Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Dr î-love-chopping-the-femoral-artery"

Its been days since i last blogged. The reason - I dont know. Not that i lacked ideas or topics to blog(u dont need any, u can write whatever crap u want to. right?) And there were so many ORDINARY things happening in life. Plainly ordinary.. Cant mention them. Its too boring..U know the same thing that happens in ur daily life. Lacking topics eh?? naaaah.. i dont think so. The ideas keep flowing just like the reasons unknown but the keyboard "genuinely" cant type automatically and post a new blog. Why not blame it on the lazy keyboard? I know thats sad!! Its obvious by now how desperately i wanna blog to get out of this boredom. Infact, its also confusing.. whatt??? i dont know.. dont ask!! so never mind.. let it beeeeeeee... ;)

Hmmm.. so what was i doing this month? ofcourse, what else!! Attending college regularly. Getting up-running to col-returning home-sleeping..n the same routine the next day! i dont think there´s gonna be any possible alterations in this mundane-pedestrian activity. Hey come on its not that monotonous!! Final-final-final.. do u get that?? Xorkes, its simply the final year!! So just live life like one IDIOT!! Its so irritating. Everyone keeps coming up with the same question.. Have u all read the same line? "So, what plans for the future?" For goodness sake, stop vexing me in that nauseating style.. It stinks!! That question mark on ur face"""???????""" Yes, it surely stinks. Why dont u unpretentiously Shuttttup n get a grip on YOURSELF!!

Look i seriously wanna blog today. I´m supposedly contemplating about the object in question. Now what it is? Hey listen, i dont know.. Gimme time to think. No wait.. If i were to rethink, then i guess i´ll be wasting another month just analysing over nothing or maybe scrutinizing about what to blog about without accurately fulfilling the supposition.. eeeeeeks!

Ok here´s the flimflam. Not exactly. Either way its perplexing. Enuffffffffffffff.. let the thoughts flow.

"Dr î-love-chopping-the-femoral-artery" -- come on he should be banned from taking lectures or performing surgeries. He should be locked in the library(library-arrest) so as to educate himself bout the subject he has obtained a major in.. i dont know how!! Dont u think its necessary to consider this proposition?? And u clearly know this statement is not from any little personal observation. Hellooooooo... Its an obvious obnoxious fact!! When ur ignorant bout surgery does it matter if u chop an artery or make a person impotent by chopping a nerve when ur operating for a hernia and then covering it up with a fake story which happens to hardly convince the poor patient that u had to sacrifice the nerve for a fiction-tumour encroaching it. Thats ridiculous.. Why doesnt anyone sue him?? He commits one mistake after the other.
I asked this friend of mine who also happens to be my postings-batchmate bout the patient who turned into an impotent when just one nerve was cut.. Not that it makes any sense.. But we were just chattering for the heck of simple time pass.. She said intelligently, actually it was a right inguinal hernia.. but he dint know anything or rather was confused. maybe he forgot. so he made an incision on the left side. and then suddenly it struck to his brilliantly dumb brains that the hernia was on the other side so he extended the incision and chopped off everything eagerly trying to make his operation a success.. and during the course, he chopped off both the nerves which caused the embarrasing disorder. whooops thats a long wierd imagination but thats possibly the closest explanation for his blunder!! Well, why am i blogging bout him.. whooops ask why not. There´s so much bout him which is really embarrasing for us learners.. And we gotta learn from him??? THANK U!!

He asked me to present a case on the first day of postings and this was the first time i was experiencing his questioning wherein he sent the boys to examine the patient and specifically asked the girls to assemble near him for his poker interrogation. All throughout the discussion, i laughed insanely. My friends kept pricking n poking me which meant shuttup.. They kept prompting answers. My brain just couldnt figure out the seriousness of standing in a ward and i was least receptive to their assistance. I was having this insane hysterical fit to which he commented, rather asked whether i was a Gone-case?

And few days back, i JUST dint wanna present a case to him because i was sure i´d burst out laughing on his face.(Had i known he was going to teach us, i would have surely bunked but last minute switch over from the HOD to him was nothing short of a DISASTER!!) So, my friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed presented the case and whoooooooops.. abbe, maine kya kiya?? He stopped her and kept shooting me with stupid questions. I muttered and abused him and he kept saying, can u speak a bit louder. why u fumbling; wish i could jabber off my frustrations. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! I´m NO WAY attending any of his classes in the future!! Do u hear me!! I´d rather sit and complete the pending records.. aiyooo, i havent even bought them. Submission date - Saturday!! Hurry up Xorkes, Fetch a junior ;)


  1. Nice! :D

    Final year blues, hmm?
    I don't wanna even imagine myself leaving IITB... *sniff*
    Only 1 year left!!

    The next time you meet that doctor, give him a couple of good ol' gaalis from my side too. :D

    "brilliantly dumb brains"!

    --Oops I should be writing a report! Ctrl C Ctrl V here I come!

  2. Oh dear! That guy sure is one helluva incompetent moron!
    Kick his arse from me when you meet him :)


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