Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Results out!

Heyaaa bloggers.
Today my results were declared after a month of "its-better-not-to-mention-how-i-spent" THE HOLIDAYS.
Alright here´s the thing --- Final year done!! Yes i passed! yip yip yoohoooooooooo!! Finally a graduate! Is that a relief?? Ofcourse it is. No doubt!! Seriously, becoming a graduate much much after most of your friends are almost finishing their masters was a LONG wait indeed! I was tired of answering the question, YOUR STILL NOT MBBS? Naaaah.. Its 5 and a half years u see.. And i´ve just completed 4 and a half. So, there´s still another one year of internship left before i get that degree. Oh no!! please dont start with those questions again.
What comes next? I dont know.
What am i supposed to do? I dont know.
Does the thought sink in? I dont know.
Havent decided? I dont know.
What do u really know? I dont know.


  1. congrats for ur results!!
    best of luck for future!!

  2. hey thats great...MBBS is tough man...

    yeah..i hate future planning too..all d best anyways

  3. congrats ma dear !!!
    so how does it feel finally being a graduate ??? ( i thought it was alll hyped up i still got only as much drunk as i was the day before i graduated !!!! )

  4. Congo Xorkes!! SO finally you're Xorkes MBBS!! Sounds good!! Yeah, i did read that you're left wid internship, but padhaai toh khatam ho gayee na!! Thats somethin.. free from vivas.. free from lecs and a lot more fun stuff too!!
    welcome back to blogging! Keep up d good work!!

  5. heyyy xorkes..congratulations :D

  6. hey,congratulations Xorkes! all the very best for your internship! keep the spirits high and walk through the toughest struggles like a lioness!

  7. Congrats Dr. Xorkes... ( I dont know your name and I am sure it isnt Xorkes... nevertheless.. What's in a name as they say... the important thing is that you are a doc... All the best!!!

  8. Hello, where you at? Haven't seen you online in a while.

  9. it must be true.

    interns are too busy to blog?

    come back you!

  10. Hey congrats for the results ya! where are you? please start blogging ya!

    Have A good time!

  11. Hi Xorkes,

    I think we should consciously refrain from comparing medical undergraduates from other courses. And start looking upon yourself as a full-fledged doctor rather than as a student in training. Lot of horse sense and loads of attitude will see you through internship without any trouble, am sure.


  12. Hey whatever it is.. wish u all the best.. MBBS is quite a challenge...

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  13. Hey ... Where did you go? I like your sarcasm comments... :-)


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