Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can u get the curl out of a dogs tail?

Cant stop laughing thinking about the comments written in the Questionairre by my BOLD classmates about "The Cardiologist".. Well, actually he´s the one who called for it. I wonder what entered his mind that he wanted us to comment(in his words-praise him) on his teaching.

The comments were :
Stop looking at your shoes and nails!
Why do you pause so many times during a sentence? Complete it fast!
Please face the students atleast once during the lecture.
Who are you teaching?
Learn from your wife! (his wife happens to be a very good gynaec lecturer)
And the best comment award goes to: No hopes of improvement, so no comments..

It must have been really embarrassing for him to go through all the above stated rubbish. We thought he´d never take a lecture again. What a relief!
Alas, he landed again the next day and wow did we notice any change. Yes, ofcourse, we did. He boldly faced the students while taking attendance. Once again, this BOLD ACT didnt last long and after he´d finished calling out all the roll numbers, he was back to his original useless self! As boring and irritating as ever. Staring at his feet-then nails-then powerpoint-n the same old story continued.

One saying is perfectly apt for him:
"Set a frog on a golden stool, and off it hops again into the pool."


  1. we also had one really wierd professor who used to doze off while teaching.And if anybody woke him up he used to say 'repeat what i last said n if u cannot that means u werent payin attention'.

  2. Well, IIT doesn't have such cases ( we do have opposite ones, as you've noticed).

    But within a few days, I'm gonna post a description of this professor who's something of you cardiologist's sort...

    Nicely written!

  3. @alok:
    send me d link after u finish writn d post :)


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