Thursday, November 29, 2007

Complaining Gate swung open

Wow.. attending medicine lecture and listening to a highly qualified individual can sometimes be very very .... guess?? nah u got it wrong! not exciting.. instead turned out to be very Frustrating and boring.. we being the victims of an increasing irritability aggravating to an unspeakable degree.
A cardiologist by profession but scared to face the students, thats one of a kind human nature.. He looks at the the OHP, then reads, then stares at his feet.. oops shoes, then again at the OHP, then at his hands-nails, and continues to read at a slow pace, speed being just 5-6 words and then the same actions: OHP-shoes-hands.. with the back facing the students all the time reminding us of the statement in school, "dont talk behind my back".. hehehe.. and if u happen to as with this case, that is try to talk while he´s trying to educate us with his behavioural nonsense, your thrown out of the class (yeah we know u wanna show us ur superiority), depriving us of our only reason for attending lectures, nothing but ATTENDANCE.
Such conduct on the part of the lecturer seems to me unjustifiable but we poor students havent got better options as always and the same´s gonna continue why complain??
There´s one positive thing though.. This is the sentiment of mankind. Let us not limit our view. Be attentive and pick up his habits, it will DEFINITELY help you torture you students in the future.. ;)

Todays seminar on oral medicine was really Lengtheeeee.. we all ´batchmates´ were feeling so restless there and listening to someone (unknown) go on blabbering non-stop on too-tough-to-grip topics..
Thanks to the break( a wake-up-call to those were dozing) given and the yummy snacks provided by the skin department, all torture is forgiven.. It was such a relief and a booster to all our confused minds.. gave us enough energy to patiently pay a Deaf ear to the speakers till the very end.. And yes, cant forget to mention, once the presentations were done, the applause was unbounded..
On contemplation there´s a twist to the tale, my seminar is on friday.. hehehe..
What can i say?? Well, the memory haunting phrase perfectly suits the situation - Every dog has his day!

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