Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back 2 Mlore

Hello everyone. I´m back again.. tra la la.. ya back to mangalore :) Usually, i have this nostalgic feeling when i land here. But seems like my brains have figured out a way to deal with it, or rather they have become insensitive to not even think about it. The senti feeling dint even occur to me once. SAD ya!! Whats wrong with me? Xorkes, sit n think ya. Why arent u scrutinizing all this.. It atleast helps to add few lines to the post ya. And now look at you, You´ve got nothing to write. Ho kya raha hain? Shame on you!! ;)
Today, someone asked me dont u miss home? And thats when it struck, "Arre haan, main toh abhi mangalore mein hoon. malum hi nahin pada" lol.. (Maybe its the Rains. Ya, it has been BRILLIANT N PLEASING. Heavy rains since i´ve stepped my foot here. Yipeeee!! I can see frogs jumping around.. Yip, yip its fun catching and releasing them)
Anyways, Mumbai was as always goooood -- the best! Spent good time with Family. Met most of my friends (many schoolmates after YEARRRRS)
Slept in the mornings.
Got up in the afternoons. Had breakfast at 2pm.. Usually skipped lunch.
Then again ate something in the evening. Hopped out of the house. Returned at night. Read novels till sunrise. Slept again.. and then days just passed as fast as ever. Two weeks fatafat. Dint laze around much this time though. No complains!! Everything happened smoothly like 'THE' perfect visit to home-sweet-home. :)

College has begun. 8th term results were declared.Hey i´ve scored pretty well..Thanks to a number of 'things' (SssssHHHhhhhhh!!!) Hehehe!! I´m in the ultimate 9th term now. That reminds me i´ve got an orthopaedic lecture to attend in the morning at 8. Go to sleep Xorkes. Cant think of getting up in the afternoon now. But dont u get disappointed. Sunday hain na!! :) :)


  1. hey seems u have a very productive holiday...
    btw do lemme know is ur orkut fortune comes out true for u :-P

  2. hey...seems like u had a grrr888 time at home!..used ur vacs to the fullest...!hehe

    btw congratulations for ur scores and best of luck for ur new sem!

  3. Ahhh, good scores, eh?

    Nice nice. Have fun with the frogs. And tell us when one of them turns into Prince Charming. :D ;)

  4. I guess your glad to beback in Mangalore except for the part where the tv goes on the blink right before an important finals game!! :D

  5. lol tats almost how i spent my vacations...wakin up at 11...havin brkfast til 12..skippin lunch...watchin tv...sleepin late at nyt...basically just lazying around!

  6. Aww that's so pseudo-indifferent!!I guess everyone hardens up after being away from home so long!Congratulations, for term 9!

  7. @rakesh:
    ya definitely holidays shud b productive ;0)

  8. @alok:
    i'll send d prince to u. dont worry ;)

  9. @gentlewhispers:
    ya man!! the electricity s the biggest problem

  10. @hellbound:
    indifferent i agree!! uncontrollable :0)
    thanks ya!!

  11. Prince ka main kya karunga?

    I am straight! x(

    Waise, come to think of it, why do you want to send Prince Charming to me? I am having doubts about you being straight now!


  12. hahaha. why would i want holidays to end if i had holisdays like the ones u spent?? congrats for the results n good luck for the next term. hope u didnt miss the orthopedic lecture at 8 :P

  13. nostalgia...I remember my college days...great writing!

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  15. @alok:
    i thought i could send u one of the many princes ;)

  16. @spicymist:
    lucky me. they cancelled the lecture :) anyways, i had got up late.. hehe!!


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