Sunday, December 23, 2007

Zzzzzz.. Humdrum SPM

With a new entry in the community medicine department, things have gotten pretty knotty for the students. A wierd guy from Sikkim who assumes himself to be the Know-it-all kinds has caused the trouble. Hmm.. what do i even say about him. He´s TOOOO Much. Imagines himself to have acquired the HOD position thanks to the present Fattoo HOD who does nothing other than sitting and snoring in his chair. Haha, i still remember the amount we troubled him when he became the HOD last year and came to teach us.. The brouhaha by the last-benchers freaked him out. No wonderrrrrrrr, he dint happen to take a lecture for our batch this year. Cant follow what he says. Guess, he himself isnt sure about what he yaps.

Anyways, i was discussing about the Sikkim bloke who happens to hold the Associate Professor position presently. Hmmm, the first day he went to the Deans office cutting the lecture short because we dint allow him to talk.. hehehe.. everyone kept teasing his "POPOLESON"(population) pronounciation .. and My OH My was he angry.. there were fumes coming out of his ears!!

And whats the next smart thing he does in order to take revenge?? Well, he sets the question paper for the exams. Wow! And all of us Flunk. Yup that too royally. May be that does give him saddistic pleasure. Nonetheless, it adds to our hatred towards him. In addition, he jolts our head during the community postings. Things get bitter as time passes by. One after the other, his irritating lectures and then his horrendous question papers result in meaningless single digit marks.. And now with low internals in our pockets, it just adds to the crop of dissapointments!! I dont even wanna think about it. Luckily Ophthal and Ent internals seem to be good thanks to the chits and mobiles!

Board exams coming up in the Next month. Time to grab our books after fooling around the whole year. Hurry up, there´s loads to read! All the best everybody!


  1. I sympathise with sadistic professors who use exams to satisfy old grudges. We had one who failed 48 out of a class of 60 for an exam in Sociology!!!!

    Anyway, best of luck for your boards.


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