Friday, January 8, 2010

Me n blogging?

If it were simply for the sake of writing, i´d jot in two-three words and be merry.
But blogging seems to have gotten into me, enough to make it easy to quit and tougher to get back to the page once again. I know this sounds different from what it seems to be. A contrary to the normal lines.
Tried peeking into the blogs of many of the frequently visited ones, managed to comment here and there. I doubt it was more of an obligatory statement than a self provoked act! Was it really? Cant decide.
Time spins.. Whooosh and it has definitely spinned hola time for me. Trying to get back to whats lost is not gonna help in any way but have i lost the interest to make things any better for myself?


  1. Good to see you posting something here.....if time permits do visit my blog at times....god bless...Zorroan

  2. I was definitely surprised to see an updated post from you on my dashboard... good to read your posts again... you sound so disinterested in blogging! why?please continue , it good at it. :)

  3. Its definitely getting more and more and boring! I used to update my blog every single day when I started off.Even if it was just crap, I had to write about it! :P.....

    and then as time passed there was nothin much to blog about, then writer's block became a regular thing, blogger friends disappeared,comments started decreasing,felt like no one was reading my blog,life got busy and there! My blog was almost dead!

    But then I got back to it.Just for the love of it,just to read and re-read my own posts and feel good abt having written something.

    but I agree, blogging isnt the same fun as it used to be b4...

  4. good to have you back..
    do post more

  5. just a passer by, but i'll comment for you

    welcome back to posting

  6. you have been presented with an award, so do head over to my blog to receive it. take care and keep blogging..

  7. keep blogging...stupid. Atleast ll get to read something from u


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