Monday, April 28, 2008

27th April, 2008

There are times when i do nothing.. Ok, dont laugh! I´ll admit - Most of the times, i sit back and ..... well, just sit back! Some of my friends reckon - watch movies. Its supposed to be a great source of timepass. Come on, its tough to do that always. I cant be a picture house like u. Ok maybe one movie, fine 2.. ok to the max three. Can do that for a day.. What bout the next day? Its boring to repeat the routine.
Today - Lazy Sunday, one of those days when i want to do something different from the regular weekday activities.. Lets give the tv a break.. So headed for the beach.. the waves, the sand, the clouds, children playing in the water.. Snap-1, snap-2.. click click. I´ve clicked a hundred times at the same place but the habit remains! Everytime, there´s a different output.. Something extra.. wow! Photography is indeed fun! Later at night, i headed for a reception. Dinner was great.. Hogged chicken curry, chicken fry! Coo-koo-do-kooo! Returned home and switched on the tv.
Not the same news again, I´m bored of it. Since yesterday the same tale had been going on.. How many days are u gonna punish us for being a cricket-crazy country?
Bhajji- bhajji - all around,
He slapped someone - how does it sound?
Someone cried - on the ground,
Media captured it - will fetch them pounds,
Change the channel - where´s the remote? Its not to be found :( :(
flippindo, finally.. change the channel. fast!! there must be something.. no, there´s nothing else.
But what do i usually watch?? Not in the order of priority. listed randomly.
1) BBC - i love the channel. Its not just the news but also the debates, tours, tech stuff, documentaries.. they have a wonderful way of presentation. Everything is so organised. So very professional. I wish our channels learn atleast 10 percent from them. Alternate Indian News channel - NDTV n CNN-IBN.
2)Discovery - Man v/s Wild is good.
National Geographic.. History shows rock!
Animal Planet - I still love watching Steve Irwin shows. Jeff Corwin is a great presenter too. The snakes, chameleons, orangutans - so cute!
3)Travel n living - Ian Wright -- he´s my favourite. Boohooo.. i dont get this channel here. I´ve told the cable operator so many times. Uselesss!!
4)Espn/Star Sports - Socccer all the time! havent been following the game regularly since 4 years. The reason - You must have guessed! Ya thats right.. I know its disappointing! Hey, Real Madrid n Man Utd Rocks!
5)Movie Channels - I dont have the patience to sit for 2 hours with the hundred advertisements. Movies should be watched continously or else there´s no fun! Animation films - dooooodle dooo :)
6)Music channels

I cant tolerate Zee news, Star news n those innumerable ones! Looks like a new stupid news channel is being launched every day. Does it make any difference? Ofcourse yes, they are born to torture us. Bakwaaaaas. They have NO standards. Saaap bhaga aadmi ke peeche, Mil giye Ravan - Lanka ko khoj nikala, bandar bhada chaalaak, machli bani maharani? Ho kya raha hain?? Thoda bhi deemag hain ki nahin? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGH!! Cool Xorkes, go to sleep.. U´ve gotta get up early. Its monday tomorrow. All-in-all, the day was great!


  1. hey!...i hate those tv news channels too...they either have the 'don' ka news or tat stupid 'khali''s news! tired of news channls

    and cartoon netwrk and discovry rock!
    and love globe trekker....but i dnt like ian wright so much as i like megan and justine..they r cool...:)

  2. Whooo what a day! Nice!

    I hate doing nothing. It sucks totally. I have to give my brain something to wonder about.

    Hey, how about uploading some of those snaps? We'd definitely want to see em'

    And I hate those Indian news channels. Seriously. Grrr.

    NDTV used to be good until it started copying Aaj Tak. x( x(

    I love Cartoon Network! and Discovery Channel! and VH1!
    Sun TV! (sometimes you get too bored). I haven't had proper TV since I cam to IIT though. Like they show anything worth giving time... :D

  3. beaches rock!!
    frolicking in water rocks!!
    watching movies the whole day rocks..
    and it rocks to have ads in between movies so that one go to loo...grab a drink...fill bowl with more junk food.....
    HBO, star movies, zee studio, world movies to watch movies all day long...
    discovery,animal planet,NGC is gr8...
    hungama and cartoon network are fun...
    travel/livin and NDTV good times are cool....
    FTV and trendz to watch chics....
    BBC entertainment and star world and zee cafe for sitcoms....
    VH1 and other hindi movie channels for timepass...
    other channels are watched randomly..
    no news channels...i read newspapers!!
    good work..keep blogging

  4. Hey Xores...

    Photography is a beautifully interesting timepass! You have a sight, you have a camera and what's left! Just click and the fun is all with you! If u've visited my blog in the recent times, you might have seen those pics I captured on d way to DIU! I mean I actually made the driver stop d car just because I wanted to capture that scenic view in my camera!
    Second thing, about the news channel, CNN IBN and NDTV rock. I prefer often times now, to Ndtv. and the rest endless list with a new channel born periodically just for the sake of adding some fresh stuff to the channel wars - It's just awful!! Seems journalism is losing its sole purpose in certain matters!

    Finally, sundays are a real adventure. Even if it's vacation, sundays say "DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT". I envy you for having a good time there. My vivas are going on for now and blogging is indeed at a pause. I think of a good sleep first hahahahaha.. ;)

    Good work dear!


  5. @pooja:
    aaah yes! how could i forget that superman khali!! lol..
    hey justine n megan r good too but not better than IAN ;)

  6. @niyati:
    hey i did check out the pics. they r gooood :)
    i dont get "times now channel" here. so no idea :(
    hey all the best for ur vivas. vivas r exciting. the whole suspense kinda thing, not knowing who-the- External is n then answering bouncers.. hehehe!!

  7. @alok; sankoobaba:
    well said!! boredom does suck!

  8. he he .....dont forget the khaali stories in newschannels....lolsss

  9. hehe...i love those news channnels..they can do anything to grip u...and make mediocre things sensational...c'mon amir khans shortening of hair by 1 cm deserves to be a national news and take 3 hrs of prime time... n' living sucks bigtime...BOOORINGGG

    What abt SETmax...No care for the IPL kyaa...

    I feel you left the reality shows in misery..not even in the list...and Ftv ???

    arre it's already Monday...see the time...

  10. glad i could read through one of your blogs... i read through this one as was pretty interested in how it ended.. but anyways.. a good blog... atleast the effort was sincere... as you write about something you know... good one... by the way.. sundays are surely fun... news channels do rob u of your free time same goes for Television.. try doing something better... cheers

  11. and thought i would let u know that i am a chelsea supporter so no hard feelings...

  12. @blistering:
    n man utd won yipeee.. they rule!!


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