Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 5th, 2008

What should i say? Got up early today too.. but landed late for the Surgery lecture. (dunno how or else i surely would have been on time).. yeah, 20 minutes late.. attendance was taken n proxy was given. So headed straight for the Library. Spotted many juniors who were busy preparing for the pathology exam to be held an hour later. Hinted few predictable questions.
After all the HOD sets the question paper. Ah, he´s wonderful! On the day of d exam, he wakes up - tubelight! Flash-flash.. Before that he is in a state of amnesia. not really..actually too busy with biopsies(path is the busiest department in hospital). Well, he´s been a great HOD for us. donated loads of marks thru internals. Not surprising, he prepares the question paper an hour before the exam. thats pretty obvious on having a quick look at the paper. Questions scribbled here and there with the ´N´ cancellations.
Pleased that many of the questions came for d juni's.
Next destination - opthal lab at 10 am to have a look at the surgical instruments. could recollect the names of many! good.
The afternoon ENT class was fantastic. Very well taught! actually, yesterday´s ENT revision class was also good.
Ahoooooo.. those were the last ENT lectures. Bye bye! Cia during internship :)


  1. I wish my exams were like that... :(

  2. Hi Xores.. Cud u please tel me your name! This comment has nothing to do wid ur blog and I'm sorry this was the only way to contact u!
    Loved ur comments n yeah that doggie is quite healthier than that cowardly dog cartoon! Besides, I've begun feeding him milk with ghee, roti n cheeni as a part of his health improvement programme!
    Lastly, pardon me for a late response but going pretty busy these days! Keep writing as wll as responding!
    Love, nitz

  3. well i hope i wont sound too cocky if i say that i expected that [ :? ] reply to my comment but u really did make me laugh ....
    how u always blame situations when u shud rather b lookign for solutions within urself...... by u i mean U,me, all of us ......


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