Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From skin to patience

Attending skin postings after fantastic 4 weeks in urology-paediatric surgery is far away from anything called as baby-ride.. half the batch.. naaa, almost the whole batch bunked doing nothing but going back to the hostel and dozing off till 2pm after which they would return for the afternoon class.. poor me, localite(couldnt go home n sleep again coz if i do then would be too bored to return for the afternoon lectures) used to wander alone like a refugee in the corridors of OT trying to identify known faces so as to learn something and yes spend some time in the AC (thats the only area in our hospital where there´s full-time AC)..
The postings ended quite fast due to the diwali holidays.. booohoooo.. I miss those OT days.. finished off OT postings for the 7th term.. :-(

Ya, ya coming to the present situation.. oofs its such a pain realising the fact that i´ll be WASTING 4 weeks in skin postings now.. today was the 1st day n it was ummm.."NO COMMENTS".. standing for 3 hours and listening to hypopigmented blah.. hyperpigmented patches..blah blah.. i wonder how none happened to collapse.. hmmm, well many more days to go.. hopefully, someone will faint, create enough attention so that so-called Torturer leaves us early or atleast has mercy to let us sit on chairs and listen to his precious teachings..

Heard we´ve got seminars to present too.. wow! there´s one important thing i´ll learn though -- Patience!

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