Monday, February 4, 2008

Gotta get up early tomorrow!

Tomorrow the final year starts.. thats such a relief! i´ve been waiting for this since real long.. 4 years just waitin n waitin.. n finally here it is..
hmmm.. so i´ve gotta get up early in the morning n be on time for the first lecture. (let me try leading a normal students life) i just hope i can do it. i know i havent done it before but tomorrow surely will TRY! yep, so that means i gotta sleep bit early..
off i go to hit the bed..
Hopefully this will be a Goooood last year(i mean students life re baba)! blah blah.. lets c what happens.. :)


  1. I remember waking upto my last year it was great..... i was on a high of my himalayan trekk ...
    i had a nice girlfirend ..... i was all motivated about my campus interviews , getting a job and flying outta my parents nest .... it wa a whole new begining. But then like all the things we expect only a few materialize u'll realise it come the end of the year .... i know cause i m in the last 2 months of my college life ... and i m eagerl anticipating it to end .....
    anyway its a great experience ..... its more like an assurance of freedom

  2. Hey.. good to know that you are in your final yr. But you say it's a relief. Was it so tiresome and monotonous.. your previous 4 yrs? College life is probably one of the best phases in life. Thats how i see it. Once you start working you will realize that..

  3. @identity:
    dunno bout d freedom. but yes, im eager to practice all the theory knowledge!

  4. @vino:
    i say its a relief.. coz i m bored of the short hols..
    d 4 yrs monotonous? naaah.. there always somethin new everyday! tough to recollect nw. lol


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