Monday, February 25, 2008

Doubles - We WON!

Hey i lost the singles match.. Hehehe.. The only reason - nothing but overload of overconfidence. And whats the call - "Foolish Xorkes" u rightly deserve it. :-) Very good.. For once u'll use ur brains and not emotions while playing with ur friend as an opponent. I'm so disappointed :-(

And doubles- yep, my good friend and i won it.. Yipee! Finally, after placing 'third' 2 years back, and 'second' last year, we finally won the championship this year. Yipeee! I'm happy :-)

And my doubles partner got 2nd in singles.. I'm happy for her too.. She played really good.. Nice :-)

In Doubles(men), our batch bagged the second place.. :-)

Now its kinda mixed emotions. I'm actually confused.. Hehehe!

Wait... Oye hellooo..there's more. From wednesday, its fun-time in college. Loads of events to participate in for 6 wonderful days. And we "final years" gotta win the championship here too..

Come on ppl, participate in all coz this is the last time.. Enjoy to d fullest.. Yipee yipee yay yay!


  1. Congrats!

    And enjoy your College Fest!

  2. nice comments.. and i am definately a notcturnal insomniac.. :)
    Btw, ur blog has a striking resemblance with mine. And u being a med student and a tennis fanatic like me, call that a coincidence.. the plot for my next post is riiieete here...

  3. @dhrizz:
    hey i´ve updated the blog kshemadaily.. check it in my profile n join!! i´ve sent u a request.

  4. My dear xorkes ....
    i'd like to congratulate u ....

  5. wow you are pretty good yourself too..tahnks for the complement...keep reading, keep it fresh, keep blogging and keep commenting :)

  6. @identity, blah-blah, tasha:
    thank youuuuuu!! :)


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