Thursday, February 21, 2008


Holding the raquet today(after a year) made me feel a year older. Ah come on, i know, everyone's gonna be old one day or the other. But i dint expect things to happen so soon. I feel not just a year older but almost 30 years..Flip, there was simply no stamina and most importantly No Effort.. Forget, full court.. Couldn even manage half court. Not even the short-service block.. Could tease no more like i used to with the drop-shots at the net. Thats the only thing, i was good at. And now, i'm not even capable of that. I feel like a loser and my muscles hurt. Hamstrings, calf, deltoid and brachioradialis everythin hurts.(i kinda like that pain though) Fell twice.. Hehehe.. Thankfully, no elbow dislocation n no leg sprains(i've lost count of d no. of ankle sprains.. Even the ankle has decided to show off by being permanently swollen 24/7 foolish ankle!) And how many times, i gifted points to d opponents by either hittin outside or not attemptin to pick up the smashes(at all).
Got badminton tournament on saturday. Lack of practice n old age. How am i gonna cope up? I cant even back off n not participate (others will kill me). Gosh, i cant stand losing to a junior. God, i want my old stamina-form back. And that too soon.. Just two more days to go. Gotta give it my best shot. :-)
Ah, another popat of the day. My medicine case presentation.. Horrible! Utter rubbish. I'm surprised, Mr "Bubbly doc" dint lose his temper. He asked me to learn the systemic examination format properly and again present the same case on Saturday. Hmmm.. I hope i do it well or else this time he'll surely slap me.
So, that leaves me with 2 challenges for saturday. Ah i love it! Something exciting has finally fallen into my hands. And time to utilize my hibernating brains.. Wake up Xorkes. Oye sleeping brains, u too get up.. :-)


  1. Oh! u play badminton also?? i thought you only give sarcastic comments...

  2. @hitesh:
    well, thats another tp

  3. hey coool...u play batminton...i luv d sport n i used to play too....but i'm in d same condition as u coz i too hav sum matches coming up n i'll be playing after 2-3 yrs...high5 sis...lolz....neways nice post ;).

  4. I felt the same way when I played with my kid sister (she goes for professional coaching now and can hammer me any old time). Gosh, I get tired after about 10 minutes of playing. I played with one married lady in her society and even she had more stamina...such things get you down...

  5. @nim; tasha:
    hey thanks 4 checking!

  6. You scare me!!
    You're just about to leave college and you feel that you're old!
    I've stopped outdoor exercises since 2 years (I know, it's bad, but I'm not made for exercise), and I do feel tired and out of breath when heavy work is required of me, but gosh, I never think of myself being old!

    Nice blog you have here. It leaves someone like me totally confused when you speak about your varied departments and topics of study. But yes, the character descriptions, I like them! I do that a lot of time.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  7. Getting back to badminton, feeling a year old is going to be the least of your worries...believe me!!!! hahahahaha
    i've been there, done that, i know how you feel!
    medicine just doest leave you with the time or spirit to do what you actually love.

  8. @alok:
    actually, its not d age dats bothering me. but the deteriorating stamina - dats unnerving! :(

  9. @porus:
    i absolutely agree with u!
    most importantly, medicine has taught us to welcome with open hands d unexpected.. lolz


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