Thursday, May 8, 2008


Got up early.. ran off to brush, splashed water on face and then ting-tong suddenly the realization of today being a holiday punched me. abhi kya karu?? swiftly hit the bed but no signs of lethargy! owww..
So grabbed the keyboards and here the words just flow!!

Yesterday night, i was trying to behave like a left handed brilliant-idiot.. Why was i doing that? No specific reasons. I was reading renal physiology n anatomy(basically, brushing up basics before starting the actual topic renal medicine n surgery) and then i got bored too early..
Needed a break(i dont know for what. but i did need one) Just anything so as to drive of the sleep which was acting as No-blessing-in-any-disguise.. So tried using my left hand to draw lines, circles, write alphabets. Was it easy?? No ways!! By the time i completed writing somewhat ´neatly´ from A-Z, i had this pins and needles sensation involving the distal end of the fingers, wrist joint and in the supinators
(anyone has a probable diagnosis?). Also, i had this strange aching desire to flip the pen to the opposite hand in order to let the instincts of a right hander overrule - These instincts always persist - be it conscious.. subconscious or unconscious.. how do i supposedly change that? gosh.. i need to practice. practice lot more! ya, atleast that much I KNOW! ;)

Eventually, i let go of this silly tp and started reading again.. Dunno when i slept and ouch these rock-solid books(which i thought were pillows) for 8 hours, also i had these constant stream of rhythmic dreams (which i fail to recollect.. why is it so tough to recollect ur dreams??). These all have ultimately resulted in neck pain. Cant look up.. Ouch!! Look, xorkes.. when u type, ur supposed to ONLY type, not enact them. Have decided to re-read the same thing with hopes of remembering atleast something. Gotta think of alternatives to be awake(ur suggestions are welcome).. Its so easy to stay awake watching those football matches or simply being online. But when it comes to studies.. There´s a Big Noooo unless ofcourse its a night before the exam when u´ve got absolutely no alternatives other than write something sensible or maybe u could politely handover a blank paper to that examiner who carries an expression "the-paper-was-easy-u-fool". Hmmm.. i gotta sip-in more coffee.. By the way, i love coffeee.. slurp slurp!! Was addicted to coffee for a month during the preparatory leave for 3rd year exams. I had 230 cups of coffee that whole month..Pheww!! Almost 7-8 cups a day along with the regular dose of morning n evening cups of tea(thats a habit since childhood which can be skipped anytime, but i hate having milk so tea is an absolute substitution)

What else? Ya.. Did anyone check yesterdays´s Real Madrid match in Spanish League.. Yipeee Raul scored brilliantly :) Even, Man Utd is doing greattttt in the EPL and UEFA.. Cristiano Rocks!! Go Utd go... Zooooooooooooooooooooommmmm :)


  1. tips for staying awake:

    1. Wash your face with ice-chilled water..
    2. Make a note of the time in d night when u feel d most sleepy, like i do betn 10.00 to 11.30; dont study in this duration. rather, do something that lets u stay awake.
    3. coffee and tea are usual options.
    4. take ur din din early...
    5. take a bath... works best for me.

    Hope it works!! Have a good time preparing out for exams... good luck... I too will do d same eventually...

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  3. Nice to met a Man U fan :-)
    Hope they win against Wigan though

  4. This is so familiar!

    Man I've tried everything (this is a lie) to stop myself from sleeping whenever I'm reading something.

    I adorn headphones and turn on Full Volume Metallica (\m/) but then I fall asleep with the headphones on!

    Well, nothing works as efficiently as dedication. And not reading on that damn bed near that soft, cushiony pillow thingy helps too. Also try to write notes while reading, that keeps you engaged.

    I've tried my left hand at writing too, with some extremely pretty results! Though no one appreciates beauty these days! Imbeciles! x(

    Oh well, enjoy studying! :)

  5. stayin awake while studyin is seriously too difficult!
    perhaps i need those tips more than u do xorkes!...hehe...
    the only solution(stupid/silly) placing a stick on my eyes, to stop the eyelids from closin as tom does while keeping a watch on jerry while he feels all sleepy....lols lols!...ok, shoot me for this stupid idea!go ahead!...:P

  6. we had a chapter in english text in 10th where that fellow anil kumar i think is paralysed n writes with his mouth so v hd 2 try that at school. my handwriting sux neway so i dunt think there'll b much difference whether i write with my write hand or left. :D i dunno abt staying awake while studyin , but a bath works 4 me and u noe u make up arrangements 2 study 4 d test at d last nite, dunt follow 'em n screw one test. that jolt will make u stay awake 4 a while at least. abt d article i wrote, i think i was high when i wrote that cos i cudnt make sense of any of it.:p

  7. Haha. I was going to say I'm addicted to coffee.. But THAT addicted? *tch tch* very bad.. Hah.. Joke much? I shall be doing that too since my IGCSE final exams start this Monday.. Oh damn, I'm flipping.. Another way to stay awake is to keep getting up and walking around after every 20 mins.. It helps.. Ask me, the expert, the nocturnal bird (atleast during exams :P)
    Well anyway, best of luck :)

  8. Got through your blog through Ruchi's pointless post. Found another pointless post ! :P

  9. yup i love cofees too..
    and yes man u the champions again..

  10. aah..brings back memories of college days and now my corespondence MCA exams .. :)
    ...i cant stay awake for more than 11 or max 12...but i can get up early...and then study in the morning..!!! of course I do need a glass of hot water to drink and some hot tea to charge me up.....


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