Thursday, September 18, 2008

Straighten hair?? No thanks!

There´s this craze which has been going on in college to straighten their hair for the past 5 years. i wish i could get their pictures and post it online but my friends would kill me.
it looks good when its straight. u know the real straight kinds. but once ur hair starts growing. wow! its worth a watch! i really cant stop laughing.
especially at those girls with naturally curly hairs who spent crap for this unfortunate muddle. creeps, its so funny when the hair grows.There´s this waviness-- i mean curly hair-- fullstop-- and then boom boom.. it suddenly continues to be straight. And when they leave their hair.. flippendo! what a sight! ditch it.. it stands like a sea with rushing waves followed by a calm river. do u call that beautiful?? what in the world is wrong with u? Its looks shambolic and scrappy. dirteeeee...
look at the amount of hair u have lost by going for this crap! come on, accept it.. ur going bonkers and bald? do u still like it?? And the best part is, the sufferers want their friends to go for this straightening thing too. When u fall in trouble, get a gang to give u company.. hehehe!! No thanks.

After a long long time!

Whooooops.. Here i go again!!

Once upon a time in the land of "developing country", there lived a girl named Xorkes. Ppl asked her what her name meant and she always said that she dint kno. She was this 'one of a kind' character.. hehehe!

Yup, what else?? Hmmm.. ok.. lets continue this stuff.

Well, she was addicted to internet. yep -- she certainly was!
And spent most of her free time sleeping, mailing friends, blogging and commenting on others blogs.
So, her routine was
Get up..go to college..return online..mail/blog..sleep again..get again..getup..go to college and so on..
So, one day when Xorkes had nothing to do. (just like most of the days) she decided to give it a break. She stayed away from internet for 2 months. Tough-really tough!
Hmmm.. what did she do then?
Well, she opened her books and started educating herself or rather making herself aware of the professional aspect of her life. So, she read when she was supposed to be online. But she also slept Extra-time when she was supposed to be reading. So, all in all she hardly read and spent most of her days snoring. Days turned into weeks and then into months. What did she gain? Helllooooo..she put on some weight! whooops, yip yip yay! And now she´s happy and back to blogging.
Hey come on, ENCORE!!! :)