Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a WASTE!

Slept late yesterday night(4 due to nothing but insomnia) and got up early in the morning at 7, to attend the first hour lecture at 8. what a waste!! It was the HOD´s class (medicine).. He comes 5 min early and expects everyone to do the same. So if ur on time (ie at 8), then according to him, ur late.. and then he shuts the door at 8.05. Utter Nonsense! And what does he teach?? lolz.. Nothing. Shows off his supremacy! And cracks Pj´s for which even Ms V YttehS(she is d one who first laughs at Pj´s) doesnt laugh.

Today´s medicine posting was boring. No one turned up for the rounds n also for the case presentation. No one even took attendance. What a waste! But did manage to discuss a few things. Ah hepato-encephalopathy. That reminds me of the ill-effects of alcohol! How many times should i tell u, stop drinking. No self-control?? ;) ;)

The Son of Prof Emeritus is supposed to be very strict. A man of principles, it seems. As if medicine unit wasnt enough that we gotta be tortured in surgery too.. :-(
Had his lecture in the afternoon. Phimosis..Para-phim.. blah blah.. The previous day, Dr I-dont-know-anything Surgeon (or rather call him Dr "i-love-chopping-the femoral artery" took class on the same topic). Ho kya raha hain?? Everyone wants to teach the same topic. hmmm.. never mind! Ya, but the Son wasnt that strict as people proclaimed him to be. Reminded a lot of his father. The manner of teaching-standing-talking. So much of resemblance. Aaah! That reminds me of genetics. naaah.. let me not state anything further but end it here. He also dint bother bout attendance. What a waste!
All-in-all, i simply went to college today. Instead, would have slept peacefully. Seriously, such a WASTE!


  1. i can empathise with u...same things have happened to me a no. of times....nd i feel like yelling!!!!...i mean i get up at 5 in the morning nd go to clg just to see that there are no lecs....duh!!!!
    btw u know wat..i too was infatuated by medicine..wanted to become a doc...but thankgod i came back to my senses on time!!!heehee

  2. haha....attendance is all that ppl care about!!....lectures??....who understands what they teach in those lectures anyway??!!...its sounds something like "blah blah blah"!...;)

  3. my sincere sympathies.. btw why the same post twice?

  4. @neha:
    hey m still infatuated wit medicine :-)
    i h8 getn up 4 nothing early in d mornin. There should be something good to look forward too.. Right?

  5. @pj:
    depends on wat kinda lec it is. N yes, if i were to attend, then attendance is a must.. Hehehe. Otherwise, no prob ;-)

  6. But your blog seems to indicate that you like studying in your college.
    Then why the regrets?

    Also, (this is a random comment) it seems like your college has an abundance of professors who share relationships.. Ye kya chal raha hai?

  7. @alok:
    attending col for nothing. getting up early in d morning :( --- i regret!
    professors sharing relationship?? :-??

  8. Dear Xorkes .....
    lemme start off by thanking u for providing me sum inspiration to rite my last blog ( a topic we'll discuss a little later )
    by criticising drinkin u flatter to decieve me ... i thought u were one of the ery few docs who cud understand the human socio-psychology .... no one gives a damn about " WHTEVER-IT-IS-Called" disease ... nor do they booze for the very pragmatic objective of getting high ..... there is more to it than meets the eye ....

  9. @acquired identity:
    whooops inspiration??? thunkyooo.. :)


    NICE post ya!! yu just replicate your thots exactly in the blog that just gives the readers the feel that they are going thru



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