Wednesday, April 23, 2008

22nd April, 2008

When it comes to children, i´m the first one to run a mile away from them. Thats the toughest thing on hand.. Handling kids. whoooooosh..I´m scared to handle them coz i have this phobia that i might land up hurting them. The infants - they are so tiny.. So cute. Tied in a cloth. Even slight mishandling --- yeah thats a BIG deal! A crack, a dislocation, fracture.. NO NO NO.. My mind goes blank. And the kids who are around one year old - Its so tough to relate to them.. What should i say? Gosh, which language. I cant understand a word of the abachabalabakabaaa.. The other day, a 17 month old child kept saying bashooooo bashooo.. and i asked a hundred things, what bashooo?? who bashoo?? Finally i asked my friend what that miniature thingy was saying. she heard him and immediately said he wanted to play with a toy BUS. creeeeeeeeeeep!! how the hell did she understand. and next minute this kiddo spots a cat on the front cover of a book and screams michcha micha.. whats happening?? Paedo postings scare me. I dont want them.. Another month, and i´ll have to face them. HAVE TO.. Time to learn how to deal with kids. Dont run away from them. Steady. Just be polite n patient!!


  1. hi...
    i agree with what you say...
    even I am terrified for the same reasons...
    I can get along with kids who can talk...coz its easy need to just to talk about etc...and even cricket... but anything below talkable age and something very fragile...freaks me out!!
    good writing..!!

  2. "bashoo bashoo" means bus! ROTFL!!

    I Love kids!
    They're so sweet, so cute, and so damn smart and evil too. Hehheheh

    It's just that kids don't reciprocate me. :(

    Hopefully they don't detest you.

  3. P.S. Of course they don't. Birds of a feather flock together. :^P

  4. @sankoobaba:
    i agree with u too :)

    do have i to comment again?? lol..
    so where do u flock?? hehehe!

  5. he he .........i find their language very cute....u 2 repeat the same..if u cant understand their language,even they cant register urs...lolsss...confuse kids....lolss

  6. Haha.. Kids are actually very adorable (albeit only when they're asleep :P)
    But there's this stupid kid who intends on making me bald! Freaking child keeps tugging at my hair just 'cause its long! grr!!
    And then one of them tried to bite my finger off! Stupid thing!


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