Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sports day

Woke up late.. Thought of not attendin. Who wants to run in that maddenin heat? And then my friend calls, "Juniors are bagging all the prizes. Enough of sleeping. Lets run."
"ooof.. :-( let me sleep.. Please!"
"shut up! Get ready n come to the ground" :-(
managed to reach the ground by 12.30.. Holla! So many ppl.. Staff running all around.. Fun!
Long jump - no prize.. 100 metres- horrible.4th place :-( no problem, keep trying..
And then, the cards turned.. Our batch bagged 1st in shotput, javelin throw, high jump. Ah high jump(tried first time in life, and whoops got 2nd place. Couldn stop laughing) twisted ankle while trying to cross-over d stupid rod.. This irritating ligament has always been a pain. Be it badminton or whatever. Its jinxed! Gotta keep it craped for 4 weeks.
couldnt run for the 200m, 400m track events :-(
Rested and ran for the relay.. Yipee we won again.. 2nd time. Our team for relay is fantastic.. No doubt!?
All's well when it ends well.. What say?


  1. Well, as we say here at IITB, "Lagta hai tumhara batch fod raha hai. Godgiri macha di unhone to!"

    Hope your ankle is Okay.

    Take care!

  2. @alok:
    ankle is healing. thanks!


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