Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of contentment

Got up late. 7.20.. Boooooom.. I had slept off early yesterday and had kept an alarm too. Dint realize when it rang, who switched it off??? :( :( gosh, dunno how i m gonna give end postings.. gone.. i´m gone. gonna be screwed properly. And to add to it, psychiatry lecture at 8. Run! Run!! Landed at the lecture hall at 8.20 and oh no- not again!! utter rooooobish. No lecturer. Why did he(mr. pychiatrist) have to bunk(i know he bunked coz i spotted him in the hospital later that day) today?? Couldnt he inform before that he´s not gonna come. Such a waste!!

Forget that.. Hurry up. No time. Xorkes read something. Caught a friend and started learning the basics for the end postings. Perfect thing to do than sit n read the never-ending book.

Landed in the hospital at 9. Spoke to my patient for hardly 5 minutes and hellloooooo.. why did they have to show up then only?? They - refers to 5th Unit of Medicine.. Aaaah.. the kick in the teeth, Mr. HOD of Unit 5(under whom the patient has been admitted) gathers the interns all around the patients bed and starts grilling them.. Be patient Xorkes. He´ll go to the next bed soon.. Does he??? NOOOOOO. Stands there for one hour. Statue!! lol. Thanks to timely and graceful assistance by my batchmates (thankfully, they were free.. they had finished their end postings yesterday), i somehow managed to complete my case(Ascites) and also analysed the most likely questions.

Bang bang!! Hurry, head to the P.G. block - seminar room.. And whats this? The viva had already begun.. One down, two down 3-4-5.. Ahem, enter the chamber.... questions fired, answers given.. few bouncers.. and then exit. Oooof! Back to seminar room RELIEVED.
Batchmates asked, what happened?? Broad smile.. Turns into a laughter. "It was better than expected". Gooood!
I´m done with 8th term Medicine Postings.. hehe.. Its gonna be Surgery postings from monday.. I truly miss the OT, the sight of blood, the smell of cautery. ;) Cant wait.. Come monday. come soon!!
Had to return to college for medicine lecture at 12. Was late for class again but this time not due to procrastination but genuinely due to viva. No-no-no..dont temme.. He´s teaching ascites. Hey, she asked me this. she asked me that.. lol!! oh so these were the answers for the bouncers. No problemo. Agree, they were tough! And then someone passed me a chocolate to which the stomach cried,"ting-tong hungry ting-tong" Couldnt concentrate after that. Was not in the mood to write notes. Suddenly, someone screamt loud enough for the whole class to localize who it was but the lecturer behaved as though he couldnt hear. Then many more joined in... pleading, "ĂȘnough sir" to which he skipped through many slides, took attendance and left us to fend for ourselves.

Landed home at 2. Lunch. Slept off and got up just now.. Wait.. did i hear a thunder?? One minute.. hey yes!! :) :)

Yipeeee.. its raining outside. I love the smell of wet mud! tin tin tin tin.. It was filthy hot in the morning and now its coooooool.. yipeee yipee yay yay!!!
All-in-all a great day!! yooooooooohooo!!!


  1. yeah...i thought i went a bit overboard thr... well wanted to read your posts but its getin late..i'l get back l8er

  2. thanks 4 cuming in my blog...

    nice posting by u too...

    i think u r sweet , as bees dont go 2 others

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!
    Could only quickly glimpse through your postings - will get back soon for a closer second look!!

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  5. Hey Xorkes! Thanks 4 visiting my blog. felt good(I was too irritated to see only my own visits in visit count :D LOL)
    Good stuff! Keep writing and commenting!
    Will take time to read your posting soon(maybe later this week)!

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    Posted something... your comments are welcome...


  7. Whooo! What a day!
    Seems like you had a lot of fun, eh?

    And what better ending than the alleviating smell of rain on dry, thirsty, arid land, followed by a beautiful shower?

    "Smell of Blood and Cauter..."!!
    You like that?!

    This is why I didn't choose biology as a career option. Eeps. *shudders*

    Well, again, very nicely written, and it seems like you implemented some of my advice, good, good.

  8. loved going through ur Blog and thanks for reading mine, thanks even more for your compliment!!!

  9. thanks for dropping by girl!

    Nice post! I miss the frenzy during my coll days. I hated lecturers who bunked classes :D

  10. i know i write a's an annoying talent.thank u thank thru ur post,pardon my impertinence,but u like the smell of blood?the only reason i shirked the medical you also exhume corpses?that ws a fast paced description of ur day.

  11. @nirmal, virtual, news, jolly:
    thanks :)

  12. @alok:
    tried my best to implement ur advice. but couldnt rectify further or else it would seem "someone else´s" blog.. ;)

  13. @hellbound:
    naaa.. thats the work of forensic specialists.

  14. @wordblaster:
    if d lecturer happens to bunk when i bunk, then i DONT mind at all ;)

  15. You're a forensic scientist?
    WOW WOW WOW!! :D
    My mom has threatened to disown me if I go close to even touching that career with a bargepole.. Though I'd love to be one.. And yes, just like you, I love bloood :P
    Bwahhahahaha :)
    Good blogging :)


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