Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its ok!

I know i should have written this earlier(couldnt due to the busy schedule - exams).. kinda tough to digest. Federer lost!! :(
And to add to it, that stupid electricity had to go during the match.. how can i forget? i m in heaven - mangalore lolz.. Though that does make me wonder, why is there no power on wednesdays? Wats so very special bout this day? Hmmm, guess mangaloreans could explain it better!
so what was i saying? umm ya, all i saw was the score 5-3 in the 1st first set. Later (after 3 hours.. thats when the power returned) when i checked, i realised he had succumbed to No.3!
Hmm. never mind though! We(federer fans) know u´ll be back with a bang!!
By the way, Djokovic that was a good play!
Waiting for the next event. Go fedex go!!


  1. this has got nothign to do with the post or anything ... but i just wanted to ask u what xorkes means ?? sounds like sum weird disease u docs like to scare mear mortals like us with ....

  2. i just went thru ur blog where u've compared mumbai and manglore .... its quite nice there are several interestin points u've made there
    1 the cast descrimination .... i know its rampant promblem but dont we do that ourself ??? i mean i remember looking down at the not so cool guys in my college and treating the cooler bunch like sour grapes ...... its just the same but with a little DESI variation.

    2 was bout the spirit of mumbai ... u c this point has got a lot to do with the earlier point u've made since mumbai is quite a metro i dont think we ever think " ok this guy looks like a gujju or maharashtrial " we dont give a hoot cause we all are so used to having ppl of various ethnic background ....
    there are still a couple of more points i'd like to make but i'd rather not sound too intrusive or verbose
    i've already ritten u 2 long comments filhal itna kafi hain .

  3. @identity:
    thank u!! xorkes means nothing.. its just a random word.

  4. Am a big fan of Fedex too!!! But if i had to choose anyone to beat the great swiss, it would have to be Djokovic.. I think he s the second most talented player among Men. Also its a wakeup call for Fedex, That his opponents are getting close to him.. I'am sure Fedex wil bounce back.. This is the 1st time he has lost a semifinal in 2yrs.. Thats an awesome record.. Lets celebrate that achievement instead of mulling over the loss..

  5. @vino:
    i agree with u.
    roger/nadal match on clay court - xcellent!
    i think nadal deserves the no.2
    there´s still time 4 djokovic.

  6. I'm in love with Federer. In my opinion, the best player the world has ever seen. He's pure poetry and grace in motion. There's no one else quite like him.

    You missed an absolutely divine match. And while I was sorry that Federer lost, I'm glad to know that the competition is alive and kicking. Wimbledon's coming up next and the Fed Express will just roll right on.

  7. And I do NOT like Nadal. Djokovic is much much better. If Nadal wasn't a lefty, he wouldn't be No 2. He has no imagination or game sense. All his game involves is hitting the ball as hard as possible. Not my idea of a good player.

  8. @gentle babe:
    hmmm.. Lefty? So wat? Cmon he does play well.. And his shots n service r pretty hard. Whoopseee.. Fun to watch them play.

  9. @ Xorkes: Exactly. That's all there is to him. Power. Yechhh. His matches never manage to interest me.


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