Monday, February 25, 2008

Doubles - We WON!

Hey i lost the singles match.. Hehehe.. The only reason - nothing but overload of overconfidence. And whats the call - "Foolish Xorkes" u rightly deserve it. :-) Very good.. For once u'll use ur brains and not emotions while playing with ur friend as an opponent. I'm so disappointed :-(

And doubles- yep, my good friend and i won it.. Yipee! Finally, after placing 'third' 2 years back, and 'second' last year, we finally won the championship this year. Yipeee! I'm happy :-)

And my doubles partner got 2nd in singles.. I'm happy for her too.. She played really good.. Nice :-)

In Doubles(men), our batch bagged the second place.. :-)

Now its kinda mixed emotions. I'm actually confused.. Hehehe!

Wait... Oye hellooo..there's more. From wednesday, its fun-time in college. Loads of events to participate in for 6 wonderful days. And we "final years" gotta win the championship here too..

Come on ppl, participate in all coz this is the last time.. Enjoy to d fullest.. Yipee yipee yay yay!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Holding the raquet today(after a year) made me feel a year older. Ah come on, i know, everyone's gonna be old one day or the other. But i dint expect things to happen so soon. I feel not just a year older but almost 30 years..Flip, there was simply no stamina and most importantly No Effort.. Forget, full court.. Couldn even manage half court. Not even the short-service block.. Could tease no more like i used to with the drop-shots at the net. Thats the only thing, i was good at. And now, i'm not even capable of that. I feel like a loser and my muscles hurt. Hamstrings, calf, deltoid and brachioradialis everythin hurts.(i kinda like that pain though) Fell twice.. Hehehe.. Thankfully, no elbow dislocation n no leg sprains(i've lost count of d no. of ankle sprains.. Even the ankle has decided to show off by being permanently swollen 24/7 foolish ankle!) And how many times, i gifted points to d opponents by either hittin outside or not attemptin to pick up the smashes(at all).
Got badminton tournament on saturday. Lack of practice n old age. How am i gonna cope up? I cant even back off n not participate (others will kill me). Gosh, i cant stand losing to a junior. God, i want my old stamina-form back. And that too soon.. Just two more days to go. Gotta give it my best shot. :-)
Ah, another popat of the day. My medicine case presentation.. Horrible! Utter rubbish. I'm surprised, Mr "Bubbly doc" dint lose his temper. He asked me to learn the systemic examination format properly and again present the same case on Saturday. Hmmm.. I hope i do it well or else this time he'll surely slap me.
So, that leaves me with 2 challenges for saturday. Ah i love it! Something exciting has finally fallen into my hands. And time to utilize my hibernating brains.. Wake up Xorkes. Oye sleeping brains, u too get up.. :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a WASTE!

Slept late yesterday night(4 due to nothing but insomnia) and got up early in the morning at 7, to attend the first hour lecture at 8. what a waste!! It was the HOD´s class (medicine).. He comes 5 min early and expects everyone to do the same. So if ur on time (ie at 8), then according to him, ur late.. and then he shuts the door at 8.05. Utter Nonsense! And what does he teach?? lolz.. Nothing. Shows off his supremacy! And cracks Pj´s for which even Ms V YttehS(she is d one who first laughs at Pj´s) doesnt laugh.

Today´s medicine posting was boring. No one turned up for the rounds n also for the case presentation. No one even took attendance. What a waste! But did manage to discuss a few things. Ah hepato-encephalopathy. That reminds me of the ill-effects of alcohol! How many times should i tell u, stop drinking. No self-control?? ;) ;)

The Son of Prof Emeritus is supposed to be very strict. A man of principles, it seems. As if medicine unit wasnt enough that we gotta be tortured in surgery too.. :-(
Had his lecture in the afternoon. Phimosis..Para-phim.. blah blah.. The previous day, Dr I-dont-know-anything Surgeon (or rather call him Dr "i-love-chopping-the femoral artery" took class on the same topic). Ho kya raha hain?? Everyone wants to teach the same topic. hmmm.. never mind! Ya, but the Son wasnt that strict as people proclaimed him to be. Reminded a lot of his father. The manner of teaching-standing-talking. So much of resemblance. Aaah! That reminds me of genetics. naaah.. let me not state anything further but end it here. He also dint bother bout attendance. What a waste!
All-in-all, i simply went to college today. Instead, would have slept peacefully. Seriously, such a WASTE!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 17th, 2008

Have always been interested in surgery postings coz i loved being in the OT.. firstly, the AC.. ;-) the sight of blood.. the smell of cauterization.. :) :) Its just so happening unlike medicine postings.

