Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 mistakes?? Really?

First things first.. I deleted the previous post.. :-) people who have read it must have already guessed the reason.. Thanks to all.. :-) yup, this is my blog.. Hehe!
Right now, i'm reading chetan bhagat's book called "the 3 mistakes of my life". Borrowed it from a friend who said its good.. I havent read the previous bestsellers of this author.. Heard that they were nice n that his books are being converted into films.. Is that true? I dont know..
Somehow, indian authors have never fascinated me. Maybe i was always picked up the wrong authors. Ok listen, i've read just two indian authors- dont even remember their names.. Hey but that Vikram writes good ah bout tigers(his name is vikram rt? That guy who used to come in animal planet for the conservation of tigers) Had read him during the school days, yeah as i typically call it the xorkes style - bachpan mein..
I've read almost half the book(arre the same one - 3 mistakes) n somehow i dunno, cant connect with the author.. I mean to say, its not as gripping as everyone says. I feel like i'm reading a newspaper as though its ok to take a break n then continue n take a break.. The feeling to read it continously till the end seems to have vanished..
It doesnt excite me like robert ludlum or jeffrey archer or just anyone.. Guess, i should finish off this book n then wonder. Maybe i should catch hold of his previous
novels. I really wanna know why he's the best indian bestseller!


  1. even I have not read bhagat's any book..but one of my friend says they are not really great..and they have more hype...I am big fan of thrillers/conspiracies/covert ops/ ludlum/brown/archer are surely one of my fave...right now I am tryin to read rhineman...

  2. Heylo,
    Thanks for dropping by. Well, I'm not too fond of bhagat, to be really polite. He tries too hard to be hep, and that doesn't go too well with me. It's more like reading textbooks with that fellow, you read because you have to.
    And if Rakhi Sawant could write more than this, perhaps then she'd have deserved to be Bush's secretary.

    Cheers to bloggers!Long live typomaniacs!

  3. well i am an ardent fan of detective novels....though my reading capability is very vast ranges from hindu mythologies (some are really good but not all of them) to detective novels. I started reading Chetan Bhagat on recommendation of a friend. Frankly speaking I found his books interesting in the sense they can bind the reader but again things are too too dramatical at times where I fail to connect as a reader. Lots of drawbacks have been pointed out by SANKOOBABA AND HELLBOUND. One positive side I noticed is: His books though are dark ones but there is somewhere some Indianess hidden at the end, they may be in the form of some Indian values, some morals with which I connect very well. Don't know whether you people have sensed it or not!!!

  4. Ahh Chetan Bhagat!

    If you compare him to Ludlum and Steele, you'll surely be disappointed. He's not that type. If you ask me, I'd point in the direction of J K Rowling or Enid Blyton. Not as good as them, of course.

    "Five Point Someone" and "One Night @ The Call Center" are two novels I appreciate. That's because Chetan Bhagat was innovative and insightful enough to write novels about the youth, a powerful yet neglected section of our population. Nobody had written about them before, and nobody could make it as interesting as Bhagat did (by introducing IIT or the Call Center in the picture).

    He may not be that good, but he was definitely many a step forward.

  5. I know what you mean ... Chetan Bhagat is in the same line as Dan Brown or John Grisham .. He's the Indian mass amrket writer .. nothing wrong with that but it's not everybody's things ....

    Personally, I left 3 mistakes midway because I just couldn't be bothered to complete it. And I never do that.

    Indian writers can be boorish sometimes, but bhagat is not an accurate representation of Indian Authors. I'm recently on this cycle of reading about Indian authors and to tell you the truth I'm likin what I read, though not everything.

  6. i finished 3 mistakes long ago. It's okay; nt so gud, nt so bad types. Compared to his previous books, this one looks more like a bollywood masala movie.

  7. And yes, that does make certain things too obvious to mention. So there's less amount of innovation in this one rather than the others.

  8. the book is just like any other bollywood movie. Cannot be compared to thriller type of books

  9. That was genuine .me too haven't read it.but i was planning to read it.Now i doubt.
    I read some of the paragraphs and found that he was using a new style.But when compared with is popular western counterparts he will never be nowhere near....
    me too blog
    do visit...

