Thursday, March 18, 2010

August 2009

I have asked myself this question a billion times. And now i m gonna ask again?

What is it that i´m interested in?? Do i wanna take up Surgery or is it going to be anaesthesia?
Thought i could be sure of it when i entered Surgery postings. Coz i remember one of my batchmates Ganapa telling me that he loved Surgery.(He did. I saw him reading Bailey n Love all the time in the library. Day in and day out) He later added, after finishing his postings, that he had changed his mind. He dint wanna be a surgeon. Hmmm.. Now thats a googly coming from a dedicated student.
So, i was desperate to experience Surgery postings coz the perplexity was disconcerting.
And whats the outcome? Nil morbidity of my determination.
I love Surgery. Every bit of it. Thick in and thin out. Its too good. And the fact that i was posted in the 1st unit, was an onus indeed. The staff - Dr HOD, Dr R, Dr S, my absent-minded PG, Bindaas colleague Mithun and cute Shreyas --- It was an awesome company no doubt. 2 months passed away zooooooom.
Everything was good. From the ward work, the hours-to-go rounds wherein we were bombarded with never ending questions. The one-liners, the soft firing! I love the line, Xorkes, dont u have corpus callosum coz i couldnt do two things at a time - suture and at the same time listen to the operative findings to be written on the OT sheet. Hehehe!! The tête-à-tête in the OT. The first two weeks i opened my mouth and then, it was shut for few days which astonished the HOD who doubted that anaesthesia postings had probably anaesthetised my brains and denervated my speech.
Ah that reminds me of anaesthesia postings.. Yip yip, i love it!! Everything bout it! The intubations, the spinals, to the wake up call.. aankhen kholo!! There too the staff was awesome. Wonderful teachers n Cool PG´s. They were always eager to help.
Whoops, that leaves me with the same question?? Whats next?
Never mind. None of the above makes much sense until i crack the PG exams.


  1. best of luck for PG exams...good to know u love doin what u r studying!! ... best wishes for whatever choice you make.. and a good comeback post... so we can expect more? after exams??
    cheers! take care!!

  2. hey buddy, congos. Best of luck for your exams. M sure u will love watever u choose. hav funn.

  3. hey jus passin' by.. great blog :D

  4. Flew in from Sankoobaba's blog

    So you a doc..not yet..

    good luck with the exams and things.

  5. become a heart sugeon!! (lol)

  6. I need some anesthesia.... Is it like taking Marijuana? Oh! if so.. i will come to you daily asking .. Madam thoda anesthesia milega? type.. :)


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