Saturday, May 24, 2008

Read it.. Loud and clear --- Man UTD RULES-ROCKS-REIGNS!!

OK here it goes! Short n simple.. Loud n clear!!
Read the title of this post a million times till it enters ur disappearing head (head-weight rather) and sinks appropriately in the left over brain pieces! Poor chelsea.. so sad!! hehehehe.. So what r the million-trillion excuses for having lost the cup?? If this would have happened, that would have happened.. blah blah .. lol.. that penalty, this penalty.. hehehe.. chelsea fans can go on n on!! never mind.. its not going to change the fact.. so read again :) lol

This year has been great!! Man utd won, Real Madrid won!

Raul wins De Stefano prize for the best player in Liga..
Time for the Euro 2008.. thats gonna be gripping..So whom are u supporting??
Owww.. Whats France without Zizou?? Come back!! :( :( :(


  1. arsenal looses to manu terms of team depth...

  2. i agree and the millions being poured into the team but none the less u deserve a congrats ... well done ...
    we'll give u a run for your money next season

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  4. he he ......happy tat man u won...


  5. @sankoobaba, nutee:
    hehehe!! what can i say?

  6. i felt like kissing terry when he fell. hahaha n kicking ronaldo when he missed :D

  7. @nutee´s:
    well we´ll c what happens this season.. wait n watch :)

  8. @spicymist, nikhil:
    cheers to the man utd fans!!


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