Get going...

  2. --
    may i know your name? or shall i be using xorkes... which sounds like an infection..


  3. wowwwwwww...... u read my blog n commented n thus i came across ure blog.... but my goodness..... u r jus hilllarious.... u write gr8 man... i feel i did better start readin ure blog instead of novels n watchin shinchan :)..... gr8 i like ure stuff n must say u live life king size types which i jus love n best part is when u can express :-).... ya congrats for ure success n may u continue d same....

  4. congo!!!
    so i know who will treat me in future...hardwrking doc!! =)

  5. Congrat ....
    so shud i b looking forward to making u my doc ???
    i really hope u become a venerealogist

  6. @niyati, nirmal, foram, neha:
    hey thanks! :-) :-)

  7. @nutees:
    umm.. Thats so boring! ;-)

  8. and partner both r good.....
    but not together,,he he...

  9. Congrats!!!

    Well, whether we actually admit it or not, we learn something from everything. So, cheers!

  10. so you're like a genius!!! Med student right? got that from your profile. Damn cool! never ever achieved a first class..... except in grade 1... haha


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