Monday, January 7, 2008

Is she hypermetropic??

Firstly ( for those who dont know),
Hypermetropia is a type of refractive error, wherein parallel rays of light coming from infinity are focussed behind the retina, with accomodation being at rest.
In simple words, inability to see near objects clearly. Thats it!! Naaa naa, its not the one you get when Ur OLD. Thats presbyopia.Well, i shall not deal with that here. You wanna know bout it? Try search engines. ;)

Hmmm.. now who´s SHE? She´s my CAT. Ya, u read it right! My Cat! Meow meow :)
Today, i gave her bread and realized that she couldnt see. She just kept licking blindly all over the place and then finally managed to locate the food and eat. Wierd!
So, i threw the piece of bread far and she ran towards the direction i threw, but again she wasn´t able to locate its position exactly. Somehow(dunno how) she managed to feed her stomach which is alwayyyyyyyyys craving for more and more food.
Hmmm. ok! That means,she can see things that are far-off but not the near ones.
Diagnosis on history: Hypermetropia.
Investigations: blah blah blah.. She wont sit in one place so forget it!
1) Spectacles - impossible
2) Contact lens - Naaaah
3)Surgical method: Hyperopik LASIK or Conductive Keratoplasty?
Gosh, what to do for this silly-billy cat? I cant think of an appropriate treatment. What do you reckon?

Well, I reckon.. Leave her alone. Just let it beeee.. :)
Firstly, I dont like cats. All they know, is to eat, eat n eat the whole day. My intelligent cat is frightened of Mouse. When she happens to spot one, she runs away. Whats wrong with her genes? She doesnt follow a word of what i say. When i call her,she just goes away. But when i show her food, aaaah.. u guessed it right!
These cats are such morons. Hey cat-lovers dont get upset. I´m just so tired of this creature.

Dogs are much much better. No wonder they say, "Dog is a man´s best friend"..
Guess, Cat is a dumb frien... oops animal!!


  1. Nice post. Thanks for the compliment too.

  2. Well I love cats. Try and call a vet. and ask if there's any possible treatment..
    And about me, yeah I am finally done wid my exams!! Yeppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .
    And bunking is calculated(8 bunks per subject per semester!); so no problems wid my attendance! ;)

  3. well a friend of mine gave a good suggestion... something humourous...
    Give ur cat inverted binoculars..... ;) ;)

  4. @chillimili:
    N welcome :)

  5. @niyati:
    lucky u! Happy hols..
    I must add that your friend is intelligent. Thats such a scientific thought :-) can u arrange for one?? ;-)

  6. Xorkes dude...M a cat lover and frankly you got some facts wrong...Cats are one o the most beautiful creature..and trustworthy enough you can look up to. Their eyes are something so mystical that can take a million hearts away...
    And they are smart enough to ensure they know where the food is and not to eat in front of those who dislike them(?thts u)...Believe me they can smell things million times better than you so the cat was just fooled you ...dude..

  7. @snehal:
    i dont think u understood the post! it stated that the cat is hypermetropic. it has nothing to do with likings. alright?
    and i wish it stopped liking me :) and stopped purring meow meow all d time 4 food.. irritating!
    well, i´ll send her to u if u like cats so much! wat say? she´s all urs lolz

  8. Thanks Xorkes...Well for your complement..

  9. Actually cats and dogs naturally can't see close up objects so its probs nothing wrong with ur cat, it's when she starts walking into chair legs u know something. Kinda explains y dogs lick people's faces, they have no idea what the heck they're licking


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