Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shuttle of life

This is just an evanescent comparison between Mangalore and Mumbai having been absorbed in a stream of thoughts and remniscences.
After surviving happily 15 years of my life in Mumbai, adjusting to a place like Mangalore was initially tough.. Definitely, missed my family and friends back home during those beginner years.
3 years have passed by and things seem much better now. Initially, communication was a big problem, the language seemed so very alien. Come on, i learnt marathi all throughout my school days. Yet, even today, i cant converse fluently in it. And here i had to learn a new language all together. Thought it would be such a pain. But life always offers suprises. Boooom, i learnt to speak fluently in Tulu quite soon. Pleased with the progress. Thanks to all those who helped me learn the language by conversing and correcting my errors. Trying to pick on the others dialects now. :)

Hmmm.. There´s one thing i truely miss about my Home-Sweet-Home. The spirit of Mumbai!! The city is so damn active. Full of life! Everyone is engrossed in their own world. I miss those days when i would get up-catch a bus-then a train and head to college. Nothing can match up the daily experiences of travelling in Virar train. Hmmm.. The bhajans going on in the neighbouring compartment, the booking of seats in ladies compartment, "aap kahan uttar rahe hon??", the fights in the compartment when someone is not allowed to get off at their respective stations. The climb through the bridge to head west/east, even today i´m confused, i always land up in east when i´m determined to go west..hehe!! Ah yes, how can i forgot the floods during rainy season. Walking through knee-level water from college to bandra station. And then someone declares, "tracks bhar gaye, train bandh hain".. Yep, i miss all that. But life goes on.

Things are completely different in Mangalore.Life´s so slow. And the best adaptation is: "Living here has made me slow too. I´ve become extremely lazy." Lazy to go anywhere for that matter. I guess i am so frustrated living here that i´ve decided to isolate myself. I do hate the attitude around here. Caste discrimination is rampant... Even among the educated people. There´s a lot left for the city to grow. Agree, commercialization is happening. That is a boon for the economic growth of the city. On the contrary, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. None of this is gonna help change the mindset of the locals around here. Forget that! People distinguish among those within a subcaste too. Its important that the feeling of brotherhood and equality in society be taught at the root levels.

How can i forget this! People here are very nosy. Why cant people lead their respective lives without bothering about whats happening in their neighbours house?? Well, if u have got loads of time and nothing to do, then spend time with ur family, watch TV or else just go to sleep. But DONT interfere in other people´s lives. Poking around is not gonna help you progress or for that matter achieve anything substansial.

Another thing that irritated me in college was the buttering of lecturers. Everyone wants to be under the lecturers nose and make a good impression. Thats so bloody irritating. Well, its equal to praising the donkeys and making them shit on your head. What for?
In Mumbai, we hardly cared for them. Hell, we dint even bother to ask them for their names. They were those UNKNOWN lots.
A Lecturers job involves just 4 things:
1) Duty is JUST to teach. DONT PREACH!
2) Your PAID for it!
3) Dont interfere in students life. Its none of your business.
4)If you dont like the students attitude. Oh come on, BUZZ off! Who cares??

Tips to survive in Mangalore: I DONT CARE attitude is a must. It certainly helps. A number of people will advice you regarding what is right and wrong. Just be calm and listen. But most importantly, when you take the final decision - USE YOUR HEAD..And yes, Stay away from those "fake smiles" or those "I wanna be your best friend". They just wanna suck out all the pleasure from your life..Beware of them!!

Two more years to finish off the course i´m currently pursuing. Desperately waiting for time to fly by and say Goodbye to Mangalore! Next destination UNKNOWN......


  1. Thanks for your comments.. Your posts are intriguing too.. Especially "Shuttle of life" post..


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