Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Excuses.. Grrrr!!

Few must have read this post when i mailed them the pics of my trip to a falls..
Anyways here it goes.. (i hate NOT updating my blog. i´ve kept it lonely for too long.. its gotta be functional again)

It s a tough task convincing people for a trip. As always, a lot of cribbing n explanation is involved. Why dont ppl just agree in One go?
Where are you going? Who all are coming? What is there to see? How far is it? How are we gonna go? When to leave? What time r v gonna return? 100 questions and 100 answers. 99 percent of the replies are imaginary just to calm down the anxieties of the companions. I mean its alright to ask all these questions. Ofcourse planning is required. But then there are those who simply ask, JUST ENQUIRE n NOTHING ELSE. After babbling continously, wherein u on the brink of certainty that u have convinced them to accompany you on the trip, they FLATLY refuse. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! couldnt u have said that before? Just a simple NO..thats it! hey there´s more.. How could i forget those silly-billy reasons. DISASTER!!.. they´ve got plenty of them. Its fun listening to them. No doubt, sometimes they can be frustrating too (when u hear the same ridiculous enlightment over and over again.. ya they try their level-best to ensure u that the reason is genuine! Part of the mockery)

The different silly answers to the invitation were:
1) I have to go home (this s d commonest and SILLIEST of all)
2) Cant bunk tomorrow (ya, we left on saturday for the trip) Lets go on sunday. ya, ya i know how many are gonna agree on sunday. On sunday, u´ll come up with things like -- ur preparing for a seminar/not keeping well/ warden is not allowing/booked tickets for a movie/going for shopping/birthday treat.. blah blah.. the list goes on!!
3) Couldnt you tell before? (this wacks me out-- come on, ´trip´goers have been screaming their hearts out in postings yelling, we r going to falls this week. all have heard it LOUD N CLEAR but still they voice out their concern for the trip 'Innocently' --- what ya Xorkes, couldnt u inform before? )AAAAAAAAAAArghhhhhh!! Shut up!
4) Chikungunya in certain areas--- Use Odomos Boss or wear Plastics/Helmet n Come.. Grrrrr!!

There are many more justifications.. I cant belive it i am actually typing them out.. venting out my frustration rather!!

You can add on to the silly excuses that you/someone have/has attempted which pissed them/you off..


  1. yes i totally agree when people don't wanna come they come up with all kinda reasons

  2. Well, to make something happen, there always has to be someone who takes the initiative.

    That's the story of the world.

  3. It always happen..
    Nobody is ready to start anything..
    all like to come and enjoy...
    nice post dude..
    me have a new post..
    xorkes definitely will relate..

  4. trips which are not too planned are fun..
    too much planning makes it like a routine...
    which sucks...
    its better to go with the flow...get the train which comes first...etc etc

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  7. Hi ,

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  8. hey how r u.....even i m not freqquent here...but from now i guess i will be.....

    most comman with gasl would be...

    dad nahi chodenge....

    and my mom never le me to go any place near water...


  9. u suck big time!!!!!


  10. Hey Xorkes, happened to see your blog after a pretty long time....
    Yes, even I hate NOT updating by blog but at times, ongoing schedules and ventures that u urself take up dont let u fetch time for ur very own cherished hobbies. over d period of time, i have had so many experiences worth writing about, but didint attempt for a single one.
    Anyway, excuses apart,

    this ones something that i can always connect myself to. In our group, i m the one who plans for everything and what a big mess it is!! People will have d silliest possible excuses as u said. Its worse... really worse. plus, worst r d ones who back out at d last moment and dont even bother to inform u!! Many a times we just keep waiting for people and at the end someone amongst the present ones tel u, Yaaa..... he/she's not coming... Bah!!
    another thing,
    different people come up with different ideas... so which one to accept. again sms every1 and ask. But its always gud when things work out the way they shud!! In most cases they really do!! ;)

    Anyway, awaiting ur comments on my new blog.


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