Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is what happens!

Thinking about the title? whattt?? here it goes..
I got up late. yet, hurried to col skipping delicious breakfast just to be on time for the first hour. half-way through i called up my friend to confirm the practical revision timings and she said, "morning lectures have been cancelled for today. and revision gonna be at 1pm".. :( Couldnt they inform before?? aaaargh!
Tra la la la.. so , i returned home heartily for a heavy breakfast and wonderful nap! :)
Whenever i want to be on time for something. Either the program gets cancelled. or else i land up late. This is exactly what happens!


  1. Join the cult!!
    past four yrs of college i never reached on time!!
    n we had a system that the gates would shut for an hr, so u loose attendance!! i would be waiting out on most of my mornings, be awake in the night n then again same thing.. reaching on time was an event for me!!!

  2. @scribbler:
    I wish to change that.. Trying to.. But, the history repeats again n again.. Lol

  3. I wish IIT had these kind of days...
    Oh well.

  4. @alok:
    its just the beginning of sem. thats y.. otherwise hardly such tp


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