  10. hey its just a okayish book...nothing great..only hyped..

  11. i havent read this one .. but i read 5 point sumone ... and to be honest i loved it ... i mean may be i hadnt got into the sufism back then but i was going thru a similar life .. being a nobody and boozing on college premises and all so seemed like MY story ...
    i m sure he is not all that great .. but hey i have only read a couple of Jeffrey archer books and i hated them they were such a waste of time .. same with Dan Brown i have read all his novels apart from Angels and Demons and i liked only the da vinci code .. others were pure rubbish ....
    tho i love James Hadley Chase anyone has read tht author ?? very nice very dark ...

  12. First of all thanks for the comment on my blog...I know I write a little too long but how do you edit your feelings...I really find it tough...Moreover I can never do that grading and decide what to's like asking..which eye of urs is more precious..right or left???

    I have read 5 point someone by Bhagat..Its good..Also if u r interested read If God was a Banker by Ravi Subramanium....I really enjoyed it...A book which will keep you held....

  13. i luv reading n hv read books in probably all genres crime, suspense,romance,sleaze ( ewww 'star' by pam anderson), fantasy et al. chetan bhagat may not be one of d best but i like the way he writes in simple language. i guess sherlock holmes is pretty interesting but half the time i have 2 use d dictionary 2 understand what hes sayin! that's where chetan bhagat scores more. i after readin one mills n boon and "star" by pam anderson, chetan bhagat seems like a reader's rescuer :P

  14. osted this on my blog but dunno if u read it :
    @ xorkes
    uh huh yeah raindrops have vit b12. i have no idea cos im no nutritionist n haven't seen any appreciable rise in d vit b12 levels in my body after drinking rain water, but thats what i read in the BT. U know they give these lil known "amazing" :-| facts on page 2

  15. This book of his is not so good compared to other 2...somewhere he has missed a trick in the book.

  16. Thanks for the wishes Xorkes...

    Exams are already done and I hav paid a mini visit to mumbai immediately after that! So had a nice holiday!!!!!!!

  17. I think his books are a good read
    though I dont read much ... but I like his style
    sorry to differ

  18. I think his books are a good read
    though I dont read much ... but I like his style
    sorry to differ...

  19. Hello...
    *Echoes around*

    Is there anybody in here?

    Just write if you can hear me...

    Is there anyone at this Blog?


  20. First of all, 19 comments???????????? Damn, I'm jealous. I don't think I've gotten that many in my last 5 posts combined.

    Also, so you know, I did read the post that you ended up deleting and I don't really think you should give a f*** about what people have to say. Everybody thinks differently and I personally love your writing style. It's very conversational and makes me feel like your talking to me face to face. Which is a very good thing in my book.

    About Chetan Bhagat, I'm kind of ambivalent towards his books. I don't think he's an Indiana author of the greatest level and others like R.K Narayan, Amitav Ghosh etc are much better.

    I don't like his use of language. There is so much more he could do with the story if he just tried and told it better.

    But I must admit, he's way better than people like Anurag Mathur.

    And I found "Five Point Someone" and "The 3 Mistakes of my Life" quite okay. The worst of the lot was "One Night @ a Call Centre"

    Anyway now that this comment is as long as a post, I shall stop.


    Did u get the match in the end?

    Also, Roger Federer's gonna win again!!! Yay!!

  21. Finally!!!
    I got someone who thinks like me, i started reading the first novel of the author, and i really didn't find it much interesting, and believe me i haven't even completed it. Even i wonder why he's india's bestseller

  22. Hi All,
    This is a good writeup..
    I'm having a presentation on 'Indian English Authors and their contributions' as one of my goals. As I browsed, I found an interesting website It is called the IndiaPlaza Golden Quill Award and it is to recognize and encourage Indian writing. It actually gave me an idea about the number of writers and their amazing work.

  23. Ok, I like the blog, tried Chetan Bhagat, to say I dint like his One night at a call center is a serious understatement. I loved his first book, so I expected similar work. But visited
    like anon said on a a lark. Am glad I did. Found some good books. I think you guys shd visit it once too.

  24. Chetan Bhagat is a moron. 'Nuff said.


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