Sunday, December 30, 2007

In good spirits

Todays paediatric lecture was Wierd. What a change in that Docs teaching. He finally used the blackboard. But he dint forget to taunt the students. And what did he write?? hehehe.. THANK YOU!! Gosh, It was funny listening to the way he finally put it through. Did he manage to mollify the irritated students? Many would abruptly say NO.They seemed so irritated. whoooaaa ....But I was uncontrollably laughing at all his PJ´s..Cant forget the look on my benchmate´s face. hehehe.. She was pissed off. Kept saying, he´s so SAD. I doubt she even paid any attention to what he was teaching for she was busy completing her gynaec notes.
All that i did, during the lecture was shift my gaze from him to her and that kept me in splits. Her expressions were hysterical. Next lecture, i am sitting next to you. Your hilarious.
Actually, i was planning to bunk his lecture today to study for the end postings. Good i dint do that. It was worth it!
And hey, he dint even look out of the window today to gaze at the hostelites(particularly the freshers scurrying to be on time for the lectures). Hmmm, thanks to the Gloss girl who had commented in the Questionnare, "Stop being inquisitive about whats happening outside the class"
I think henceforth none of the departments are gonna ask for our feedbacks. This year they got enough from our batch to last for a long long time.

I´m done with community postings finaleeeeeee. What a relief! Thanks to my batchmates who preponed the end postings. The field trip was good. Spent more time hogging in the local hotel than acquiring the required data in the houses. In addition, the viva was also a baby ride.

Succeeded in studying few pages in the library too. Thanks to my friends who tried their best to scare me about the forthcoming exams.

So, all-in-all the day was great.


  1. :) your post reminded me of a time I taught psychology in medical school.
    aah..dreams can be quite subjective based on what phase of your life you are going through and the relevance of yr circumstances and the best meaning the dreamer only can give.Anyways few more details may help in creating possibilities that have a purpose for you
    Thanks for visiting my page!

  2. @sonali:
    hmm.. oh is that so? i guess its time to decipher the meaning then..


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