Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Practicals n viva finitho

Chingari koi bhadke... toh saavan lala..lalala..
For donkey years, this song has been popping in and out of my head. not really, actually it started off in the morning n its going on n on like a stuck-up tape recorder. the same line repeats.
Anyways, i´m done with the practical exams n viva finaleee. Of all the viva... so far, the one with the sikkim bloke today has definitely etched a place in my weak memory!
I laugh recollecting the first question he asked one of my batchmates.
sikkim: do u smoke?
batchmate: NO
sikkim: but when u entered the room i could smell cigarette.
batchmate: someone in ur department must hv smoked.. hehehe! n then uski bolti bandh!
Must say, i kinda enjoyed his viva, rather the spat... Funny debate regarding family planning where we both wanted to prove ourselves right. Neither wanted to give up (egos clashing hehe). Tried taking out all the KHUNAS(hehehe) but eventually landed up raising my voice , losing my patience. Wanted to give him one tight whack! Failed to shut his mouth though. He had all the possible smartest and silliest assumptions. I wished to continue with the squabble further but had to intentionally surrender and shut up! Coz in the end, the viva marks mattered.. :-( So, sikkim won the war this time. Aaaargh.. U just wait, i´m coming back to level the score. See u in Internship!


  1. hey dere...nice one on ur viva stuff...i thought only i fought with my externals but yo!look we belong to the same brigade!!!..heehee :)

  2. hey

    thanks for visiting my site :)

    hehe you have an interesting blog.

  3. its ok....hey xorkes i really liked ur posts nd i am really looking forward for ur other posts...thus i have added u in my blogsite...i hope u dont mind.... :)
    will be waiting for ur reply!

  4. @neha:
    i dunno where to reply.. and whats ur blogsite. u dint comment thru ur id so tough to relate to.
    n hey thanks!!

  5. hmm...i'll give u my url....hehe ;)

  6. nice one. hey whats u r name u posted
    on my blog


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