The HOD of medicine. do i have to mention bout him? aaaaaaaargh! He sticks to only one topic n goes on on .. beats around the bush rather. never proceeds further. And throws round his attitude, "look i am the boss, do as i say. or else i´ll check you out in the final year" I have lost count of the number of times he´s taught us motor examination.. Inspite of that, i dunno how to do handle a CNS case. Am still (embarrassed to say this but yet gotta admit)unable to differentiate the systolic-diastiolic murmurs. Respiratory System has always been the strongest topic from day one of postings. Be it in the unit of Army man ( how unfortunate peterpan had to leave.. thanks to him i know basics in medicine) or the HOD. I´ve managed to clear the exams thanks to the respiratory cases. And again it added up as an advantage during community medicine viva!

Volte-face, UUUUUUUUU-turn.. hehehe.. i like medicine postings nowadays..yipeeee yay yay! Its awesome. Thanks to Unit 4.. Hey fabolous teaching. I disagree with all those who say that "Bubbly Doc" doesnt teach well. I think u´ve lost it! There´s no one like him. So much of energy and how intelligent! He covers the whole topic and discusses each and everything bout the case, rather than sticking to one stupid topic n digging round ( that reminds me of a mongoose digging around hundred holes for the purpose of underground ´secret´ travelling!)How can i forget Mrs Doc.. she´s also fine. She makes it a point that atleast something bout the subject enters and remains in ur deficient head! She makes everything seem so simple, interesting and easy.

Hey her husband´s lecture is also wonderful! One of those rare classes where i make it a point to write notes! Thanks for letting students enter whenever they want to ;-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Practicals n viva finitho

Chingari koi bhadke... toh saavan lala..lalala..
For donkey years, this song has been popping in and out of my head. not really, actually it started off in the morning n its going on n on like a stuck-up tape recorder. the same line repeats.
Anyways, i´m done with the practical exams n viva finaleee. Of all the viva... so far, the one with the sikkim bloke today has definitely etched a place in my weak memory!
I laugh recollecting the first question he asked one of my batchmates.
sikkim: do u smoke?
batchmate: NO
sikkim: but when u entered the room i could smell cigarette.
batchmate: someone in ur department must hv smoked.. hehehe! n then uski bolti bandh!
Must say, i kinda enjoyed his viva, rather the spat... Funny debate regarding family planning where we both wanted to prove ourselves right. Neither wanted to give up (egos clashing hehe). Tried taking out all the KHUNAS(hehehe) but eventually landed up raising my voice , losing my patience. Wanted to give him one tight whack! Failed to shut his mouth though. He had all the possible smartest and silliest assumptions. I wished to continue with the squabble further but had to intentionally surrender and shut up! Coz in the end, the viva marks mattered.. :-( So, sikkim won the war this time. Aaaargh.. U just wait, i´m coming back to level the score. See u in Internship!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 5th, 2008

What should i say? Got up early today too.. but landed late for the Surgery lecture. (dunno how or else i surely would have been on time).. yeah, 20 minutes late.. attendance was taken n proxy was given. So headed straight for the Library. Spotted many juniors who were busy preparing for the pathology exam to be held an hour later. Hinted few predictable questions.
After all the HOD sets the question paper. Ah, he´s wonderful! On the day of d exam, he wakes up - tubelight! Flash-flash.. Before that he is in a state of amnesia. not really..actually too busy with biopsies(path is the busiest department in hospital). Well, he´s been a great HOD for us. donated loads of marks thru internals. Not surprising, he prepares the question paper an hour before the exam. thats pretty obvious on having a quick look at the paper. Questions scribbled here and there with the ´N´ cancellations.
Pleased that many of the questions came for d juni's.
Next destination - opthal lab at 10 am to have a look at the surgical instruments. could recollect the names of many! good.
The afternoon ENT class was fantastic. Very well taught! actually, yesterday´s ENT revision class was also good.
Ahoooooo.. those were the last ENT lectures. Bye bye! Cia during internship :)

This is what happens!

Thinking about the title? whattt?? here it goes..
I got up late. yet, hurried to col skipping delicious breakfast just to be on time for the first hour. half-way through i called up my friend to confirm the practical revision timings and she said, "morning lectures have been cancelled for today. and revision gonna be at 1pm".. :( Couldnt they inform before?? aaaargh!
Tra la la la.. so , i returned home heartily for a heavy breakfast and wonderful nap! :)
Whenever i want to be on time for something. Either the program gets cancelled. or else i land up late. This is exactly what happens!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gotta get up early tomorrow!

Tomorrow the final year starts.. thats such a relief! i´ve been waiting for this since real long.. 4 years just waitin n waitin.. n finally here it is..
hmmm.. so i´ve gotta get up early in the morning n be on time for the first lecture. (let me try leading a normal students life) i just hope i can do it. i know i havent done it before but tomorrow surely will TRY! yep, so that means i gotta sleep bit early..
off i go to hit the bed..
Hopefully this will be a Goooood last year(i mean students life re baba)! blah blah.. lets c what happens.. :)