Saturday, January 12, 2008

Garrulous brain wave

For years, i´ve been listening to this. Be it in school, now in college and where-not. Whatttt?? Oh come on, you know it. Dont you? Look its not that i´m doing it deliberately.

Its out of control. There are many people around. Someone who can be as loquacious as i am. So, whats the big deal?
Do i have to remind you that the Constitution has conferred equally on all 'the Right to Speak'!! I guess, i´m trying to efficiently utilize one of those rights.. hehehe.. Look if you´ve got a problem, use mufflers. Simple. Anyways, I´ve been hearing people say that its winter in mangalore. Ahooooooooooo!! I´m sure for you 32 degree C perfectly amounts to cold season. Right?? The reason why you(anaesthetized by cold) wanna switch off all the fans and torture the others who are sweating profusely? Do u have any idea bout what your talking? Anyways, i could go on complaining but LET IT BE..

So where was I? Yeah.. Yap, yap yap all the time. Non-stop. With silence being supremo only during sleep. Wonder how i dont happen to be talkative-garrulous-chatty-etc etc during those hours of siesta. How i wish for those power naps during lecture hours but sadly I´m denied of those due to voluminous reasons. Never mind!
The thought itself makes me somnolent. At the same time, that brings to mind the pending hundred things I´m supposed to finish off rather than plainly stagnate.

Well, i´ve been thinking of keeping my mouth shut for a few days. Umm.. A taciturn nature in sharp contrast to otherwise very talkative kinds.. Not that i can tell for sure that it will be an attempt in vain. Nor can i be certain of it being BIT successful too. No harm in trying though. What say?


  1. hypermetrophic??? whats wrong with you? its a CAT!!!! anyways, i have updated the blog.. this time I have writen it... Once more its I..please check the author name if u are confused... I said "I" have written it... :-)

  2. Yep, its a cat.. Does d pic look like something else. Guess time to get urself tested for visual aquity. Maybe umm.. U know... U could rule out the possibilities of hypermetropia.. Better vision, than never. Right?

  3. yea dude...I wish I were like u.. talkative...But I can't be how much ever I try...In fact I just can't speak unless there is a point...its an asset that you have chat on stuffs that do not make sense at all...dude stop complaining

  4. No offense use your language to show off...Don't say that you are writing for yourself...

    One more thing it would be great if you could write some articles for HelloIntern's Infoportal...About internships/education..but write something professional..not things like these which make no sense at all

  5. cool way of thinking....keep it up ..
    n THANX 4 d comment !!

  6. @snehal:
    thank u!! show off.. lolz
    n as far as professional writing is concerned, i´d say let me limit it to the answer papers. coz if i were to write about medicine here.. u wont understand a word. :)

  7. Why do u use a dictionary wen all u want to do is vent out the frustration????


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